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Pre Wedding Props


Props have achieved a lot of importance in these last few years. It has become an add on in the recipe of a great pre wedding or wedding shoot now a days. This can be a difficult task to go look for the appropriate props before the few days of your marriage and thus Our Video Tailor team provides you various props to make your pre wedding shoot great. 

1. Ring

Cute proposals always look pretty in the shoots and not just this but the genuine feelings of the couple for each other can also be captured. Hence, what is better than a ring in the box that looks like a rose? To make the pre wedding moments more beautiful and the proposal more romantic we provide you a ring prop with a rose looking box. 

2. Antique Letters

Just like there is no comparison between the love now a days and the love that was there a century back. Similarly, the old ways of communicating love can not be compared to the current methods. The letter writing and the papers with a simple yet vintage appearance looks eye catching.

3. Different Colour Gulaal

To make your pre wedding shoot fun and more colourful, the Video Tailor team also provides you different colour gulaal. The “Holi” scene in bollywood movies shows how naughty and lively the festival of colour can be. To get that essence in your pre wedding video you can try creating a similar “Holi” scene in your shoot and yourselves become the actor and the actress of your pre wedding shoot.

4. Grey and Golden Balloons

 Balloons are loved by the children and the adults as well. They are gloating and always moving from one side to another. They also add a playful and gaming element in your pre wedding shoot which brings the energy in the pre wedding photographs and videos.

5. Candle

Dinner scene with some champagne in your glasses, out in the night, under the sky, but still not as romantic as you wanted? Bring some candles for your rescue and to shower it’s gentle yellow light over you and your lover, making your simple dinner date shoot into a romantic candle light dinner.

6. Bride to be - Hair Band and Shades

You are getting married and you want to show your happiness, try using our “Bride to be” props which makes you the centre point  of attraction and brings all the eyes on you even through the corners.

7. Artificial Roses

Proposal are incomplete without the presence of flowers and to save you from that sense of “something is missing”, we provide you a bundle of roses, that are artificial but can work as good as the real flowers themselves. 

8. Bubble Makers

Bubbles are also one of the props that can be look like a dreamy scene. They are easy and poppy. A slowly moving wind carrying the bubbles, if not anyone else, almost every time excites the girls. And these moments are worth capturing when the couple becomes kids and behave freely and fully. It makes the pre wedding shoot even more attractive.

9. Stick Props

Stick props can be seen in almost every party now a days. Then why should the couple stay untouched of this fun. Stick props come in various items like bow, moustache, hat, etc. These stick props bring the fun in the shoot and brings out the lively moments that show the real excitement and happiness of the couple.

10. Tiaras

 Princesses and Queens needs their tiaras to make them look like one. The modern princess do not just wear the materialistic crowns but they also love to wear the flowery tiaras that serve you no less than a Queen. Tiaras are not only pretty but also they go with the nature and the natural essence puts a glow in your pre wedding photo shoot. 

11. Face Mask

Masquerade parties and proms are the dancing supreme shots that can be taken from the use of the face mask. The hide and seek and “Find who’s your girl” is being popularised from many Bollywood and even Hollywood movies and TV series. 

12. Slate

Flash cards are commonly used prop in pre wedding shoots and slates are one step ahead of them. Slates are more flexible than the flash cards and gives the couple chance to write for each other or give a name to each other. They may use the slates the way it pleases them without much problem.

13. Colour Chalk

You got the slate, you got the name but you still want to make it better? Don’t worry as we also provide you the colour chalks from which you can also show your creativity for your partner and show your art. These little things bring you closer and also give you the chance to show how you feel about your partner giving them an adjective or also pose for the Mr. & Mrs. pose.

14. One small Frame

The frames are useful when you want to capture the actions as in live photographs or the moving objects in the frame. It is the trending prop that the Video Tailor team provides to their clients and satisfies the needs of the couple who is having their pre wedding shoot.

15. Fountain Pen

This small thing might not be of a great notice but as it is always asked to focus on details, the pen is also of some importance. Also, the miniature shoots make these small props look bigger and then these details are focused upon. Our team always have these small detailing elements in the point of view.

16. Colourful Umbrella

Not only the black umbrella from the black and white movies are famous for adding the romantic element in the couple shoot but also the colourful umbrella can fill the colours in the pre wedding shoot of the partners. Also the umbrella do look nice when the couple is having a rainy pre wedding shoot as well.

17. Rose Petals

Lights, camera, action and flower petals make the pre wedding shoot looks like a fairy tale. The girl twirling and the petals falling from above gives a dreamy sequence to the pre wedding videos and the photographs. Hence looking up to your requirements we also provide you rose petals(artificial) and assist you in every possible way so that our client will get the best experience from our end.

18. Champagne Glasses

Dinner scenes at the pre wedding shoots look classy and romantic and the champagne at the dinner table looks great.  We provide our clients the best we can and there should not be anything that our clients should suffer because of the lack of the place. We try to stay up to date. Champagne glasses are something we provide to our clients for adding a extra posing idea in their pre wedding photographs. 

Things to be brought by the client:

  1. Pomegranate Juice (to show as wine) or sprite (to show as champagne)
  2. Rose petals (if you don’t want to use the plastic ones)
  3. Party poppers/color bombs (If you are ok using them with your pre wedding dresses)
  4. Snow Spray