10 Captivating Songs for Wedding Teasers

January 14, 2023
Trending songs for wedding teasers

Top 10 Captivating Songs for Wedding Teasers

Wedding teasers are quite in trend these days and has become a must. Weddings are all about the overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. There is no better way to articulate these feelings but through songs. Let's look at the top trending wedding and Pre wedding song collections, for captivating all your guests and capturing the essence of the wedding in a melodious way.

1. Noor

An upbeat song is a must-have to celebrate the happiest day of your life, “Noor” a hidden gem and an absolute bundle of joy perfect to capture a glimpse of your wedding. A song based on Punjabi music style and cheerful melody. This song will fill you with wedding vibes and is an excellent choice to put in your wedding teaser.

2. Varoon

This captivating song will make you fall in love all over again. This song will articulate your feelings in the most amazing way possible. Just let the entire world know that you are in love through a wedding teaser by using this enchanting song. This slow song creates a new definition of love.

3. Dhol

A song made for celebrations and happy moments, “Dhol” will make you groove at your wedding festivities. This happy song is a must-have as a wedding teaser as a non-conventional choice to make your teaser the most entertaining and evergreen event on social media.

4. Mera Banega Tu

A match made in heaven, Mera Banega Tu is a perfect wedding track to feel the love in the air. Use this track in your wedding teaser to amplify your love. Make this song your choice for this wedding season.

5. Morey Piya

This song will take you on a melodic journey, encapsulating you completely with its beautiful lyrics placed against a mellifluent tune. This song will emote the aura of your wedding to the world and make the world admire your D-DAY.

6. O Maahi

A song worth the world, O MAAHI, will leave you with goosebumps on your body and a feeling of wholeness in your heart. This is not just a song it’s a feeling, worth keeping forever. This song will make your wedding immortal not just for you but for the whole world.

7. Samjho Na

A contemporary song for a present-day-wedding, this song is a lyrical masterpiece. Choose a fresh song for your wedding teaser and be a trend setter. Acquaint the world with this masterpiece and make everyone dance to your wedding teaser. This song will make your wedding a true celebration.

8. Arziyaan

This lyrical treasure will leave a mark on your heart and will give your wedding teaser a new dimension. A creative epitome of expression perfect for a wedding teaser, this song will make you feel wholesome and will make your heart dance in glee. This marvellous blend of two languages with a track of alluring tune will give you first love feels. Use this song as part of your wedding photoshoot and teaser to rule the entire social media.

9. Hanjugam Song

Getting married is an event of a lifetime. A dream wedding is what every bride deserves and when it comes to choosing the song we really can go wrong. “Hanjugam” is a perfect choice for your big occasion as this will add to your larger-than-life festivities and will make your wedding teaser one to remember.

10. Jo Tenu Dhup Lagiya Ve

This song will captivate you with its alluring charm and is perfect for capturing a glimpse of romance between the bride and groom. This slow track will remind you of every single reason for believing in love and will have some real-life magical moments. Make this song a part of your wedding teaser track and your wedding and pre wedding reels to have a beautiful track for your fascinating love story.

These were our top 10 song choices for your wedding teasers. If you are planning on making wedding reels but don’t which song to pick then you might want to check out our blog about 10 Sensational Songs for Wedding Reels! If you found this article helpful then make sure to follow us on instagram.

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