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This is your one stop solution for all Corporate, Marketing, 2D and 3D Animation Videos. We have transparent pricing model. Browse as per your requirement, and you can calculate the price of your video requirement as well. Feel free to get in touch with our team to support you on the same. We have :

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Marketing is done to promote any idea, service or product. If you want to promote your product, service or idea digitally, then we can surely help you. Video Tailor helps in developing such a video that leaves a lasting impact on your customers or followers.Tell us your budget and we will make the best videos that we can make in that budget. Marketing Videos to promote your business online. We have a wide range of Marketing Videos including festival wishes video, corporate marketing videos, promotional videos etc.

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Are you looking for the best corporate video to be made for your company? Nowadays people are getting digitized and so your target customers. Corporate videos are answers to all these questions. From establishing the company videos to promoting the product and services, we make videos on every corporate requirement. We make videos with different effects that can be easily explained. We are the best company for corporate video services.Have a look at our tremendous corporate video work.

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Presentation is generally considered as one of the effective means of communicating be it any idea, query or any information. The way one presents it truly makes a difference! Videos make the presentation easy. We have a strong, creative and technical team to make such 3d animation videos. We have the talent of explaining the things as you want. Also, animation adds vitality and effectiveness to presentations and makes communicating things easy. A team of experienced animators specialised in designing 3D animated videos ,animated gift videos, animated invite videos etc.



People often remember what they see that too especially on T.V and social networking sites. Also, electronic media is most effective way to promote any company, product or a service. We provide a range of services in this category like scripting, shooting and also the post production of the video. We will present your company, your company’s product, your company’s services as you want. We are expert in making TV ad commercials and films. We provide ad film production service starting from Rs 5000 and goes up to 50 Lakhs. To know more about our ad films packages. Check out our ad films section now.

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Conferences and Seminars are one shot thing and can’t be repeated. Get it done with us and we guarantee to that we won’t let you down. With an affordable price and great team, things will only get better! Recording conferences and seminars acts as a backup. By watching recorded videos, one has the opportunity to note down different things said in the conference or seminar. Recorded conferences and seminars videos help you in improving the presentation. To ensure that you get all these benefits, an expert team of cameramen is required. Video Tailor has such a team. So if you or your company is organizing any seminar or conference, make sure that you have our team with you for recording. We assure you that we will do our best. 

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3D Projection Mapping is not just another “cool” technique, but it has changed the way the world sees the method of projection. Not only is it new and informative, but it is impressive and out-of-the-world. It is a modus operandi where, instead of using a simple 2D white background, any 3D object can be used as a base. Whether they are buildings, or any other sort of structure, no matter how complex and of what colours, the video can be projected with ease.



Call it the king of visual market, yes!! Our specialized team will provide the categorical big picture for your company. Showcasing you against green screen and then putting you somewhere else is what it is. Not able to find any proper location for your company or any product or any service marketing. Then Video Tailor has a solution for that. We will shoot the marketing video in green room and change the location or background as per your requirement. No one will be able to point out any discrepancy, we assure you. We have expert professional editors with us. You can see some of our sample marketing videos. We have used chroma keying in our videos.

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Are you a startup looking to provide online tutorial lectures or training videos or an educational institution? Confused about how to do it and with whom to do it? Our team is there to help you out. From camera setup to video editing, everything will be done in one go with dedication and professionalism. Now-a-days, we get everything online. Even students and various knowledge seekers take the help of internet to learn different things be it any field related knowledge or a process related knowledge. Also, lecture and training videos make understanding of concepts easy. You can even run these videos within your company or institution also. We can even make videos of motivational lectures also. By sharing the video, you can motivate crores of people.

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Animation is a need of hour today. Through animation, we can convey anything that too in the simplest form. Even a layman can easily understand anything with the help of animation. In the era when in every single minute, a new technology is coming up, won’t you like to add 2D effect (a very basic technology) to your video? Animation adds creativity to a video. We make 2D animated videos on different processes, on products etc. For corporate, now-a-days, animation has become a necessity. If you want to give any inventive touch to your video, then Video Tailor’s animation services are right services for you.

