Bridal Photography In Different Shades Of Lehenga

May 13, 2022

Indian Bridal Photography in Wedding Lehengas

Hey! Are you the next to become the bride?  Then you must be looking for your best lehenga design and color to look amazingly ravishing on your biggest day of life. Not to worry, here are we to help you suggest and shoot your wedding moments perfect like a Bang on one.  Look stunning, gorgeous, fabulous, amazing, shockingly beautiful bride with your best Indian bridal lehenga shade and have best of the best bridal photography with us- VIDEO TAILOR.


Wedding, the most important phase of life. It’s that big decision wherein one will share the entire life with the other. The moment is so special when the Bride and the Groom turn as a pair, to start the new journey with great hope and desires.


It’s known every bride wishes to look best on her wedding day,  so she starts up her planning- The Pre-Wedding Plan for her looks, dress, and to shine like girly star. Well, it’s a troublesome task to choose the perfect outfit along with the perfect shade of colors and shoot the best poses to hang up as the memory of biggest and best day. Basically, the Indian wedding trend is all about the LEHENGA trend.  So, the bridal photography in different shades of lehenga would be the best answer to plan about your wedding outfit and have some good snaps of it.

Earlier it was the ‘red lehenga’ trend, set as the bridal color representing the turn from ‘kawarikanya’ to the proper ‘suhagan’ life. But today the trends have been updated with some changes, changes in its shade of color and its variations with the combination.


So, if you stand in the upcoming list of trails, to turn as a bride and are looking for the glorious  photography session for you to have your memories with your  best lehenga design and color, you are at the right page. Help us know your interest and our team will lead you to the best of your poses and memory capturing.

Given below are some different color shades of bridal lehenga from our bridal photography albums:


The most common of all the colors for Indian wedding lehenga is the ‘Red’ color. RED- the most vibrant color as a wedding outfit choice and the symbol of being a SUHAGAN. From sindoor, bindi to the lehenga outfit, red connects all of it together for starting up a new life. For an Indian bride, red is that auspicious color that reminds her that she has to step into a new phase of life with new responsibilities and new people.


This Royal Red Lehenga even makes the bride look so vibrant and Para mounting, it’s even the best option for the bride to bridal photography as her looks would be the best of best in this shade of color.



With the changing trend and taste of the client there comes various options of the color and fabric. One such suggestion in our photoshoot box is of the ‘velvet maroon lehenga’. The velvet fabric gives out a unique look and what adds up more beauty to it is the maroon shade.

The bride could try out this shade’s to look distinctive of all others in her best bridal photoshoot with her  indian bridal lehenga. The golden flower pattern work is in contrast with the same for furnished finishing along with one peach colored ‘dupatta’ in combination to entire attire for the special day.



Well, maroon has different shade with numerous pattern work and design. So, here we have a  bridal photography with a gorgeous bride in the magnificent maroon shade with full of golden embroidered work all over that makes them look grand and attractive in combination to light shade dupatta at the front and the second as light maroon to complete her look as a bride.


This combination of the magnificent maroon, peach dupatta and that light maroon with welcomes her to new stage with royal look that’s distinctive of all.



Ah! Now you find this shade actually different from all, correct? Yes, actually. Dark n Deep and full of embroidery with unique and distinctive pattern of goldish work gives up a very different option for the lehenga choice. Why to have the same old choice, try out something new, try something Para mounting, show up your power of beauty.


The purple shade is the combination of blue and red color which defines the start of new life and being calm along with the tag of looking royal and powerful. This would be perfect for a fair bride to set her attire and look unexpected of all, and have her bridal photography in a fabulous manner.


The next in trend is of this navy blue shade that give the complete different and ravishing look to the bride as the ultimate. The color of the royalty and charm outshining the attribute to look fascinating and glorious.


Just like the red as vibrant and a perfect cup of tea for the bridal frame, navy blue too is a standard looking shade, well embroidered with unique designs and with the company of light golden dupatta completes the dress absolutely in amazing form.  This color is great to be tested all for the bridal photography to look gorgeously different on the wedding day.



This is an amazingly fantastic shade of color that is in demand and trend in today’s time. Bright, light, and vibrant shades that’s loved by all and takes your beauty to the next level.

The above pic is so flaring and the ultimate one. The bride is charmed up with a different shine and uniqueness. Infact the pose is also framed up with splendid charm.



Isn’t that she looks superbly ravishing! The shade of her lehenga is a glorious one that fills light to her beauty with innocence and cuteness. Well, the pose is perfect to address her hidden happiness and smile.


The color matching of baby pink and that of peach-colored dupatta sets up a good attire. This stands as the best for the bridal photography in lehenga.



Dark pink? Yup of course, could be a distinctive and para mounting choice. With entire shade in dark pink plus a special attachment of the light color pink dupatta with a fine embroidery blends up the look as stunningly mesmerizing.


The look goes pretty and tunes up with the occasion.



Yeah! Here it falls with unexpectedly great combination with the dark shade of maroon and the ultimate light-colored orange dupatta.

Ever expected this combination? Have a look, this glitters the bride attire with variations of design added up to the piece. The super happy and elegant pose is so attracting and this bridal photography of wedding shoot sets an example of bridal look.


All of these bridal lehenga set colors are amazingly fabulous. You could choose the best according to your opinion and can try out the pre-wedding bridal photo shoot in lehenga all the way before you really get into any of these shade of color for the final day.

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