10 Sensational Songs for Wedding Reels

January 26, 2023
Trending songs for wedding reels!

10 Sensational Songs for Wedding Reels

A wedding is perhaps one of the most important time in a person's life. It is a time that the happy couple cherishes and wants shares with the world. They take photos, videos shoot shortfilms etc and share them with their loved ones across various social media platforms. If you are making a wedding reels to share with your loved ones but don't know which songs are in trend then don't look any further. Let's look at the top trending and sensational wedding song collections that you can use in your wedding reels to captivate all your guests and share your joyous moment with them.


1. Rangreza

A calm and sincere song is a must-have for the most joyous day of your life. "Rangreza" is a hidden gem and a complete bundle of delight, ideal for capturing a peek of your wedding. This song will give you wedding vibes and is a great choice for your wedding reels.

Kive Mukhde To Nazra Hatawa

2. Kive Mukhde To Nazra Hatawa

This enthralling melody will have you falling in love with your beloved spouse all over again. This song will express your emotions in the most spectacular way conceivabl with its beautiful lyrics. Simply let the world know that you are in love by creating wedding reels based on this wonderful song.

Tu Mileya

3. Tu Mileya

Tu Mileya is a song for couples who are a match made in heaven. It is a fantastic wedding track to experience the love in the air. Use this song to highlight your affection in your wedding reels. Make this tune your wedding song of choice this season.


4. Sufi

A tuneful song about the genuine and life changing love that two people share. This song is a really good choice if you want your wedding reel to somewhat capture the love that the bride and groom have for one another.

Dil Mera Dolda

5. Dil Mera Dolda

This song will take you on a musical journey, captivating you entirely with its enchanting words set against a mellifluent tune. A beautifeel wedding reel shot in slow motion to this song is bound to be an Instagram-hit!

Tere Bina

6. Tere Bina

A romantic song with a cherry tune and deep lyrics, Tere Bina is a perfect choice for your wedding reel! This song has a groovy and fun tune that will leave you with chills and a sense of completeness in your heart.


7. Jannat

A contemporary song for a present-day-wedding, this song is a lyrical masterpiece. Choose a fresh song for your wedding reel and be a trend setter. This song is a great fit for you if you feel like you are in heaven when you are with your partner.

8. Bajre Da Sitta

A classic song with a modern twist "Bajre Da Sitta" is a tune meant for celebrations and pleasant moments, will have you dancing during your wedding reception. This upbeat remix is a must-have for a wedding teaser since it is a unique pick that will make your teaser the most fun and evergreen event on social media.

Mere Yaaraa

9. Mere Yaaraa

"Mere Yaara" is an excellent choice for your big day because it will contribute to your extravagant celebrations and make your wedding reel one to remember. This lyrical treasure will leave an impression on your heart and provide a new level to your wedding teaser. This song, a creative essence of expression ideal for a wedding teaser, will make you feel wholesome and will make your heart dance in delight..


10. Kasoor

This acostic masterpiece is a great pick for your wedding reel! This song will captivate you with its enticing beauty and is ideal for capturing a peek of the bride and groom's romance. This slow track will remind you of all the reasons you should believe in love and will have some genuine wonderful moments.

These were the top 10 songs for your wedding reels. If you are looking for songs for your wedding teasers then you might want to check out our blog! If you found this blog useful then head on over to our instagram account as well !

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