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What it takes to make a PERFECT MEMORY?

A CAMERA PERSON, who never misses to capture your moments.

A CAMERA & LENS to see the real you

BEAUTIFUL EDITING to knit your moments into a memory”

That’s what WE do.

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Ladakh pre-wedding shoot by Video Tailor
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PRE WEDDING SHOOTS: We have a fixed and transparent pricing model for all our services. If you want to see more pre-wedding videos and pictures and also needs a customized quote we would be more than happy if you visit our office or we can send our executive to visit you.

A pre wedding shoot, is a photo shoot that usually takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. Though pre wedding shoot have become a necessity for most, a lot of couples have started debating on whether or not they should have one. Getting a pre-wedding photography demand perfection at every step. From choosing your pre-wedding photographer to the selection of the locations, it requires a careful research.

It is a very auspicious moment in the couples life and everyone wants to make it special and distinctive. We at Video Tailor understand this and provide you with our best photographer and skilled editing team for your pre-wedding shoot. Video Tailor is one key solution to all your shoot related problems.

Everyone wants to capture the special moments with their to be partner before the wedding so that to cherish those moments a lifetime! We at Video Tailor do pre wedding shoots in a personified manner. Pre weddings are not only based upon a particular concept but also the way how it is being portrayed. Right from the pre-wedding location selection till to the pre-weddings theme and script of the shoot, our team of creative directors discusses every step with the couple before the pre-wedding photo shoot. You can see our photography and videography work and our way of working through our pre-wedding portfolio.

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Undecided about the location of pre-wedding shoot? We have came across with some beautiful paid pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi. These locations provide all the essential factors which are required for the pre wedding shoots. Here we suggest you some paid locations in Delhi and nearby Delhi and you can book them accordingly.

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Want a pre wedding shoot but don’t want to spend on the location part but still want to get a unique shoot? We have came across some beautiful unpaid pre wedding locations in Delhi and nearby. Video Tailor have listed some locations that charges nothing to get that perfect shoot. Remember, location is not everything, but shots are!

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Want to have your pre-wedding shoot in India itself? Then check the list of some most popular and suitable locations for almost every pre-wedding theme. We have listed these locations only after getting a thorough knowledge about all these locations.

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Fasten your seat belts to witness the unique and innovative themes which you can never miss out. Here are some sort of goofy and some trending pre wedding shoot themes according to your taste and feeling. Have a look and go get clicked!

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We’ve sorted that out and here is the list of top pre wedding shoot locations in Rajasthan with their respective characteristics. Go book your destination now!

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+These pre wedding shoot locations help to give a wide range of backdrop without actually being in real. Several set-ups are made for this certain purpose in and around Delhi. Here is the list of top four best pre-wedding shooting locations according to our research and experience.  Check places outside Delhi for pre-wedding photography