It’s said that a picture can recall thousands of memories but a video can create that memory again.

We at Video Tailor help you to spread that magic around. Video Tailor as the name suggests tailors your video as per your requirement. We have sample video designs that we customize as per the details submitted by the user.

Video Tailor is one of the leading video production company making custom-made videos as per your demands as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We expertise in providing videos of several genres be it a wedding occasion or for the corporate world or any special gift for your loved ones. No occasion is complete without a gift and no event is a success without the invites.

You can choose among variety of options with us and we aim to serve you best at it. Our professionals use the data gathered either by extracting it or provided to us such as your personal pictures, audio notes, video clips and all the necessary information to combine it in a video by making it precise though interactive.

Every customer as their own requisites and we try to adhere upon all of them. We make videos for every occasion and event as per the requirements dealing in areas like :

Corporate Videos

Today’s market calls for an urgent need for good liaison with the viewers. So what better than a video. No pamphlets, no offers could get the people attached to your company. Video Tailor serves the corporate world by providing following types of videos as per the need of the customer:

  • Ad films
  • Product display video
  • Marketing Video
  • Business event invitation
  • Promotional videos
  • Logo animation
  • 2D animation services
  • 3D animation services
  • Creative work

We also have a specialized team of creative writers who always ready to serve you by providing their content to deliver the motive of your message. Be it a corporate invite or a love letter for that special person or blessings to your loved ones, convey the desired message in the correct form.

Wedding Occasion Invitation/Save the Date

While wedding happens once at least in the life of a marrying couple, the memories needs to be cherished forever. Be it your engagement invitation video, save the date video, wedding invitation or even your reception invitation video we try to capture all your emotions behind that occasion and deliver them to the viewers to give them the feel of wedding. From Nikah style of wedding to an Anand karag we try to give a glimpse of your wedding style in best possible way.


Gift Videos

Special days calls for a special gift and no store bought gift could compensate the love they’ve showered on you. Why not a personalized gift that includes your voice and your pictures to make them feel blessed. Birthdays of your loved ones, your anniversary date, days made for the people who loves you the most Mother and Father and all other memorable days of your life are the perfect occasions to relive the gone moments and we at Video Tailor will make your dates more special. We have a large collection of beautiful gift videos for all occasions.


Invitation Videos

Be it your child’s birthday party or a baby shower and any day of victory for you all this calls for a celebration with your near and dear ones. And how about giving all of this good news through a video. Our professionals at Video Tailor try to capture you joy and all of your excitement behind that call for your guests and make sure that they turn up and also who won’t for a party?


Team Services

We aim at maintain good customer contacts not only by providing custom-made videos but also providing Post Production services such as editing, after effects, equipment rentals, model and anchors, photography services from a variety of DSLR options, and extremely specific videographer services from cinematic dramatic,  distingue full HD 4K, elementary, film cinematography, magnificent full HD 2K DSLR to noble videography.



It works in 3 Simple Steps. Place the order at our website, get instructions file, fill and reply back and we will deliver your video within 1-2 working days.

  1. Order Placement: Place the order at our website, and by default you will get a confirmation mail on your email id with instructions file for that video.
  2. Submit Instructions file: Submit the filled instructions file and your pictures at
  3. Get your video delivered: Your file will be delivered to you within 1-2 working days. For faster delivery, write to or directly call /whatsapp on +91.9999180725

Video Tailor does not only combine your data but also add efforts to deliver all your emotions behind that video. We make sure that only the team involves but also the viewers of the video also get  the correct emotion behind that video. Our team for highly skilled professionals put you in best position and serves you at best so that you visit us again and our team is always more than happy to serve you with our services.

To know more about us or our team you can easily contact us.

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