Top 7 Viral Ads of the Year 2017

May 25, 2022

Concept behind Advertisements –

Advertisements have the capability to possess a colossal amount of emotional appeal to it, freezing a series of moments, it is a great medium to spread awareness regarding certain issues to which the general population of the planet might be oblivious to. Capturing videos holds great potential in today’s growing era and advertisements are the end in many cases. It is the process of video making in a particular subject from the time of conception to the final product with the objective to convince the viewers. This blog deals with the Viral Ads of the year so far, which do not contain any famous Indian actors.


Mirinda | #ReleaseThePressure


Product Endorsed -Mirinda soft drinds

Number of views – 24.5 million views

Genre -Educational/Reality

Tentative Cost -10 to 15 lakhs

Oomph factor -This one garners the first position in the list of Viral Ads, not focusing on the commercial production of the soft drink itself but showcasing the hardships faced by teenagers on a day to day basis due to academic stress. Letters are written by the children, which are read out by the parents, narrating the austerity of the psychological state in which the youngsters of today’s era live in.Therefore, having an immense emotional impact on the audience.


Vicks – Generations of Care #TouchOfCare


Product Endorsed – Vicks

Number of Views -9.5 million views

Genre – Reality/Biographical

Tentative Cost -10 to 12 lakhs

Oomph Factor– This is an emotive, soul-stirring advertisement, based on a true story is associated with the phenomenon of humanity. Elucidating the term ‘Breaking the Stereotype’ in a beautifully crafted manner. It portrays the compassion, benevolence and tenderness behind mother’s eyes, irrespective of blood relations.


A tribute to #JustLikeMaa


Product Endorsed -Nivea Cream

Number of Views -6.5 million views

Genre – Reality

Tentative Cost -10 to 12 lakhs

Oomph Factor – This emotional, heart-warming advertisement hit audiences with it’s quality of benevolence and purity.


One the most soul stirring, heart-warming and emotive advertisement of the year 2017,deals with the consanguineous concept, that love may descend from any heart and that mothers may not always need to be kindred. The idea behind the advert lies in the motherly-love emerging out of a female orphanage care-taker in her warmth and vehemence towards a girl in her early childhood who is entering a new household as a daughter. This advertisement is a product of the German cream company Nivea, commercially promoting it’s body lotion, with a beautiful creation. The advert so far, has received around 6.5 million views on YouTube and is titled “A tribute to#JustLikeMaa”  which is finely coupled with the advert itself.


Godrej Expert Presents A Mother’s Day #ForAllMoms


Product Endorsed – Godrej Expert Hair colour

Number of views – 3.2 million views

Genre – Drama

Tentative Cost -5 to 8 lakhs

Oomph factor – This video revolves around the idea of how our mothers play an integral role in our lives. Of how their gentleness and magnanimity is an important factor in shaping us who we our today. This one is for all the expert moms out there.


Turn what you know around – 1 – #TravelToKnow


Company -Thomas Cook

Number of Views -400,000

Genre -Travel

Tentative Cost  -Approximately 2 lakhs

Oomph Factor – This advert’s goal is to promote tourism is the exquisite states of North-East India via the Thomas Cook travel agency.


This video is a formulation of the world class travel agency Thomas Cook, consisting of a North-East Indian female narrating the prejudices faced by the states of North East India. The video is shot in a moderately dense forest, the camera is first placed upside-down and subsequently zooms out to bring two more old-aged North-East Indian women into the picture. The advert basically aims at persuading the audience to stop over in the pre-possessing and alluring North East India with the tag line “Come find out who we are”. This line depicts that the notions built in general by the society will be proved wrong until you pay a visit to the Northeastern states yourself  and explore the unexplored.




Product Endorsed – Micromax phones

Number of views – 315,000

Genre– Reality

Tentative Cost  -3 to 5 lakhs

Oomph Factor -Here comes a heart rending advertisement by the Micromax phone company, representing the harsh reality of today’s era. This poignant video is another mother’s day advert illustrating the painful times the parents of today’s generation have to face. It clearly portrays the tragic results the parents have to face due to our ignorance towards them.


Celebrating Mother’s Day – #ForYouMom


Product Endorsed -Tanishq Diamonds

Number of views -234,000

Tentative Cost  -3 to 5 lakhs

Genre -Reality

Oomph Factor -Here is an advert presented by the classic Tanishq Jewellery company. It represents the ‘daughter-mother’ relationship in the most objective manner possible, having a moment together, rejoicing their tender bond.

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