Voice Over Services


A Correct dialogue with a pinch of ‘salt’ is what one of the best serves here. Want to give your any video a professional voice? But don’t have it yourself; it is not a problem anymore now. We have some experienced voiceover artists that can lend their professional voice to your idea in a video. Be it your company’s promotional video or any product or idea promotional video, we can provide professional voice in your video, while recording or making the video. Professional voice adds a feel of professionalism in video. Next time, if you want a voiceover to execute your concept through a video, contact us.

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If you want a 360 degree panoramic shoot with all the necessary edits done, we are here to provide the prime thing in no time. Professional 360 cameras with pano tripod head will help to make the picture even better. As our eyes can record wider view, so the cameras and so the pictures after editing. With us, your every picture and video will become souvenir. We have expert team of camera handlers and editors to capture 360 degree photos and to record 360 degree videos, thus do panoramic photography and videography. For knowing more about 360 degree shoot packages, check out our 360 degree and panorama photography section now.

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‘Out of the box’ is not just a saying, we practice it. The practice to bring new concepts and build the story around it is our prime focus. One needs a storyboard for everything, be it film making, any commercial ad, or any presentation. And a storyboard requires proper scene, narration and dialogues. And we need unique script for that. Because uniqueness only attracts more viewers. We at Video Tailor have a highly creative and talented team who have the ability to give new and unique ideas. So, thinking of making any ad or film, then hire our services because we will not only create a storyboard but also make the video itself.



We are not just photographer, we are emot-tographer. Our team will capture the memories for you, in any sense you want. A goal of an NGO is to reach more and more people and help them. Although a social work is not done for any popularity. But by recording and shooting your NGO’s work, and sharing it thereafter will help you in reaching to more and more people. Also the videos and photographs act as a proof for claiming different sorts of benefits from the government. We can record anywhere be it in a village or on streets etc. We have recorded videos rather documentaries of some organizations. You can have a look at them.

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You need be sure enough as the photographer you’re hiring is capturing the best out of you or your product. In case of fashion photography, Modelling is directly proportional to creativity of the photographer. Our team of professional photographers and makeup artists know how to dig the well accordingly. In case of e-commerce photography, one needs to ensure that you are able to display your products online as they are. So, next time hire photographs from Video Tailor if you want to get shoot any model, any product or any other thing. Click to know more.

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Want a designer animated logo with attractive attributes and customization? Our experienced team is here to get your desired work done with full prior experience in their bags! Any type of logo or symbol, get it done with no time at Video Tailors. A simple logo is not as effective as an animated one. With animation, you can present your company’s logo in an innovative and creative way. We have some creative people in the organization that can give lots of animated design idea for your logo. Even we have uploaded some sample designs. You can choose from them or we can make a new animated design logo for you. Remember, your company’s logo represents your company. So, you must ensure that you get your logo animated from a company that is expert in animation and we are expert in providing logo animation services.



It is very important for a Business to keep the feedback of their customers for updating their current service. So why not to capture these moments of customers in the Layout of a Video. Yes, we are talking about Testimonial Videos. Customer Testimonial Videos are more viable to scrutinize the Credibility and Reliability as the end User don’t have to step in to another’s shoe to actually associate the facts.Reviews and Positive Word of Mouth gives them post selling experience of the company as sometimes while trying a new product or service they are suspicious, then these videos comes into action and they rather explain everything within a minute and it also gives the customer a fair chance to judge the company and its operations.

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Have a good voice? Want to make yourself listen to the whole world. Have a new song with you or want to sing an already sung song in a new way in a video? Then take our video shooting services. In a video song, besides melodious voice, you also need a proper location and a theme so that viewers can feel your song. Video Tailor has a proper team to do that i.e. from choosing the location to setting the mood of the video song. The way video song gets shot can affect your followers and views, so you need an expert to shoot your video song. And we Video Tailor are expert in doing that. You can have look at some of the video songs that we have made for different people.

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