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Your wedding day, the most special of all the days in your life, so it is obvious to capture and history the moments for the future time to smile back and cherish them. Every moment of that day is like the golden moment which won’t come back and has to be enjoyed thoroughly. This is the special day that needs to be captured in a fluorescent way. This is the one-time captured memory for lifelong, so it’s of extreme importance to watch out every scene and capture D-Day moments all of it in the best way and to hire one of the best marriage photographers in Delhi who provides upto the mark wedding photography services.



Wedding ceremonies serve special purpose and they are the most cherished moment in a couple’s life. A wedding ceremony is always utilized as a display of marriage vows between couples. You have planned your big Day to perfection and it’s finally here, you are getting married. For a lots of couples, the focus of the wedding ceremony is on their commitment and love for each other. The important part of a wedding ceremony is the vows between the bride and groom.


For any bride, the day is one and important as to same as her life partner and family. So, this important day and the attire of the Bride Style should definitely be captured in an infinite number of clicks. Every Indian Bride dreams to look the best, just like the Royal Princess. And similarly wishes to capture her attire of proper bride look in best Indian Bridal Portrait Poses, along with the other captures.


Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of an individual. Marriage is important as it binds two people into a lifetime commitment. Whether its a Bride or Groom, wedding is equally important for both. To capture their beautiful moments, people hire professional wedding photographers.

To capture all the beautiful details, a lots of planning and time is required, from clicking the pictures of the guests to the dance performances and the most important part, the getting ready pictures of Bride and Groom. People often put most of the focus on the bride, but groom is equally important part of the pictures. With most of attention on Bride, the wedding photographer should equally pay attention to the groom also. One way to get the best pictures of the groom is to capture the Best Getting Ready Pose for Groom.


Haldi ceremony is an important custom that is present in the Indian wedding system for many centuries. In Haldi Ceremony, An aromatic paste or mixture is prepared with Haldi, Sandalwood, Curd, Milk, Rosewater, etc and then it is applied to bride and the groom’s face, neck, feet and hands by their families, relatives and close friends followed by a ceremonial bath. This ceremony is held at both bride’s and groom’s respective places on the day or prior to the day of the wedding.