What Are The Best 5 Props for Pre-Wedding Shoot

April 17, 2023
What Are The Best 5 Props for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Welcome to our guide on unique props for pre-wedding shoots! We understand that capturing the perfect couple’s photos can be exciting and nerve-wracking. This is why we’ve handpicked a collection of creative props and pose ideas to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera and create unforgettable memories. With our tips and ideas, you’ll master classic poses like holding hands, the forehead kiss, and more in no time. So, let’s dive into pre-wedding photography and explore the props that’ll make your couple’s portraits stand out!

Cars for Vintage Pre-Wedding Shoot

Vintage cars are the perfect addition to make your pre-wedding shoot classy. They can be used to give elegant and gracious poses and become a beautiful way to flaunt your dress. Vintage cars are available for rent at various pre-wedding locations.
Apart from cars, other vehicles like trucks and bikes can also be used. Trucks are perfect for farm backgrounds to give an earthy experience to all pictures. Bikes can be used on highways for cool and sensual pictures.

Care for vintage pre wedding shoot

Couch – A Simple and Best Pre-wedding Prop

Yes, you read it right! Something as simple as a couch and sofa can be the best pre-wedding prop. This versatile prop can give you the best of both worlds if you want to flaunt your long dress or show a casual home scene. Further, it can be used in any background to give a quirky end to all pictures. Adding a couch is not a conventional idea but can work wonders if utilized in the right direction; it can work wonders.
It gives all your pictures a cozy look and effortlessly makes them look more romantic. It can even be used for a more modern take on traditional outfits!

sofa a best and simple pre wedding prop

Bathtub for Bollywood-Style Shoot

Are you looking for that Bollywood-style shoot that showcases your filmy side? Then the bathtub is the perfect prop for you. A fun, sensual, and once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits you at your pre-wedding. Bathtubs can be used for various pictures, portraying a story or acting as a background. But the most fun way to utilize this prop is to get inside it!
Lay down in the bathtub with your partner and pose however you wish, play with bubbles, or enjoy a glass of wine; the list goes on. Using a bathtub depends entirely on your creativity, whether a fun bubble fight or a romantic date night.

bathtum bollywod style shoot

Door Frames – Most Versatile Pre-Wedding Prop

Probably the least-known and most versatile prop ever. Door Frames vary vastly, be it their size, shape, design, or color. They can bring out a pop of color in the environment or portray a story.
Another benefit of using door frames as props is that you can use extremely simple poses to make the picture stand out. It is a perfect beginner-friendly prop. It can be used in various backgrounds ranging from traditional forts to deserts.

doors versatile pre wedding prop

Champagne Glasses 

If you are looking for a minimalistic prop, then Champagne glasses are the way to go. Whether opting for an outdoor shoot or indoors, they add the perfect level of chic and elegance. Candid posing becomes considerably easier, considering your hands have an object to hold. Your arms get grace and position instead of figuring out a way to just hang them.
Candid picnic setups and romantic date scenes are the perfect way to use this prop. You can always play around and add your own touch to the pictures, like acting as if taking a sip from your partner’s drink.


In conclusion, the possibilities are endless when choosing props for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Whether you’re going for a romantic golden hour shoot or an unconventional, quirky setup, these props can elevate your couple’s photography and make your photos truly unique. Remember, the key to a successful photo shoot is to let your personalities shine through and have fun. So, remember to relax, enjoy the experience, and create lasting memories with your partner. And, if you’re looking for more inspiration, pose ideas, or photography tips, be sure to check out our other blog posts on couples and wedding photoshoots.
The list for pre-wedding shoot props does not end here. Anything and everything can be used as props, be it the soft petals of a flower or even a hard stick on the ground. The beauty of the picture lies in your form, but how do we face the camera for the first time? Check out our blogs to know more! Happy shooting!

FaQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are some unique pre-wedding props to use in a photoshoot?

There are many options, but some unique props include vintage cars, couches, bathtubs, door frames, and champagne glasses. These props can help you create unforgettable memories and stand out from the crowd.

Can vintage cars be used in pre-wedding shoots?

Absolutely! Vintage cars are a great addition to make your pre-wedding shoot classy and elegant. They can also be used to showcase your dress and add a touch of luxury to your photos.

What are some ways to use couches in pre-wedding shoots?

Couches can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your photos. You can pose in different positions, such as sitting or lying down, and use the couch as a prop to add depth and interest to your photos.

How can bathtubs be incorporated into pre-wedding shoots?

Bathtubs are a fun and unique prop that can be used to create sensual and intimate photos. You can pose in the bathtub with your partner, play with bubbles, or enjoy a glass of wine. The possibilities are endless!

How can door frames be used in pre-wedding shoots?

Door frames are versatile and underutilized props that can add a pop of color and interest to your photos. They can create simple but effective poses in various backgrounds, from traditional forts to deserts.

Are champagne glasses a good prop for pre-wedding shoots?

Yes, champagne glasses are a minimalistic and chic prop that can add elegance to your photos. They also make candid posing easier since you have something to hold onto, and they can be used for romantic date scenes or candid picnic setups.

How can couples make classic poses like holding hands and kissing foreheads more interesting?

You can make classic poses more interesting by using unique props, such as vintage cars, couches, or door frames, and incorporating them into your poses. Try different angles, lighting, and locations to create unique and memorable photos.

Toggle titleWhat are some ideas for pre-wedding photoshoots during golden hour?

Golden hour is a magical time of day for photography, and there are many ways to take advantage of it in your pre-wedding shoot. You can pose against a beautiful sunset or use the golden light to create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

What are some tips for posing as a couple in front of the camera?

Remember to relax and be yourself in front of the camera. It’s important to communicate with your partner and photographer to ensure you’re both comfortable and happy with the poses. You can also practice poses and expressions before the shoot to feel more confident.

How can couples develop creative and unique ideas for their pre-wedding shoot?

You can develop creative and unique ideas by brainstorming with your partner and photographer. You can also look for inspiration online or in magazines or try something unconventional, like using an unusual prop or location. The most important thing is to have fun and create lasting memories together.

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