Top Rated Animated Wedding Invitation Videos

May 13, 2022

Best Animated Wedding Invitation Videos

Animation Industry has taken the world by storm, creating out of the box videos. As a result presenting ideas that are impossible to be represented by the real world entity. Animation has touched every part, as it is a new home how to present things differently on table over a video. Animation makes the video a visual treat to the viewers and makes it more engaging. Animation is not limited and with the help of creativity it can be used to portray one’s feeling. Yes it’s true!


One such example is a Wedding. Wedding is a special occasion that marks the beginning of a new phase of life. Every couple hopes to get the best on that day and makes sure that whatever they get for their D day must be unique. Even the wedding card!


Couples are now opting for wedding invite videos rather than printed cards as they are so much in trend and they give so much life to an invitation that even if you are not inviting the whole lot of guest individually they will feel that you have. Animated wedding invite videos makes that much difference. You can even tell your beautiful story through animated characters followed by the formal invitation which obviously you cannot do in the printed card as it has various limitations.



Here are some of the Best Animated Wedding Invitation Videos. Have a look at them:

Mystery Monks:

Mystery monks is animation studio producing multiple type of animation videos. This is a wedding invite video asking people to come to the wedding of Heena and Hitesh and grace the occasion with there presence.

Video Tailor:

Video Tailor is the pioneer company in creating wedding invitation videos and they provide this service PAN World. They provide a huge variety of animated videos combined with a particular theme and heart-warming music which has a unique edge that will surely leave an impact on your guests.


This 3D animated Ganesha video shows how skilled and clean are they with their work. They have videos in 3D format also so couples who want to invite their guest in a traditional way yet unique way they can definitely watch this and apart from this video they have many more videos. Do check their website as well as YouTube channel to check all the amazing videos which even fits the budget.


Reebeca animation studios works on wedding animation invites and this video by them is portraying the story of how the couple met and fell in love with each other. It invites people to be a part of journey that follows on forever and beyond.

Flying Kiwis Studios:

The following video by flying kiwis studio is describing the arrange marriage scenario where two families meet and fix the wedding. Everything in this video invitation is represented by animated media.



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