10 Best Hindi Songs For Your Pre Wedding Reel

January 27, 2023
Trending English songs to elevate your Pre Wedding Videos

10 Best Hindi Songs for Pre Wedding Reels

Without a song to accompany them, pre-wedding reels are incomplete. Using a classic desi song for your pre wedding reel will give it a filmy vibe and make your photoshoot seem larger than life. Even if that's not what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with incorporating these songs in your pre-wedding shoot films.

Aaj Sajeya

1. Aaj Sajeya

This sweet and melodious song with beautiful lyrics is a great choice for your pre wedding reel! It has a fun vibe that lifts the mood of the listener and it can be a great addition to your pre wedding shoot.

Billo Ni Tera Lal Ghagra

2. Billo Ni Tera Lal Ghagra

A modern twist added to a classic old song, Billo Ni Tera Lal Ghagra is an upbeat song that will definitely put you in the shaadi- mood. It is a great pick for your pre wedding shoot.

Tu Meri Zindagi

3. Tu Meri Zindagi

If your spouse is your one true love then this song is perfect for you! A slow song with deep lyrics that talk about love that becomes life, this hindi song is another great choice for your pre wedding reel.

Saari Umar

4. Saari Umar

Saari Umar is a song that talks about people who found their dream person, and who treasure and cherish them. If this is what happened in your case then song is a great pick for you!


5. Fitrat

This song is about loves who will go to any length for one another. The euphonious tune and its passionate lyrics combine to create a wondrous song and an excellent pick for your pre-wedding reel.

For Aisha

6. For Aisha

Another great choice for your pre wedding reel is For Aisha. This hindi song is perfect if your photoshoot was done in a fort because of the traditional Indian intruments used in it which give it somewhat of royal vibes.


7. Dunya

This is soulful hindi song is a great option for your pre wedding reel. Its beats make it very easy to edit to and give the video a very cool and cinematic feel altogether.


8. Rooh

A tuneful and melodious hindi song which is perfect for pre wedding reel. This song has romantic vibes and it will only amplify the love the bride and groom have for one another.


9. Jaadoogari

An elegant Hindi song with lyrics that are ideal for couples who have stuck by each other through thick and thin. It's a beautiful option for a pre-wedding shoot background song.


10. Manzil

Mamzil is mellow song and a magical vibe. This romantic hindi song is a good choice for your pre wedding reel and will surely elevate it.

These were the top 10 ten hindi songs from the trending sings that you can use in your pre wedding reel. If you are looking for English songs for your pre wedding reel then look no further because we got you covered. You might want to check out our blog! If you liked this list and are interested in other services we offer then be sure to check out our instagram account!


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