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Understanding Chemistry

Every couple share a different chemistry. Some may share a lovey dovey type of chemistry others may share a more serious type of chemistry. Regardless, it is the responsibility of the photographer to understand exactly what that is. That may be discovered by asking the couple questions about their relationship. How they met and how they interact on a daily basis are some questions to name a few to begin with. This will help the photographer to really highlight those qualities with the poses.

Mood selection

Now it’s a matter of selecting the mood or tone of the engagement photoshoot. It could be in an outdoor setting among the trees, in the meadows, at the beach, alongside a river, among buildings or it could be indoors on the bed or couch depicting whether the couple is more inclined to public display of affection or not. Asking the couple where they would like to do the shoot is probably the best way to go about it. It could be someplace special to them like where they first met or where they shared their first kiss.
Mood selection is fundamentally important because the photographer wants to capture the couple when they’re in their comfort zones. Understanding how the couple is allows the photographer to capture their natural selves bringing out that radiating glow in them.

Removing the nervous factor

The couple are in the middle of planning a wedding. In the huddle of their hectic schedule, they may be stressing out. If they are stiff, the engagement photos will not seem authentic. Acknowledging their nervousness and taking measures such as talking softly, going with their flow is a good step to allow them to loosen up gradually if not immediately. Letting them talk and enjoy themselves instead of barking orders and making them feel rushed will reveal alluring results.


Making it Fun

Experimenting and allowing spontaneity will make it less boring. Letting the couple feel right at home and allowing them to feel free to express themselves with make it a fun and memorable experience for the photographer and the couple.
Years later, when the couple open up their photo album and go through photographs, chances are, they’ll look at the frozen memory of their engagement and think “ we sure did have fun” .