For us to become A Global Company uniting all proficient photographers & videographers across the world under one Brand that understands customer's longing & takes responsibility to deliver and delivers beyond their expectations leading to a gratified experience that they cherish forever in their lives, we need to draw a step by step transparent process. These agreement terms will mutually help each other to reach to our goals.

  • If the client is paying a token amount, at the time of booking, then the balance advance amount of 50% needs to be paid before 1 month of the first day of the shoot (separate for both pre-wedding or wedding). Failing to pay the advance amount on time, subjects to shoot cancellation or 2% amount increase on the overall package.
  • For any event cancellation, before 1 month of the first shoot date, the provider will charge 10% (non-refundable token amount) and for less than 1 month of the first shoot date, the provider will charge 30% of that event’s amount. If the date is changed less than 5 days from the event date, then 10% date change charges will be levied.
  • Customized Invitations are not part of this package. The provider does not make wedding invitations but the provider may provide a discount coupon of its partner company for invitations depending on the package at the time of booking confirmation.
  • GST is not included in the quotation
  • Dates and timings (if not exact timings then at least whether it’s a morning or evening event) for all the events need to be confirmed to us at least 25 days prior at least.


  • Travelling and food for outside Delhi shoots will be borne by the client.
  • The prices are per event each. Multiple events will not be covered in a single event booking irrespective of the duration. If the client is having multiple events to be covered in one event booking, it needs to be specifically approved & mentioned in the booking. Only In destination weddings, provider charges per day, which includes shooting multiple events in a day.
  • For events, the food needs to be provided by the client preferably in the guest areas themselves.
  • If the food can not be provided in the guest area, then it needs to be informed & updated to the provider well before in advance. The client will be required to make the required arrangement for the food in that case.
  • For Delhi pre-weddings, a maximum food bill of Rs 250 per head (one meal only) will be charged additional to the package, and for destination pre-wedding in India, food will be charged on actuals.
  • The provider will employ the best standards for data storage, but still in event of loss or damage of data due to technical fault or natural calamity provider’s liability is limited to the amount charged for that particular service in that event. If at any event, the provider’s team does not reach at the given time by the client or leaves early, a proportional amount will be refunded from the total project amount.
  • Travel via flights to be provided for locations beyond 400 km.
  • If the provider’s team will be asked to shoot homecoming after the vidaayi from the wedding venue & if the provider’s team is available to do so, then the team may shoot the homecoming without discussing the additional charges (late at night) but additional charges of Rs 8,000 (per photographer or videographer) will be added in the package.
  • When the Client books the provider for a wedding without the morning functions like Haldi, chuda etc, then for the bride side, the work will start from the makeup and for the groom side it will start from sehrabandi from 4 pm onwards in night weddings.
  • If the client wishes to cover the guests, dinner area, and other misc activities during the events elaborately, the client is requested to hire an additional 1 photographer and 1 videographer team apart from the ones focusing on the couple.
  • For weddings, the services are till the Vidaayi from the same venue itself (in a stretch without any gap in between), and not from the third location like home or gurudwara, but can be requested at some additional cost.


  • The video timeline is dependent on the receipt of song confirmation. If the client’s album selections, photo payment, and song selections were on time, video editing will be given preference. But delay in the steps before, will also delay the video edits.
  • Song selection for pre-wedding and wedding teasers need to be given before editing. Only one round of change is possible in the songs.
  • Change of hair color, background, clothes, etc. is not possible in video & photos.
  • The provider uses predefined quotation designs for images, teasers and longer videos. They are crafted with great precision and effort, with the involvement of a senior creative director. The client may opt not to choose them for his/her video or images, but customizing them into something new is not possible.
  • In traditional style longer videos, the original sound is used during Baarat, DJ dance ferra etc. If you wish to have editing on the beats of the song, you are requested to opt for a combined highlight video of all functions together instead of traditional longer videos because editing on the beats makes the video’s length smaller.
  • Longer videos are delivered online via a download link after the receipt of video payment. Be assured that any changes (one round) required in the videos will be done, but the changes need to be communicated within 7 days of the delivery of videos after the final payment.
  • If the changes are not received for photos, teaser, longer videos, and albums within 7 days, the provider will assume them Full and Final, and shall render the final outputs out from the systems. Provider shall not be in a position to make changes after the stipulated time of 1 week.


  • If the client chooses to cancel the albums and take the complete raw data or if the album selection is not received as late as 90 days after the delivery of photos, albums will be canceled against 50% of the album’s payment.
  • If the client wishes to keep the raw data too, the client is requested to take the raw data at the time of final payment till 10 days of the delivery, after that provider will not be able to provide the raw data.
  • All the deliverables will have the provider’s Logo (Both photos shared on the URL and the videos) except the Raw photos and raw video data shared to the client at the time of final payment. If the client wishes to not have the logo on the online photos or videos or save the date images or videos, that needs to be communicated at the time of booking in the notes specifically.
  • The provider has the right to publish and communicate the Deliverables in its portfolio and marketing materials for promotional and demonstrative purposes. “Written and Produced by Video Tailor ”, together with a copy of the current logo online & offline without prior permission.
  • Posting or not posting the content on Provider’s Social Media will be the decision of the Provider’s social media team.
  • The provider does not provide at-home service to review any deliverables. All deliverables can be accessed either online or at its premises upon request. The provider is not liable for deliverables & raw data if the project is delayed beyond 6 months Also, the download link for videos & pin for photos is provided after the respective payment is made.
  • Albums can be delivered via courier services (Chargeable) after the receipt of the final album payment.
  • If the project is delayed or not completed within 6 months from the main shoot date due to delayed response from the client’s end then a project delay fee of 5% after 6 months from shoot date will be charged and vice versa, 5% of the project amount will be deducted from the project’s receivable amount by the provider if the provider does not respond to the client’s communication. If the turn around time exceeds 30 days, it will be considered as a delayed response.