Top 9 Poses For A Natural Looking Pre-Wedding Shoot

May 17, 2022

Poses For Natural Pre-wedding Shoot Pictures

Pre-wedding shoot is the time when a couple spends maximum time before their big day together. This is when they have some very alluring moments together.  Pre-wedding shoots are generally done to have a huge collection of your memories that can be cherished forever and natural looking pre-wedding shoots can never be forgotten. All that the couple wants is that they have this album to look back at and remember these lifetime moments.

It is very important to have a shoot which is full of you that is it should reflect your love towards each other. It is not always important to pose like the photographer asks you to. Pose in a way in which you are comfortable and which will give some natural looking pictures rather than posing as asked to and not being happy about your photos later.  So here are some poses for a natural looking pre-wedding shoot.

Adorable Poses

Don’t be shy of the camera. Be confident. Try to stay as natural as possible. We have collected some poses which don’t demand much of your efforts. These are going to make your photos look how much you both are into each other.  The following are some very basic and lovely poses for natural looking pre-wedding shoot.


There is a whole sea in their eyes, isn’t it? It is like a whole new world you want to live in forever. Keep your eye game strong. Look into each other’s eyes, forget about the world and smile. This is the most precious moment that requires zero efforts and is going to give a very natural and candid picture.

The Divine Hug

Hugs are the cure aren’t they? The way she burry’s herself in your arms is such a splendid moment to capture. It is the most beautiful thing to imagine and the most special thing to feel. Lose yourself in your partner’s love and just hug them with utmost love. What you feel will entirely be reflected in our pictures. These special moments can be captured and stored forever

Kiss On Forehead

The ticklish feel in your stomach when he kisses on your forehead is everything. With the sun dipping in the sea and both of you standing in front of it, what a beautiful moment to capture!! This pose can be shot in any background and it is going to bring a new life to your photos.

Piggy Back Pose

Carrying her in your arms is too mainstream when piggy back is such a cute pose. A lot of innovations can be done to this pose. Like the girl kissing the boy on cheeks or looking into each other’s eyes while she is on his back. Laugh a lot while posing to give a natural hint to your shoot.

Follow My Lead

Yes you both are going to follow each other for your entire life now, so why not pose like that. Follow each other holding hands on the beach or in the open fields full of flowers.  Smile all through the journey, talk and make memories to capture and to preserve.

Feed Each Other

On your wedding day while photographers are going to capture each and every moment from taking a step to eating a single bite, you know that can be a bit tiring and uninteresting. So why not recreate those moments before and so that you can enjoy every bit of it. Feed them their most favorite dish. Smile and play around. Tease each other and also pose with it. Nothing can ever go wrong when you have some very delicious food items. There will be no pretentiousness in the pictures when only pure love for food and your partner will be there.

Dance On The Beat Or Sing

Who doesn’t love dancing with their soul mates? With the perfect slow music, arms wrapped around each other, gazing with passion at each other and smiling a little more than ever. It is just the perfect adorable moment to capture. Don’t think much, just dance on the beat and show off some of your romantic moves which are going to be great poses for your beautiful pictures.

Another one is to sing together. With a guitar in hand and singing a very romantic song for her while she keeps on looking at you with eyes full of love for you. What a moment!!

Take A Stroll

Just casually walk around with each other. There is no specific place to walk around. A local market, a beautiful sunset location or the beach any place and everyplace is the best for your little time to shoot.

This one requires less effort and just some smiles to uplift the whole picture. The best natural looking photograph is while you talk. The immense pleasure you will get while shooting this one picture is beyond explanations.

Tease and Surprise Each Other

Don’t you love annoying each other? Is it not the best part of your relationship where you can be totally crazy and do funny things with each other? You actually come up with ideas to irritate your better half. So why not include that in your shoot. It is going to look really natural and also some of the best candid pictures can be shot at this point.

After teasing why not surprise your love with something very different on the day of your pre-wedding shoot. Surprises are the best and the to capture that “Aww” face is priceless. The smile on your partner’s face that your little efforts bring is so precious and can be the best for a natural pre-wedding shoot.

If you are looking for a less pretentious and more of a natural pre-wedding shoot then these can be your go to poses for your shoot. All of them require least efforts. Most of them are just the regular moments but they can actually light up your shoot in a way that old school poses cannot.

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