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With the ever growing craze for Out of the Box Photos and Larger than life pictures, there is not a lot left in photography that has not been done. But Miniature Photography is something that is new, innovative and creates a larger than life image, literally.

And we at Video Tailor has not only done a lot of miniature photography, but we are the ones who even did Miniature Videos. Here are some examples.

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To get it done right, we must begin with “setting up”. We say setting up because miniature scenes are rarely ready to be photographed as is. You may need to move your items to a new background, dust your items, or re-position your item to a place where it is getting a nice spray of a window light, and lastly add all the small details that will make your scene interesting.

A macro lens isn’t all that necessary for your miniature photography but it could help if you want to shoot close enough and your scene is really tiny. You can also use a telephoto lens if it allows for the space because it gives a good focus where you want and a nice and blurry background to remove distractions.

Finding Focus. It is important to find focus for your miniature photography, while you cannot have someone standing in front of your scene while shooting, you can put in a small human toy that makes it more ideal, because it helps later to find the right sizing person and also the shadow it casts.

When you are happy with the scene you will need to shoot your person. To maintain say rationality of one’s mind make sure that you shoot your subject in the same area as that of your object so, you won’t have to do a tonne of work in post to make them fit. You’ll also need to remember to shoot your object from the similar angle. If you have shot your object from the left make sure to shot your subject from the same side as well.

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