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May 25, 2022

Viral Videos By Corporate Video Production Company

Let’s Go Viral

Internet has billions of videos but not every video that gets uploaded goes viral . The question is why are all these videos not equally famous? Well to answer this question we have term called VIRAL VIDEOS .  A viral video is a video that becomes popular through the  viral process of internet sharing, mostly through social media and email. Any corporate video production company that want it’s video to go viral must make sure that they have certain strategy for it. A strategy may be to make it funny, emotional, even fake or a parody of some rival competitor.


1) Funny Corporate Videos:

The notion of the word office has changed over all these years. The endless meetings, the bureaucracy etc . have taken a backseat and all the more fun loving environment is now promoted to make sure employees laugh more and work more.


Here are some of the most entertaining corporate videos by the entrepreneurs:


a) Violence in the workplace : Now this might freak out many, but wait there is nothing to be afraid of . This video conveys how to deal with violence at your workplace and how to make sure no one gets hurt. This funny video will take you through an imaginary setup in the office where colleagues fight.


b) Corporate marketing video: Wait Wait Wait!!! How could you market your product with its marketing strategy going completely wrong. You, need not to worry on how could you not suggest your product benefits while still being funny. This video advertises the product named wash it and conveys all it’s benefits in an amazingly delightful manner.


c) Interview at the corporate: Interview is what freaks out most of us, we are always in dilemma thinking if we are good enough to crack it. This video shows an interviewee and an interviewer who asks all the stupid questions and later laughs at them.


2) Motivational Corporate Video:

Motivation is what some corporate video production companies think best connects with the audience. Your video must speak for what your motive is. Motivation as a marketing strategy can draw attention of a lot of people. Here are some of the best motivational corporate videos by corporate video production company:


a) British airways: This video motivationally connects with the two different cultures of the world. The air hostess being a British feels nervous about travelling to a big country like India, but later finds Indians to be really helpful. She later feels motivated at taking the right decision.  The plot of this video is set in a plane, whereby an old Indian women is helped by a British air hostess that takes care of her needs in every way possible.


Siemens India :

This video aims at demystifying the mystery of a better tomorrow. It shows how they provide a better day by installing smart grids in 8 cities of Maharashtra and hence, providing 20 million people with the power. Not only this they are helping the country’s lifeline i.e railway preserve a better tomorrow. It  aims to motivate the mass by showing technological advancements.


Viom networks :

The true character is tested during the tough times. The ability to overcome that pressure and expectation is what builds a real human being. It is with faith and ability that an individual is able to convert challenges into opportunities and take the first mover advantage. This video depicts how to rise back up during the difficult phases of life.


3) Fake Corporate Video:

Want to go viral for no reason and do what’s best for your business. Make your fake video sound like it’s real and what ever you do is best for your corporate video production company. We are talking about fake business videos for a few reasons in particular. First to avoid them in our own projects. Second to make sure our production quality is not slick. Third surely not the last but least they are fun to watch.


a) Well deserved pitch video:


This is a fake corporate video selling privileges where they consider selling it for some amount of money and earning from that. This video considers privilege getting waste everyday and hence have a company named well deserved that makes sure none of it gets waste.


b) Gmail tap product : Want to make typing easier? Are you frustrated with the 26 letter keyboard typing all day? Here’s the solution  to your problem . All you need is the gmail tap product, with this product the keyboard converts into 2 buttons that are tap and the dash. Isn’t it absolutely amazing? But only if it had been for real, it  would have done wonders. But this idea of selling fake product as a corporate is completely brilliant.


c) Piped piper :

Imagine a situation where you want to shift your furniture from one place to another. Now imagine another situation where you instead of getting a big truck, can simply comprise it to the size of match box. Well this sounds brilliant ,

saving your time and money. Piped piper delivers the same with there absolutely fake data compression technique. Where they reduce everything to the smallest proportion possible.


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