How Much Does A Pre Wedding Shoot Cost?

“How much does it costs to get your pre-wedding shoot done by Video Tailor?”

“We are the connoisseurs of quality. We believe that the soul of the photography and videography lies in the quality of the work delivered irrespective of the quantity. Each of our pre wedding packages has the same quality, the only difference in the package prices is because of pre wedding location, pre wedding services required and quantity/number of team members booked.”

Customize your wedding package

Our prices are dependent on:

1. Location of Pre wedding

delhi pre wedding shoot

Within City or Motorable distance of 4 hours

If the pre wedding location is within the city our team is available at or at a motarable distance of maximum 4 hours, we charge for a day, which includes a shoot of around 8 hours non stop shoot. Almost all the pre weddings covered within city are completed in a maximum stretch of 8 hours.

Destination Pre Wedding Shoot

Destination Pre weddings

If our team has to reach a day before the shoot, we charge around 25% extra, as our team is occupied for almost around 2 working days. Also, for different pre wedding locations, different team is assigned as per their familiarity with the location and the kind of shoots required by our couples.

International Pre Weddings

International Pre weddings

In International pre wedding, our team is occupied for multiple no of days, as they have to keep buffer time for the travel & stay as well. Hence, we charge 1.5x of our price. The price is variable on the no of days our team is occupied and also the services given are also extended and not limited to 8 hours for a day, like within city pre weddings.

2. Services Required:

Further, pricing is dependent on whether you want to get photography or both photography & videography covered from our team.

Photography Only

Video Tailor Photography Services

VIdeography Only

Video Tailor Videography Services

Photography & Videography Combined

Video Tailor Photography and Videography Services

Within City Destination International
Photography Rs 25,000 Rs 25,000 Rs 40,000
Videography Rs 25,000 Rs 25,000 Rs 40,000
Both Photography & Videography (After Discount) Rs 40,000 Rs 40,000 Rs 75,000
Add ons
Helicam Rs 15,000 Rs 20,000 Rs 30,000
Make up artist Rs 8,000 Rs 10,000 Rs 15,000
Creative Director Rs 10,000 Rs 15,000 Rs 20,000

3. Deliverables:

  • Edited Photos (Around 50-75) on an online URL
  • Complete Raw Data on an Online Url
  • Save the date Video
  • Pre wedding video
  • Two Save the date Images
  • Three Count down Images

4. Any Offer of discount on Pre weddings:

innovative pre wedding offers

Yes, we do launch many innovative pre wedding offers. You can check our latest offers here.

Only PRe Wedding Services

We dont offer any discount on pre weddings when booked stand alone.

complimentary creative director

15% discount on pre wedding when booked with wedding package or Creative director is added complementary on wedding package booked.

Above we have explained the factors that is affecting the cost of a pre wedding shoot and how much does a pre wedding shoot cost if you opt for withincity prewedding, destination prewedding or international pre wedding shoot.

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