Dream Pre-Wedding Proposal | Gaurav + Sonal Pre Wedding @The Perfect Location

Pre-wedding becomes more amazing when couples want to showcase their stories or show love, not just dance steps or candids. We created a romantic yet beautiful pre-wedding concept for this couple, Gaurav and Sonal broke the cliche and went on for story in their pre-wedding. It’s ‘The Perfect location’ where gaurav and sonals pre-wedding shoot was done.

The story goes like how sonal constantly tries to get in touch with him, Gaurav coming in dreams and being busy because of workload, after which Gaurav plans on going to hmmm… you know what, let’s watch the pre-wedding video and break the suspense.

Sahil & Shakshi | Dubai Pre Wedding Video 2020

If you are looking for an awe-inspiring pre-wedding shoot you must opt for a perfect place having picturesque locations. Dubai is one of the best pre-wedding locations to choose for your prewedding shoot. Video Tailor presents this beautiful pre wedding shoot in Dubai done for this amazing couple Sahil and Shakshi.

Shivom and Ashmita | Dubai Save the Date Video

Video Tailor presents the best Dubai save the date video of Shivom and Ashmita. Our experienced and professional team of photographers and videographers beautifully captured their prewedding in Dubai at different picturesque locations.

Dubai Pre Wedding Shoot 2020

Dubai is one of the dreamy and amazing locations for the couples who are thinking to get a classy prewedding photoshoot and video shoot done. We have recently shot a romantic pre wedding video in Dubai for our stunning couple Sahil and Shakshi. Check out more pre wedding video portfolio here:

Dubai Pre Wedding Shoot 2019

Best Pre Wedding Shoot in Dubai 2019 | Video Tailor Pre Wedding Videography | Shivom & Ashmita PreWedding
Lovers fall in love but we RISE in love and it is all that counts. Our love birds all set to get hitched to each other. Check out their mesmerizing and classy pre-wedding shoot in Dubai.

Una Pre Wedding Shoot 2020

Bring the Love inside you and cherish the beautiful moments of your life with your partner. If you are also looking for an amazing location for your pre-wedding shoot, Una is one of the romantic and recommended locations to capture your pre wedding aesthetically. Check out our recent pre-wedding video shoot in UNA, Himachal Pradesh by Video Tailor Team for our cute couple Chitrakshi and Pulak.

Most Romantic Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi | Video Tailor

This video shows the immense love of the groom and his bride and to what extent a person’s devotion towards his better half can go. The song “Dil ko tumse pyaar hua” symbolizes the beautiful bond between these two soul mates. The groom sings this song for the love of his life, which is very unique in its own way. This pre-wedding shoot gives you the right amount of Goosebumps and butterflies in your stomach making you believe in fairytales.

Strings Attached in UNA Hills | 2019 Best Pre Wedding Shoot

Nature never fails to astound us. This breathtaking Pre-Wedding Video was shot into the heart of Himachal Pradesh – Una. Our couple Nikhil and Nisha are lost into the ecstasy of each other. Their love bewitched and complimented the love that nature has to offer. We were amazed to shoot the love story of this couple. Click to vision abundance of romance and charm.

Miniature PreWedding Video Shoot

As intriguing as the title of this video seems to be, click to get mesmerized by the most innovative concept of a Pre-Wedding Video. For the contemporary couple like Chaitanya and Damini, we’ve made sure to incorporate the world of social media into the love story of our gorgeous couple. The visuals of this Miniature Pre-Wedding Video Shoot are appealing and spellbinding.

London and Delhi Pre Wedding Shoot

Love knows no distance, you might be far away from your significant other, but your conscious can never think less of them. You constantly feel their presence and vibes around you. Just like our couple Anu and Mohit. Video Tailor has made sure to showcase the plight and prettiness of the distance between our couple beautifully. Click to taste the love of being in love but far away.

Surreal Pre Weddings in Rishikesh

Last year we shot Pre Weddings of different couples in Rishikesh. These videos came out beautifully making Rishikesh one of our favorite Pre Wedding video shooting destination. Watch this video to be mesmerized by the beauty & grace of these couples.

Crazy Dubai Pre Wedding Video

This Anjana & Anjani went crazy in their Pre Wedding shoot and together with us made this insane Pre Wedding video shot in Dubai. It includes the desert, sky diving, beautiful beach & the worlds tallest building among other things.

