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Brides are Stunning | Amazing | Gorgeous | Beautiful | Perfect | You name it, the words won’t end. Smitten in natural beauty and love, their pictures are pure bliss of romance and colors. We’d like to dedicate this small video of all our brides for being just what it takes on their wedding day ‘Surreal’. Check out the video and feel beautiful and inspired.

Wedding Teaser 2020 | Love Beyond Boundaries Dhruv + Eshita Destination Wedding at LeMeredian Jaipur

Love Beyond Boundaries Dhruv + Eshita Destination Wedding at Le Meredian Jaipur. This wedding teaser of dhruv and eshita is close to our hearts and we are sure it will touch your heart as well. From colors, to architecture, to tradition and celebration, this classy wedding at Le meridian Jaipur is ultimate wedding goal. Beautiful speeches and powerful performances and surreal aesthetics is all that this wedding is about. Come and watch this amazing Wedding teaser.

A Fortunate Stroke of Serendipity | Wedding Teaser | Video Tailor

To say that the mother-daughter relationship is complicated would be an understatement. Planning a wedding with your daughter is a life-changing milestone experience, you have a job to guide your daughter through the maze of married life.

Cinematic Wedding Teaser 2020 | Indian Wedding Video | Video Tailor Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Presenting wedding teaser of Gaurav and Sonal. Our groom gaurav wore this classy sherwani from diwan saheb and our beautiful bride wore this amazing lehenga from the famous @SabyasachiOfficial collection.The bride and groom looked marvelous indeed. An inspirational wedding of the decade which took place in A Dot, gurgaon is worth the wait for couples to celebrate their love and bond with each other. From dance performances, to dj performances, this wedding and other functions teaser has got it all in one. A powerful yet soulful teaser is what we present here for you. We are really happy sharing their beautiful wedding teaser with all the colors, emotions and precious moments.

Love is in the Air | Sahil & Diksha Wedding teaer

So many hugs, so many kisses, so many blessings – you will never feel so blessed and loved in your life. Your entire clan is there to see you getting married, and there’s so much joy in the air. No wonder you’re tearing up!

Remembering 2019 in these Retrospective Times | Video Tailor Wedding and Pre Wedding Photography

Here are the beautiful days when the life is slow and we can retrospect where we are heading in life. For the first time humans are inside and animals are free. Time to retrospect.. we are retrospecting and reflecting on what had gone and what lies ahead.. we have not stopped.. in this new age of tech, our team is working from home, completing the edits of the projects shot last season and designing the software and mobile apps for the better management in the coming years.

Here is a quick video of our reflections of last year! A nostalgic 2019!!

"Kanda Kachiya and Together" Original Music Cover by Video Tailor | Adit and Bhavna Wedding

Video Tailor comes again with yet another song, original cover by Video Tailor for the song. “Kanda Kachiya and Together”. View this amazing teaser of Adit and Bhavna with our new wedding song that will melt your heart.

Bride Entry Song 2019 "You are my Only One | Jaana Tere Naal" Featuring Khusboo & Pallavi

Video Tailor presents to you a soulful music cover Jaana Tere Naal – The Most Mesmerizing Bride Entry Song Ever. The moment a bride steps inside the venue to walk the aisle to meet the love of her life. The moment as breathtaking as this deserves music as astounding as the song “Jaana Tere Naal”.

She is....Our Inspiration........Featuring Few Video Tailor Brides of 2017

"What it takes to make a PERFECT MEMORY?

A CAMERA PERSON, who never misses to capture your moments.

A CAMERA & LENS to see the real you

BEAUTIFUL EDITING to knit your moments into a memory"

That's what WE do.

How to Shoot Bridal Photos | Video Tailor

Bridal photos is something that a bride will look back on forever, which is why the photographer should make sure to capture perfect pictures of her once she is completely ready. And in this video we give tips on how a photographer can capture good Bridal photos.

Chaitanya & Damini Wedding Teaser | Saiyaan & Falling in love with you | Featuring Twin Strings

Video Tailor presents to you the most exquisite and royal Wedding Teaser of 2019. An encapsulation of all the charm and glamour in a movie, an unforgettable day deserves the grandeur and ecstasy of love like this. Click below to encounter the big day of Chaitanya and Damini.

We Went Big In 2018 | A Glimpse Of Our Projects | VIDEO TAILOR

We went big last year and shot videos all around the globe shooting videos in places like Dubai, Switzerland & Hongkong and made clients happy everywhere. It brings joy to us to look back at the love all of these couples share & look forward to capturing many more couples in 2019.

A Quintessential Bollywood Dream Come True

A Quintessential Bollywood Dream Come True. Cinematic Wedding Teaser by Video Tailor Team. They met on a fateful day, he was totally mesmerized by her just after their first meeting and what followed was something straight out of a bollywood movie. Their marriage is a bond of two people who are perfect for each other.

Wedding Saga of a Soulful Bride

Weddings are ought to be the most emotional day in one’s life. Especially for the brides, Living in a place for so many years, and then leaving it all of a sudden to shift in a new place is obviously not as easy as it sounds, or look like.The shift to an entirely unknown house after the marriage will obviously make her feel a bit emotional. Everything that she has done and experienced till now flashes back right in front of her, that makes her cry even more!

Profound Wedding Moments of Paras and Sakhi

We have been on a roller coaster of emotions these past few months and our wedding day is no exception. A wedding is a massive family production and it’s all for you! Also, running from one ritual to another, you suddenly find yourself at the mandap and find yourself thinking, “Is it time for the pheras already?”