We know that you spend a lot on your wedding photography and trust me, TURNING THOSE PHOTOS INTO PROFESSIONALISED WEDDING ALBUM IS AN EXPENSE YOU WON’T REGRET MAKING.

Once the wedding day is over or after 10, 20, 30 years of your wedding day none of the outfits, venue, professional wedding photographer, wedding band, wedding invitations, flowers, dance reharsals will be fresh in your minds but when you will flip through these wedding albums you will surely be drove back into the moments.

People these days are more in support of keeping everything digital which is fine, but having your Childrens and grandchildren sitting around you with your wedding albums in their hands and looking at your young version will be priceless. If you are already investing in your photographer then you should not cut down the investment in getting an indian wedding album designed.

A wedding album is important, it is a visual summary of your wedding day.

The video tailor team believes in providing the best and selected trendy products and outputs to its clients. Marriage is something that has the most important role to play in someone’s life, hence one deserves the best experience of it and the best way to treasure those experiences.

Calender + Pen drive holder + Mini Album included inside.
We at Video Tailor have brought something unique, exciting, yet beautiful to capture your hearts at first glance. The two-floor briefcase-style album is perfect to fit all your wedding photographs in it and uniquely. Moreover, you will need something to decorate your room with your pictures.
35000 Rs
12*36 With Embossed Names & Fur Base
Peach is a color that expresses way too many emotions with its sober nature. Peach representing modesty, earnestness, and innocence is something you will like to show in your wedding as well as your wedding album. To bring out the emotions of your wedding, we at Video Tailor have created a perfect wedding album with a sober color for you to have and love whenever you look. The peach leather-colored album will represent the warm feeling of your eternal bond while the royal fur base needs no introduction for it. The royal fur base in your wedding album will be a cherry on top, representing modesty with a touch of royal look.
30000 Rs
peach fur wedding album
(12x36 Size) with Thick Flat Sheets
If you want your wedding album to depict your royal wedding with all the charms, then we are here with something that you will love the most. Our Royal Acrylic Cover Flat Album With Thick Sheets is everything that you will love. The sobriety of royal colors representing your wedding picture is just a perfect way to get your wedding album in. The thick sheets in the album will engrave your photos kept safe and pretty even after ten years or maybe more than that. Wedding albums are a must for your wedding pictures. Your wedding album is something you want to keep safe but trendy too. Therefore, choose the image that you want to look at in the future and smile while reminiscing the memories.
25000 Rs
wedding album , thick sheets wedding album
(12x36 Size) with Thin PhotoBook
Do you want your wedding album to be alluring yet straightforward, just like your wedding? Then, we at Video Tailor have something perfect to fit into your requirements. We have a sober yet attractive acrylic cover photo book album for you to get your wedding photos in. The dark yet solemn colors hint at a gloss look perfect for bringing the class to your photo album. The wedding album is something that time can’t discard; they are kept for a long time so that whenever you feel like going down memory lane, they are at your beck. All you have to do is get your wedding album out and re-visit all those lovely moments. No matter what people say about digitalization, photo albums will always be an old-school perfect way to keep your pictures in.
20000 Rs
(12x36 Size) with Thin PhotoBook
Photo paper cover album is something that is always in trend which can’t be shaken so easily. The warm feeling of looking at your photograph in front of your album will be enough to give you butterflies in your stomach at one look. The Photo paper cover album is the photo album that never goes out of style. It is always loved by people and still stays in trend for the fact that the album gives a sense of home with your picture on the cover. All you have to do is choose a cover for your album and we will take care of the rest.
15000 Rs