Soldier's Pre Wedding Video

A Soldier Is Never Off Duty. We got a great chance to shoot a Pre Wedding for this amazing couple. The groom is an army officer & no army officer is complete without his wife, who acts as a pillar of strength for him. Their Pre wedding brings justice to their story.

Dubai Pre Wedding Shoot Teaser

Witness the conviction love in the modern art and design capital of the middle east. This pre-wedding is intact with craziness, emotions and thrill. We promise you one thing, you will surely get enthralled with it. If you are searching for a luxury pre-wedding then search no more as dubai will definitely meet all your requirements. You can chill out at its pristine beaches where luxurious resorts await to offer you a great experience and fun.

Auli Pre Wedding: An odyssey of love in the midst of snow

Experience a love story like never seen before. An odyssey of love in the midst of snow. A story depicting faith and passion. Choosing a perfect location for our snow themed pre-wedding was a challenging task for our team, after hours of research our creative team found the apt location for it “Auli the ski capital of india”. Our team reached the location a day before the shoot to make all the arrangements required for the shoot, altogether it was a great experience.

A Love Saga in the land of Mystic Lamas

A Love Saga in the land of Mystic Lamas. Ladakh Pre-wedding photography and videography by Video Tailor. Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks and all our jokes we fell in love. Here we present you the most charming pre-wedding video of the year…..

Hong Kong 25th Wedding Anniversary Videography

Celebrating 25 years of Togetherness. 25 years of happiness and affection.
Love never fades away, It bonds for a lifetime.

Our love for each other is everlasting, It will never grow old.

I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure.

It remains in the heart to purify the soul and gets more piquant with time.

Leh Ladakh Pre Wedding Shoot by Video Tailor

Enchanting Leh Ladakh Pre Wedding Shoot by Video Tailor: The best pre-wedding photography company in India.The cold desert of India is not only famous for its various tourist spots but also the enthralling beauty it possesses. Ladakh has always been a place of pride for us and a pre-wedding photo shoot here is as breathtaking as expected. This is the dream of every couple to have a romantic and beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot at Ladakh. With the rushing winds and long dresses, this pre-wedding photoshoot in Ladakh can blow your mind with the love that is pouring out of it along with the enchanting shoot itself.

Miniature Save the Date Video

Most Innovative Save the Date of the Year 2018 launched by Video Tailor. We never miss a chance to astonish our clients and this time we have come up with the most innovative and eye-catching save the date video of the year. Our skilled team members have used the finest techniques while making this miniature save the date video. We are always leading our field as we are the only one in this field providing save the date videos using miniature concept. After watching our latest save the date video you will surely fall in love with it and if you are getting married anytime soon than you should definitely go for this kind of save the date video.For any other queries contact us.

Rishikesh Pre Wedding Shoot by VIDEO TAILOR

Loving you till eternity is not an option but my responsibility, for you are my love and loving you with all my heart is all that I could ever wish for. Get your’s pre-wedding done by us at VideoTailor and let your memory leave an everlasting mark on you.

4 Back to Back Pre Wedding Shoots 2018: LEH-LADAKH

Leh Ladakh Pre Wedding Photography by Video Tailor: 4 Back to Back Pre Wedding Shoots 2018. We have successfully covered all 4 preweddings in leh and ladakh. With the rushing winds and long dresses, this pre-wedding photoshoot in Ladakh can blow your mind with the love that is pouring out of it along with the enchanting shoot itself.

Pre Wedding Video Portfolio

Unwavering Love, Where Love Flows such as Serene Ganga. In the age where the pre wedding motions and stills have become the demand of the couples of the time, What will be better than the pure land of love and God, for the Indian pre wedding shoot? A place where the couple gets to connect in the positive vibes and enjoy their shoot because of the tranquility offered by the river Ganga on it’s beautiful beach like banks.Through which the almighty showers love from the waters and it flows all around the space.

Goa Shoot Based Beautiful Pre Wedding Teaser

Your wedding is the most special occasion for you and everybody wants their wedding to be grand and alluring. Everything related to your wedding should be magnificent and spectacular. Video Tailor has come with an awesome idea of pre wedding teaser. Make teaser of your wedding and make it the most awaited event of the year and the memorable wedding.

Pre Wedding with Nature (Dadhikar Fort)

This one is the Pre Wedding Shoot video of our beautiful couple Rubal and Gurpreet.
Shot by Video Tailor at Dadhikar Fort, a beautiful combination of beauty of nature. The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. Show your love at this picturesque fort as this picture perfect location has a lot to explore.

