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April 12, 2023

Hey there, bride-to-be! We know this whole wedding business can be intimidating, but don’t worry; we’ve got your back. The new trend for this season is pre-wedding shoots, but what if you’re facing the camera for the first time? Try out some of these evergreen couples poses for pre-wedding shoots that will match whatever aesthetic you choose for your pre-wedding.

The “somebody to lean on” - best poses for pre wedding shoot - VideoTailor

The “somebody to lean on” – best pose for a pre-wedding shoot

This ethereal pose is the one that catches the eye of the viewers while simultaneously requiring considerably less effort.
Have your partner seated firmly on a platform and lean your back against their torso. This pre-wedding pose flaunts the outfit and gives your picture a cozy yet sensual vibe. You can further play around with the pose and make it playful and candid or look into each other’s eyes, portraying the deep connection.
This pose can be created in almost any background, whether traditional or modern, blingy or casual, or even most Bollywood style “sarso ka khet.”

Look at the opposite

This cool pose play is subtle yet powerful. It uses the background as the main game changer. If you are new to facing the camera, it is the perfect beginner-friendly pose for the power couple.
This pre-wedding pose requires you to keep your back against each other and look in the opposite direction. This pose looks best in a traditional outfit and/or dim lights. But it can be modified to suit your aesthetic as well.
You can add your touch to the pose by holding hands or giving a candid. Always give a stern expression and look away from the camera to capture the perfect side shot.

look opposite pre wedding pose - videotailor
deep in Love - romantic pre wedding pose - videotailor

The “deep in love” – Romantic Pre-wedding pose

If you are a romantic and want to give your pre-wedding shoot the most adorable love-struck aesthetic, this pose is for you. 

Look into your partner’s eyes and hold their face with your palm. That’s it. It’s simple yet meaningful. It holds the idea of eternal love in just a glimpse.

Whether a riverside dream or a hill station shoot, this pose suits all backgrounds. It can be used in close-up shots and full-body shots to incorporate the beauty of the entire outfit. 

You can also use this pose to flaunt your jewelry. Both hands and neck play a crucial part in this pose to exhibit a graceful posture. Be careful to be natural in this pose, giving out the most perfect form.  

Play with silhouettes

Sunset and silhouette go hand in hand. If you aren’t comfortable yet with facing the camera straight, silhouettes can be huge to get used to the concept of filming. It can teach you a lot about body posture and elegance.
Types and poses with silhouettes are innumerable. Silhouette shots are the way to go if you have a long veil on your dress. These pre-wedding shots require the magic of the photographer, and minimal efforts are required by you.
Beach and riverside shoots give excellent silhouette shots. This pre-wedding pose is not a good idea with traditional wear but can work wonders in long gowns and floral dresses.

play with silhpietter - pre wedding pose - videotailor
the peek a boo pre wedding pose - videotailor

The “peek-a-boo” 

This pre-wedding pose can be summed up in three words – simple, classy, and romantic.
Ask your partner to hold you from the back, and a light gesture kiss on the back is what changes the game.
This pose can go with any background and aesthetic, whether traditional, riverside, desert, or city style.
Expressions for this pose are also very simple. It’s the perfect way to flaunt that eye makeup. Closed eyes and berry lips are a perfect combination for this pose. If you have a backless dress, you should go for this pose.


Pre-wedding shoots are about capturing couples’ beautiful connection before the big day. The perfect pose can capture the moment’s essence and create a lasting memory. Whether it’s the “somebody to lean on” or the “peek-a-boo,” these poses can be modified to fit any background and aesthetic. With these pre-wedding poses, you’ll surely get stunning couple portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime. Don’t forget to capture the golden hour with these pose ideas for the most romantic couple photo shoot.

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