The video tailor team believes in providing the best and selected trendy products and outputs to its clients. Marriage is  something that has the most important role to play in someone’s life, hence one deserves the best experience of it and the best way to treasure those experiences.

We provide different kinds of paper texture for your photographs which are as follows:

  1. Translucent: Glossy
  2. Translucent: Silky Matte
  3. Regular: Glossy
  4. Heavy: Silky Matte
  5. Lustre Regular
  6. Lustre Heavy
  7. Scuff-free Velvet Regular
  8. Scuff-free Velvet Heavy
  9. Non-tearable Regular: Glossy
  10. Non-tearable Heavy: Silky Matte
  11. Pearl Heavy: Glossy
  12. Pearl Heavy: Silky Matte
  13. NT Metallic Regular: Glossy
  14. NT Metallic Regular: Silky Matte
  15. Lustre: Flush Mount/ Neo Flush Mount
  16. Silky Matte: Flush Mount/ Neo Flush Mount

To give a brief idea about the qualities the papers acquire read the below mentioned points:


Glossy papers are becoming trendy as they are lesser in both bulk and opacity and also they are not as much expensive as the dull and the matte paper. The papers which occupy the same amount of thickness as glossy paper acquires. The glossy paper is also advantageous as the coating reduces the absorption of ink and that’s how they make the color definition of the paper better too. Glossy papers are becoming popular in local stores or printing retailers. They enhance the appearance of the photographs giving them a shiny look. The only problems that can be given by these glossy papers is the problem of glaring surface and the other one is the fingerprints can affect its work. The best example of this paper is the photographs paper.


The matte coating provides the paper a non- glossy texture, it is a paper that is flat and has very little sheen. Compared to other papers matte papers are more opaque, they are greater in bulk and expensive too. But the matte coating does not let the paper to absorb more of the ink giving the final product a fine texture with vibrant color. If you are looking at a photograph that is without glare then it is more likely to be the matte paper. Matte paper gives the benefits that lack in the glossy paper. It reduces or almost deflects the light and by doing so reduces the glaring problem. Also its surface does not get any fingerprints problems as well. Matte papers come in handy and proved to be useful in the case when photographs are handled frequently and there is a fear of affecting the paper.


To understand what kind of paper lustre is, imagine something that falls between the matte and glossy paper texture. The lustre papers have a texture that is slightly Glossy and but also matte. It gives you the benefits of fine definition of the photographer, it enhances the color and the details as well and the texture provides you a glare free product and also it does not have fingerprints problems as well. It is the most accepted texture of the photographs chosen by the photographers also for the purposes like wedding and pre wedding shoots photographs because it provides a perfect balance between matte and glossy paper.


As the name suggests the metallic print gives the impression of a print that has happened on sheet of metal. The finish provided by this metallic is highly glossy and the colour is highly intense but it does not have an unpleasant appearance. Though it is expensive but this metallic texture provides a colour pop in the images and also makes them fashionable and worth to be preserved as a token of remembrance.


To add some premium quality to your photographs or cards to make them look classy and to give them a rich look, you should go with the velvet paper. Also the ones who are looking for a smooth matte surface output with the qualities of the mount paper as well, the right choice is velvet paper. It is a soft texture which provides a heavy weight that helps for the long durability of your cards or photographers.


Tyvek paper which is also known as the non tearable synthetic paper is a kind of paper which is nearly impossible when it comes to tearing it apart. You can cut it only with the help of a sharp blade or scissors. The paper is able to let the air pass through it but it can not let the water to do the same. Hence, it makes the paper invulnerable and long lived for frequent uses and in case of high maintenance photographs and cards.


If you want to prevent your photographs or cards to stay far away from bending and getting wrinkled or if you want to frame them you should go with the mounting. Mounting a picture preserves them from various problems. It is best prescribed for you when you want the print to be held at the points or the photo corners. It’s the new way of getting your pictures worked.

Types of album covers provided for the wedding photographs:

Video tailor provides its clients many size options to choose from for their album cover which includes:

15 x 30, 15 x 40, 20 x 30, 18 x 36, 20 x 40, 27 x 40, 20 x 60.

The covers come both in the horizontal style and the vertical style as per the preferences of the clients.  Also we have variety in the options for the cover, that are traditional, elegant and looks attractive. The wedding album stores the memories from one of the best day of your life and hence needs to be complementing the day and has to be as much special as the wedding day itself.

Heart shaped large album for the pre wedding photographs:

The heart is not just an important part to help human beings stay alive but also a symbol to represent love. The memories of pre wedding are close to the hearts of the couples, so why not present it in a heart shaped album that does not only brings the thought to practicality but also shows your love in a hard copy material.

The video tailor provides a 12 x 18 sized album which is heart shaped and costs INR 5,000 rupees.