20 fun shoot ideas for your Pre Wedding Shoot

January 7, 2023
20 creative shoot ideas to make your pre wedding even more special

20 creative shoot ideas for your pre wedding

Wedding, pre wedding and all the functions related to it are one of the most important times of a person’s life. It is a time filled with happiness, love and excitement about embarking on an adventure with your special someone. Naturally you would want to capture these beautiful moments in pictures and videos so you can look back at them with merriment. But are normal photos and videos enough to capture this special moment of your life? Here are some creative shoot ideas for your pre wedding that will help make this special time in your life even more memorable:

1. Recreate a romantic music video

We all want to secretly live out our Bollywood fantasy and what better way to do that than recreate a music video of a romantic song with your spouse? Here is an example of a video where a couple recreated the music video of Kesariya

2. Create a smoke effect

If you want your pre wedding shoot to look like it is straight out of a fairy tale, then use dry ice to create smoke to give it that mystical and magical look. Given that you use dry ice with caution and care, it is simple enough to recreate and will definitely make your pre wedding shoot unique.

3. Use Reflections

To make your pre wedding shoot one of a kind, you can try using mirrors in creative way during your shoot. You can also other elements like flowers and water to elevate your pre wedding videos and or photos. This technique will an ethereal element to your pre wedding shoot and also make them Instagram-worthy.

4. Capture the BTS moments!

A lot of time and effort goes into a pre wedding shoot. From getting the happy couple camera ready, coming up with various poses, to making sure the lighting is perfect etc. More often than not the process is exciting, and fun so why not record all the behind-the-scenes fun and show everyone what it takes to shoot a wonderful pre wedding shoot.

5. Creating Illusions

If you are a spontaneous and fun couple and want to show off this side of your personality through your pre wedding shoot, then this certainly something you should try. By placing the bride, groom, and any other props at certain distances you can create fun and maybe even hilarious pre wedding videos or photos. You can play with this concept and make it your own to portray your one-of-a-kind sense of humour.

6. Use transitions

Using transitions is another way in which you can be more creative with your pre wedding shoot. You can record a video of the photographer taking a picture of you and your spouse and then use it in a video with transitions to show the final results! You can experiment with various types of transitions and choose one that suits you best.

7. Make a before and after video

Before and after videos or photos have been in trend for a long, long time. They are also an innovative technique that you can use during your pre wedding shoot. You can shoot a video of the couple before and after they are ready with their outfits and make-up done. You can also make use of lively transitions and make the process more imaginative.

8. Make a short film

If you are planning on travelling to a gorgeous location for your pre wedding shoot, then this is an option you should definitely try. You shoot small video of your entire trip, from the airport to your shoot and edit them to make it look it one swift process like I the video. This is a new way of capturing your behind-the-scenes process and make it seem effortless.

9. Make it Slo-Mo

To make you’re your pre wedding shoot feel more cinematic you can use the slow-motion effect. You can use for a close-up video, to show the beautiful background if you are travelling for your shoot or show off the bride’s stunning dress. There are so many ways in which you can use the slow-motion effect in your pre wedding shoot, not to mention how time and time efficient it is to use!

10. Tell a story

Everyone wants their pre wedding to shoot to have some meaning. Now there are many ways in which you can make a shoot meaningful but if you really want your pre wedding shot to really capture the essence of your relationship with your better half then you can make a longer video, usually 5 minutes long. You capture candid videos or photos of the couple or ask them to do certain activities or act out certain scenes and make a short film.

11. Using Lights

One thing that can make or break a photo or a video is lighting. It is one of the most important aspects of filming. Using light in a creative way can really make your photo pop! You can use light lamps, diyas or fairy lights to make your shoot look like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. Using this trick will give you Instagram-worthy pictures and videos with minimal effort.

12. Catch the Bride!

A simple shoot idea that the happy couple can recreate easily. The groom can hold the bride’s dress and then later pretend to catch the bride and the videos can be edited together using a swift transition to make it look seamless. This before and after video can be recreated in various ways and will show off the stunning outfits of the happy couple.

13. Mirror Photography

Using mirror shots to add a layer of creativity while filming is a technique that has been used for a long time. By focusing on the bride first and then shifting it to the mirror which shows the groom walking towards her it builds up to a satisfying reveal.

14. Film the outfits!

Outfits of both the bride and groom are extremely important since all eyes are going to be on them. The craft, effort, and time that gores into making these outfits also deserves appreciation and making a reel of the outfits that the couple will wear during the pre-wedding or wedding will do just that!

15. King size Shoot!

The groom should definitely feel like a King on his wedding day so what better way to capture that feeling than this? If you want to make it more personal, then you can use a photo of the groom’s father from his wedding day to make a really wholesome video.

16. Use flowers

Using props is guaranteed way to elevate your shoot. You can use multiple props to take it one step further like in the photographers do in this video. They use the flower and water as props in a simple enough manner to create a beautiful end result!

17. Engagement announcement reel!

If you want to let the world know that you are starting a new journey with your beloved spouse, then you might want to make a reel like this one! You can also make it more personal by adding a shot of the bride and groom wearing the rings after their engagement in the end!

18. Bridal shoot on location

A woman looks absolutely beautiful in her wedding outfit. Most people don’t wear wedding lehengas on their on-location pre-wedding shoot. By doing this you can be sure that your pre-wedding shoot stands out the most because everyone one will want to see a mesmerizing bride in scenic location.

19. Get Creative with daily use items

If you want your pre wedding shoot to be magnificent but don’t have the time to put in a lot of effort hen these simple tricks are for you use! You can very easily use any of them during an indoor pre-wedding shoot and get staggering results.

20. Extra ordinary poses!

If the couple is not camera shy and is willing to experiment, then this is the perfect opportunity to try and recreate this photo! You can also make a funny behind the scenes video of the shoot and post that as well!

These were 20 fun ideas for your pre wedding shoot! If you want reel inspiartions for your wedding reels then fret not because we have you back. Check out our blog on 10 Fun Ideas For Your Wedding Reels . If you found this blog helpful then be sure to follow us on instagram as well for regular updates from VideoTailor.

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