10 Best & Trending English Songs for Pre Wedding Reels

January 16, 2023
Trending English songs to elevate your Pre Wedding Videos

10 Best & Trending English Songs for Pre Wedding Reels

Pre Wedding reels are incomplete without a song to compliment them. Using trending songs will help your reels go viral and get thousands of views. But even if that's not what you want you can go wrong with using these songs for your pre wedding shoot videos.

1. Perfect by One Direction

This song had been played at weddings and used in wedding videos ever since it was released. A melodious song with beautiful lyrics that talk about an adventurous love, it is a great choice for a pre wedding reel!

2. Needed You by Illenium

A euphonious song with heartfelt lyrics, Needed you is a wonderful choice for your pre wedding reel. The song will make you fall in love with your spouse all over again.

3. I Like Me Better by Lauv

If your spouse changed you and your whole world and lead you rediscover yourself then I Like Me Better by Lauv is a perfect song for you. The song with its addictive beats and meaningful lyrics will make your pre wedding reel even more special.

4. Beach House by The Chainsmokers

Beach House is a song that talks about people who found their dream person, and who treasure and cherish them. If this is what happened in your case then song is a great pick for you!

5. High on Life by Martin Garrix

This song is about lovers who would do anything for each other. The up beat song and its passionate lyrics make for a wondrous song and an amazing choice for your pre wedding reel.

6. All My Love by Tyler Brown Williams

Another great choice for your pre wedding reel is All My Love is a tenuful song that is about surrendering yourself to love and giving your all to your relationship and spouse.

7. Coloring by Ten Towers

This is soulful song talks about love that runs deep and its intensity. By using this song in your pre wedding reel, you can let the world know how much you love your significant other.

8. Play With Fire by Sam Tinnesz

This song has been making rounds on Instagram for a while now. It is a great choice for your pre wedding reel especially if your shoot was done in a gorgeous location. The beats are easy to edit to and the song is a great option for couples who are fearless. It will also give your reel a cinematic feel.

9. Don't Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer

An eloquent song whose lyrics that are the best option for couples who have stayed each others side through thick and thin. It is a lovely alternative for a background song for pre wedding shoot.

10. Just Because by JUDAH.

Just Because is mellow song and is about two people who love every litlle thing about each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. This romantic song is a good choice for your pre wedding reel and will surely elevate it.

These were our top choices of English songs for your pre wedding reel. If you want to use Hindi songs then we have curated a list that you might want to check out. If you liked this blog then be sure to check our instagram as well!

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