Innocent love defined in a Pre Wedding Video at Lodhi Gardens, Delhi

The best and most beautiful things in this world can’t be seen but must be felt with the heart. We capture that beautiful things in our camera. Precious and loveable moments of this sweet couple captured in our camera and result come out with a beautiful pre-wedding video. This video is made by creative team of Video Tailor, photoshoot at Lodhi Gardens, Delhi.

Heartwarming Beach Save The Date Video

It is a shoot based stunning save the date video. Celebrate your wedding and have fun while making this video. Spread your wedding news by this lovely save the date video. Showcase your love and invite all your friends and family in your wedding in an adorable way. Have the best wedding and pre wedding memories.

Queenly Pre Wedding at Perfect Location

Queenly Pre Wedding Moments Captures Artistically. Pre-wedding photo shoots are best when they portray the essence of the couple to its fullest. Check out this Pre Wedding Video of our special couple JATIN & NUPUR at Perfect Location.

Pre Wedding Teaser at Goa & Hauz Khas, Delhi (Unplugged version)

Getting a pre-wedding shoot demand perfection at every step. From choosing your photographer to the selection of the locations, it requires a careful research. what would be better than Goa to have a pre wedding shoot.  Hauz Khas with a  beautiful fort built inside and a large patch of greenery, hauz khas is a very easily approachable place of pre wedding shoot and stills.

Quick Football Theme Mini Save The Date

Check the trend of Save the date video in a new and amazing style. Let the game be more popular than any other and followed more than any religion in the world match the most beautiful feeling – LOVE. This FIFA season, check out this unique trend for ‘SAVE THE DATE VIDEO ‘ where Football meets Love. This is a unique Mini Save The Date Video, shot in a park.

A Heart Full Of Love : Alluring PreWedding Videography by Video Tailor at Hauz Khas

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love hands you a fairy tale. Make your fairy tale a legend with Video Tailor because we at Video Tailor don’t just capture moments , we capture memories.This video is made by Team Video Tailor, photography by the best photographers of Video Tailor at Hauz Khas, Delhi.

Premium Pre Wedding Video Shoot at Fairmont Jaipur

The scenic beauty of this palace can’t be be described in words. If you are looking for a royal photo shoot then this the place you should visit.  The royal interior and structure of this place will give you perfect background for the pre wedding shoot. There is royalty painted on every single wall in this hotel. The terraces to the olden architecture just help spread the magic of love in the air. For a couple, that knows that class is permanent and cannot be compromised on; this is simply the perfect destination.

Royal Pre Wedding Video HD at Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan

Located in Rajasthan, the Neemrana Fort Palace is an absolute delight for a photographer and is sure to be enhancing the bridal glow that you already have on your face. The excitement of just being in this place will come across in the photos very easily and you will have no option but to be enchanted by the high ceilings and beautiful interiors. This is a perfect place for the couple who want a royal pre wedding shoot.

Ashish+Shrinkhla: Forever Together : Rishikesh Pre Wedding Shoot Video

I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you. This is a Pre Forever Wedding Shoot Video at the Gateway to The Garhawl Himalayas, Rishikesh. What could be more beautiful than expressing your undying love to your partner in this beautiful Monsoon season at such an exotic location. We did this Pre wedding shoot with our awesome couple Ashish and Shrinkhla. The couple shares a very special and intimate chemistry that makes them different from the rest.

Classy Pre wedding photoshoot by Video Tailor

Pre-wedding shots can be seen as cherishable portraits in their own right, capturing couples at an extremely exciting time in their lives as the big day gets closer and closer. It shows the love and passion they have for each other. Showcasing the immense love they have for each other in the shoot, the couple can also have fun during this shoot, describing their journey of love.

This classy video tells your love story with a beautiful song of your choice. It shows the excitement you have of your wedding and the growing love between you and your partner. Let your friends and family know about your beautiful relationship by this alluring video, telling the your story in a romantic and innovative way.

Creative Pre wedding Mashup by Video Tailor

This is a mashup video of pre wedding shoots done by Video Tailor. This beautiful video has different couples, different locations, different songs  and different stories compiled in a single video showing warmth, intimacy and fondness. This is entirely Video Tailor’s creativity.

Strangers to Soulmates (Pre Wedding at Perfect Location)

Love turns the dust of everyday into a golden haze. This video by Video Tailor is about the couple who turned into soulmates from strangers.. The video shows the perfect bonding between the couple. Their love can be seen in the video which is shot at different locations. These multiple locations are perfect for a Pre Wedding shoot.

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