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A  video song  is combination of  both images and good music ,it is produced for both entertainment and artistic purposes. Modern music videos are  trending these days ,in the corporate scenario all small, large or midcaps video songs are the most commonly used  marketing devices giving a boost, a new flavor as well as hue to  marketing.  Thereby, giving a bump to sales all over the market. Video Songs are a great tool for marketing tie-ins in the corporate, and ultimately brings in best of both worlds, hence a video song becomes a best thing since sliced bread . These tie-ins have a wide scope and can be used in industries related to food and even the toys

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Jogi Official Music Video

  • Shoot on Canon 5D Mark IV
  • 4 Days Shoot
  • Editing with Graphics and Animation


Chronicles of the music video can be traced  back to the days of musical short films. Its very first beginning was marked   in the 1920s, they again acquired prevalence  in 1980s . This popularity traced its roots when MTV channel   (originally “Music Television”)  had set their theme around this medium. Before 1980s, these genres of videos were termed as “Illustrated songs”, “filmed insert”, “promotional  film (or promo)”, “promotional clip”, “promotional video”, “song video”, “song clip” or “film clip”.

Music videos can be developed using various styles and contemporary video making techniques, Video songs are made presentable and alluring by using techniques like animation, live action, documentary and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film  . Some music videos integrated using distinct styles with the music, for instance animation and live action. Integrating these styles as well as  techniques have gained admiration from audience globally and has been able to satisfy as well as appeal them. Video songs  draw their meaning from images and scenes from the song’s lyrics, while they can also be made using a thematic approach. Rest of the video songs may not be  based on  any of concept, can be used to feature song’s live performance

While adding a little depth , Animation is basically a medium through which static objects appear appealing by adding moments to it. Secondly, live action is a medium making use of actors to give an expression to the ideas, by way of their skills. Documentary i.e. non fictional motion picture is yet another way of presenting a video song , it portrays  the reality. Last but not the least abstract film though doesn’t take into account any acting or narrative but is a beautiful amalgamation of  motion, rhythm, light and composition inherent in the technical medium of cinema to create emotional experiences.


Attractive shots are definitely shot from the camera, But is it really the scenario now too? Not really, today good music and visually appealing videos definitely clicks everyone irrespective of their age . Moreover, with the YouTube fame people coming into lime light commonly named as “You tuber’s”, have definitely taken craze for videos to the next level

Well a good camera is definitely something that’s needed to make an eye catching video. So, here’s your guide to the same. These choices of camera’s are for someone who has interest in videography.

Canon 5D Mark III

Though a bit expensive but its definitely the value for money. It is the most widely used DSLR in video making . It has even made its way to Hollywood cinema’s and even the regular TV shows . By using this camera one thing you can be assured of is its quality. Thus, any work done with it with a mix of the skills will definitely speak for itself.

Nikon D800E

It is the highest resolution full frame DSLR, It has the capability to push out uncompressed footage onto an external recorder via the on-board HDMI port.Its  definitely a good pick for the one’s desiring to shoot a good quality video

Panasonic AG-UX90 4K/HD Professional Camcorder

It has eight gamma modes, manual focus, intelligent and customizable autofocus, a built-in optical neutral density filter wheel, and an integrated 15x optical zoom lens. Other features are a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen and 5-axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer to help eliminate camera shake during handheld shooting. Therefore, you can surely place your trust on this camera.


If your camera is such that permits you to opt for interchangeable lenses , then you have to make sure that they are specially optimized for cinematography. Well its generally optional to use them , hence one must be rational enough before taking a decision to purchase them.