Video Tailor’s Best Cinematic Wedding and Pre-Wedding Shoots

May 13, 2022


We at Video Tailor being one of the best wedding filmmakers In Delhi design custom made videos as per the requirements of the clients. It’s said that a picture can recall a thousand memories but a video can create that memory again. The cinematic pre-wedding and wedding shoots are the best way to collect all the love and fun the couple has and turns it into a lifelong memory that they can cherish together forever. In pre-wedding photoshoots, the couples are captured beautifully. Usually, the pre-wedding is done in outdoor locations; mostly hill stations or desserts to get the best Pre-Wedding films.

We try to provide our clients with the latest and creative video editing skills for their wedding and prewedding shoots all over India. Here are some of our best cinematic wedding and pre-wedding shoots.


Tailored Cinematic Pre-wedding shoots



A love saga in the land of mystic lamas, Leh Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir also known as the land of high passes is one of the most cherished places in India. The picturesque location of Leh and Ladakh adds life to the pictures thus our wedding videographer picked this beautiful yet coolest dessert of India for our four young couples.


The mountains, cold breezes, vibrant blue colors describes their chemistry beautifully. We added the glimpse of their WhatsApp chats with their parents about them getting married, As this was the first time when they realised their love for each other. Drone shots near the mountains and the bullet rides on wide long roads are always memorable & beautiful to capture. It’s a dream of every girl to be proposed by the love of their lives with a fairytale feel.

We captured moments in Photography, Videography and Drone services around dessert side, hill side as well as around the streets of the city. Planned as well as candid shorts have been added to keep it natural. It was a 7 days shoot in Ladakh for four couples. The location was 11,000ft above the ground, our team faced health issues while reaching the destinations such as difficulty in breathing and mountain sickness but executed the task in time. Also our clients contributed best in their part by giving the perfect poses and expressions. Pre production location scouting, picking the right pre wedding poses etc was done on the first day. Our team had a great time shooting in Ladakh and was able to meet the expectations of our clients.




It was a snow themed pre-wedding photoshoot so it was a little challenging for our team to find a perfect location for the shoot, after hours of research our team found AULI to be perfect according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Our team reached the location one day prior to the shoot to make all the arrangements up to the mark.

A resort in the midst of the snow was picked as the location for the shoot, Reaching at the location was a bit difficult otherwise it was perfect for the shoot as the place was a little isolated and less crowded which made it easy to pose for the shy couples. Our pre-wedding videographer recreated the scene of a Bollywood song “Gerua” from the movie Dilwale in the shoot with the girl wearing a red saree walking  around the snow-covered mountains.


Maximum shots were taken by the Drone to cover the snow white surrounding in order to give a luxurious look to the shoot. Photography and videography was done by the filmmakers with the latest editing effects and audios. The photoshoot was executed within time with a great experience. You can check more details about AULI as pre wedding locations here: PRE WEDDING IN AULI



This was an International-National sort of pre wedding shoot. In this pre wedding shoot, the girl Anu is in London lost in the thoughts of her fiancé Mohit while he’s miles away in India occupied with his business yet focused on her only.

Our wedding videographer made the storyline as them located in different countries in the beginning lost in each other’s thoughts and together in the end. Our team made the couple look like they are in a movie. “Miles apart yet together by heart” The storyline used in this pre wedding shoot is full of creativity.


Capturing them together talking, running around the oak trees and dancing in the city of dreams, sitting lake side and talking with the eyes is enough to show how happy they are when they are next to each other. The storyboard went well with location and our clients gave their best shots to make the shoot way better than expected.




This pre-wedding video shoot in Dubai was crazy and the couples made it even more crazy with their love. This was a 3 day shoot and we had 2 couples. Our team made the couples look like they came straight out of a Bollywood movie. Our team continued to work under the harsh sunlight and excessive heat also the couples cooperated with the team in order to make the shoot amazing.

Our team provided services like Photography. Videography and drone. The shoot includes Desserts, Beaches, Tallest buildings of Dubai and Sky diving.

The song goes well with our couple’s level of fun and craziness that they had during the shoot. The couples gave best expressions and poses and made their film look like a teenage love story even in excessive heat.


This shoot was one of our best shoots.





Being the best wedding filmmakers in Delhi/NCR, we made the wedding shoot traditionally creative as required by the couple.

We started the shoot with capturing the accessories and lehenga of our bride as the bride invests a lot of her time in picking them and they remain as the most beautiful memory for life. In the broad sunlight we took separate portraits of the bride and the groom capturing their expressions and later the couple portraits. We took care to capture all sorts of portraits; the traditional, creative, candid’s, intimate and in the evening we used the lighting of the location to create more couple photographs giving them a Romantic feel utilizing the lights and fireworks in the background.


We arrived a little early to capture empty wedding hall with all the decorations and when the guests started coming we captured the candid moments. We recorded the dance performances of the family members and friends as well as the couple enjoying on the dance floor with the family.


By the time of ceremony the hall is full of guests and it’s our responsibility to capture the minute details for you so that you can recall the memories as soon as you look at the images.


Recording the “phere” and the mandap is creative work and we have done it beautifully by capturing the emotions and expressions of the family and the bride and groom.




We  captured the big fat wedding, started by capturing the traditional clothing of the groom and the bride, the halls, the pre wedding functions in the daylight as well as in the evening.

The couple had a great love story which replicated the Bollywood movie named ‘2 states’ a little. The girl and boy being from different cultures makes a beautiful and loveable pair. The couple, family and friends shared their beautiful love story as how in an event the groom lies his eyes on this random girl sitting next to him, full of happiness and fully cheered later they started talking through e-mails and just like movies the boy starts throwing hints and the girl’s best friend sets them up! Such a cute love story of a lovely couple. They share a bond so strong that could be seen by just looking at them. All the members of the bride side and groom’s family talked about them. We captured the dance performances by the family members and close friends and the special dance prepared by the couple in which they clearly looked like they enjoyed  a lot.


Also the after wedding ceremonies were recorded by us, Everything in their story looked similar to the movie 2 States.


We at Video Tailor aim at maintaining good customer contacts not only by providing custom-made videos but also providing Post Production services such as editing, after effects, equipment rentals, model and anchors, photography services from a variety of DSLR options, and extremely specific videographer services from cinematic dramatic,  distingue full HD 4K, elementary, film cinematography, magnificent full HD 2K DSLR to noble videography. We try to give our best to meet your requirements by providing you the best cinematic wedding and pre-weddings shoots.

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