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NGO Photography and Videography: More photographers are pitching projects to NGOs such as coalition for homeless or providing education to poor children rather than publications like India Today and Outlook.  Why? Well, that’s another question. And the answer is simple,” its in the air.” Not just that photography is suddenly enjoying the new popularity, in fact the generalized awareness of Non-Government Organization (NGO) in depicting their work or appealing for change through photographs and videos is growing.

This idea creates a virtual as well as real impact on the viewers. NGO Photography is not just about showing or briefing about the respective NGOs, but it covers the whole topic or issue one has to raise or research  upon.

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In this possibility, we have explained the different parameters that defines the cost of this video, and the steps that will follow in designing this kind of video.


In this possibility, we have explained the different parameters that defines the cost of this video, and the steps that will follow in designing this kind of video.

NGO Storytelling

A single image has the power to convey an entire story line in an instant. With an image or a video the viewer needs only a second to absorb its emotional essence. They offer simple  and effective way to grab people’s attention as so why they should look in to the picture before reading the story. Same goes with the NGOs. Rather than describing their view and perspective, they opt for NGO photography and videography which is no doubt a better explainer for their work. The images and videos taken showcase their work and objective in a very catchy way after all. Several NGOs hire photography services in order to fulfill this need. They present these videos to investors and people who are willing to see their work and donate. So basically, this is a classic move in the photography revolution.

Humanitarian Photography

Picking an issue, finding a right person to photograph and shooting the heck out of the story is humanitarian photography. This helps in briefing the subject and understanding the issue. There even exist humanitarian photo exhibitions in which there are snippets and small stories about the context. These pictures later are sold out to raise funds for that matter. Truly a developing trajectory in NGO photography services. This typeform is just not easy as it looks like because there goes a lot of creativity and understanding of how to capture the best picture depicting the message of story in person. Hiring a photographer is the best tip to get these photographs.

Project Documentation

The context your organization shares can be a powerful tool to rally people around your cause and spark action. Likewise the project one NGO has done can be displayed easily in the from of a documentary. This will describe the amount of effort and work one has done on the project as well as what needs to get done in order to solve the issue.  A very strong way to spread the awareness and message among people and raise an issue. The video can contain footage of on field activities and ground level stuff,  interviews of people as per required, sample shots, etc.

Video Extract:

Documentary video plays an important part in establishing a connection with the viewer and the sponsor as well. The video needs to be strong enough to raise a voice and a message of what is happening and what needs to be done. The progress video of a project is another option. There are a lot of video options and  categories in the context. All you need to make sure is to hire a good video production company and its good to go!