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Logo animation is the leading face of a company designed for business purposes to attract investors and visitors. Logo animation is a very powerful tool to influence the visitors and plays a vital role in establishing an impact in the business market. There are a lot of logos out there including 2D and 3D logos which are made in a unique and attractive way. So basically, logo animation are the short footages which are digitally animated in the form of motion along with audio or voice over for use in various projects and company branding. Logo not only stays within the most common method of frame by frame footage and animation. They offer animated abstract shapes and forms instead of story based or character driven animation.Logo animation is one next big thing if you have to maintain pace in the business.

Logo of a specific brand or a product plays an important role in establishing a secure and catchy connection with the customers. There exist a lot of logo animation designs depending upon the choice and variant one company has to opt for. We are listing some top sample animated logos. Have a look at them first-


An electrifying and modern logo with strong graphics and sound. This will directly catch the eye of viewers. But since there’s always some room for customization only if you wish. Otherwise the logo is super cool.

A perfect animated logo if you are into or somewhere near architectural patch. Never a bad option to define your logo this way. A constructing part and then the final logo appearance is different and attractive.

A logo which depicts future. A very different and intense logo showing up like never before. Definitely a bet to try on.

This logo is about colourful and nice theme with decent graphics. Going in flow and choosing up a descent logo works most of the time. The variant colours in the logo will do the rest.

This is a clean business logo for corporate services. If you are trying to keep it simple and classy on same page, this will work. A pop sound in the logo adds fuel to the fire. Do check this out.

Some refreshing and energetic logo with pop music is the concept. Works best with some kind of drink, game or a promotional event logo.

Are you a food company or a start-up? Then this animated logo is just for you. If your product is anyway related to eating of drinking stuff, this is a pre-customized logo which will go best with the theme.

Another example for a corporate company logo. The only difference in this logo is that it creates a message of teamwork. Its a proper logo with descent animation.

A very influencing logo animation. This kind of logo creates some sort of curiosity among the viewers of what is coming next. One of the top picks for sure.

Sky Logo animation never goes out of style because of it beautiful creativity in and around.  Thus, it is an attractive and descent option available.

Feasible Pricing

These sample animated logos were just our picks. If you wish to choose from another samples, you can check out this link-  . This site provides a wide and different range of logo samples. If you wish to buy the selected logo from that site, they will charge you around ₹2k and you can give it to us, we will customize it . So basically our editing charge is ₹5k which is way beneficial for you. Our charges vary sometimes and increase up to ₹8k depening upon your level of customization. Why wait now! Choose from wide options available and kick start your product company with the animated logo.

Current Scenario

Logo animation is one important thing if you are representing a company. The market race has made logo an essential part as it helps to create an impact on the investors. As there as a number of business companies and brands, logos are the one who help to distinguish between them. One another motive that logo animation holds is that it depicts the reason and purpose behind the business oriented. A lot of companies and brands have come up with innovative logos with has gained some sort of popularity. The other ones are also trying to make an impact by developing a logo animation. Nowadays, almost all the major industries, companies, and other known startups have come up with the logo animation stint. This has become a widely accepted phenomenon for brand promotion.

The Essentials

If you have decided to get a logo animation done, make sure you touch the entire requirement list while processing. This will help to ensure that your logo is going the right way and it’s attractive enough to get going with full flow.

Here are the few tips you should remember while developing a logo animation:

Updated and Professional Software – Since logo designs require images and video sequences, a 3D software package is must. Some of the logo design applications include Adobe after Effects, Eyeon Fusion, Nuke, Autodesk Combustion, Max/Msp, and Apple Motion. Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max and Cinema 4D are some 3D software used in motion graphics. These are the prime software you can check out while going through logo animation making.

Expert team and engineers – If you want to get it done professionally, hire a specialized video production team. This will help to save your efforts and time to get the best out of the box. This way, you can customize your logo with frequent and desired changes according to your requirement.

Keeping the logo short and subject specified – Make sure that the logo is subject oriented and does not flow above the topic. The message and motive behind the logo shall be considered and nothing else. So keep it that way!

Checking and buying the sample logos – If you are new in the business and want to get a go through from some sample logo videos, you can always check out some sites which provide these samples.,, are some websites from which you can check out hundreds of samples and templates. Also, you can buy any of them in a reasonable rate and put your logo in it. This is a very sorted and trending process these days.

There are different kind of logo option depending upon your company’s profile and product. And each and every type of logo requires creativity and relativity according to then product.

So here are some of the trending and major forms of logo:

Music logo- This type of logo distinguishes the business from the rest and signifies the idea of creativity and beautiful art. Creating a music logo animation requires music related images such as keys, musical instruments (guitars, mikes, Congo, etc), and of course accessories. If you are into any of these business- singers, music Production Company, talk show host, bands, you can ironically take the idea of music logo launch you music logo. Jazz Castle, Jam Centre, Illiterates Café are some good examples.

Graphic Logo- You can typically create your own logo if you are a graphic geek. This is a creative idea as you can design the logo according to your taste. Another option is to hire a graphic designer and make a logo with his help. Graphic logos are a bit fussy while making but when completed, they are more attractive.  

Text Logo- A text logo is a formation made by the collaboration of two or more letters to form one symbol. This keeps your logo simple and appealing. Text logo can also be termed as Monogram logo or word mark logo. This is a 3d alphabetic representation from of logo.

Illustration Logo- An illustration logo design is a detailed animated illustration. It is a visual creation developed by an artist. The main motive behind this type of logo is to give a clear creative vision direction for promotional and marketing activities. Illustration design is a far more acceptable and unique than a standard logo design.

Architect Logo- Logos for independent architect or architecture bureaus are an important element in order to showcase their company image. These logos include the imprints of drawing instruments, an abstract pattern symbolizing sketches, building or architecture designs. Choosing this kind of logo shows the professionalism of the architect with fine creative abilities.

Advertising Logo- An advertising logo may be ‘a small thing to think upon’ in a company but plays a very significant role in revealing company’s potential and credits. If you can develop a creative and successful image for yourself, likewise, you can certainly help other business do the same. These logos include abstract figures, various letter combinations, things related to your company, or stylized animal images.

Fashion Design Logo- Fashion design by name depicts what it offers. From jewelry to clothes, it has a wide prospective and range. There are a plenty of options like Jeans logo, hat logo, t-shirt logo, ornament logo, etc. You can either hire a logo company and choose a designer template or simply develop one creatively.