Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels

May 25, 2022

Motivational YouTube Channels :

Motivational channels have attained popularity on YouTube as they hold the potential to influence people in a positive manner and look at life and it’s problems with a different perspective. These channels have helped it’s viewers build confidence to let go of the past and live in the moment without any guilt. They also possess the power to create an image of success in the mind of the people, which in turn revitalizes and encourages them to take a stand.


Mateusz M

Mateusz M is an eye-opener which provides you with the strength to overcome your fears and grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually as an individual. This is a non- profit channel which was started in November,2011 and ever since then has influenced innumerous number of people. Apart from impelling you verbally, Mateusz M pays attention to what is perceived visually and showcases a montage of inspirational clips from certain movies, sports tournaments etc. The background score of these videos also leaves a dramatic impact, because musicality plays a major role in enlightening a person, a fact that Mateusz M is quite aware of. These videos give the viewers’ the strength to stand up after getting knocked down by life, giving the audience the nerve to start all over again and never give up.

Number of Views: 193,215,918

Number of Subscribers:  942,424


Motivation Grid

Motivation Grid is a channel that joined the video-sharing website in 2013, and ever since then has inspired millions of it’s viewers. The subject matter of the videos are diverse, from the most influential speeches given till date to never quit in life and believe in yourself. This channel releases a new motivational video at the beginning of every month and emboldens it’s viewers. It vitalizes the audience by talking about prospects that can be still achieved as an individual and become that diamond we imagine ourselves to be.

Number of Views :  72,452,806

Number of Subscribers :  564,322


Be Inspired

Be Inspired joined Youtube in April ,2015. This channel has incentivized millions of people across the globe to make a positive approach in life and to be stubborn when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.  It gives you a different perspective, and makes you realize the certain aspects of life that you have been skipping to look upon. It builds up your confidence to believe in the beauty of your dreams and change the ‘should’ into ‘must’ because only you can keep yourself going.


Number of Views : 68,487,015

Number of Subscribers : 848,778


Basquiat Picasso

Basquiat Picasso has attained acclamation due to it’s soul-stirring videos relating to subjects that incite the viewers. These videos talk about how we as individuals have evolved in a cynical manner to become prisoners of our own device . This channel makes it’s viewers look at life from a positive perspective, and gives us the encouragement to become a better version of ourselves. It tells you that silencing the world and focusing on what you think makes you complete is the key to eternal bliss.

Number of Views :  50,809,108

Number of Subscribers :  204,086


Absolute Motivation

Absolute Motivation is a channel built on objectivity, making the individual realize the actuality of the moment and focusing on the positive aspect of every situation. This channel believes that progress in life as an individual on the whole equals to happiness. It focuses on producing videos that depict the  importance of a healthy mindset, that consistency and determination result in a championship performance and that reinventing yourself as an individual by getting out of your comfort zone is the key to becoming a better version of yourself.


Number of Views :  39,702,759

Number of Subscribers :  539,064


Mulligan Brothers

The Mulligan Brothers has emerged out to become a hit as it’s videos contain substance along with it’s incentive talks. It’s videos showcase motivational talks by renowned personalities such as Jim Carrey, Carrie Fisher, Ronaldo etc.  They portray what is to be done in life to become a better model rather than to just sit back, it’s about following a goal, having a purpose, removing the limits and following your dream.

Number of Views :  36,186,091

Number of Subscribers :  194,810


Red Frost Motivation

Red Frost Motivation videos possess an amalgamation of inspirational speeches from different people who talk about life and it’s prospects with the common aim to influence people to live life with a  perspective. This channel has earned a name due to the level of creativity in it’s videos accompanied by the sound score in the backdrop. The motivational words in the videos make us realize certain aspects of life and also make us view situations from a different angle.


Number of Views :  31,567,961

Number of Subscribers :  200,824


Team Fearless

Team Fearless became a member of YouTube in 2015. It’s videos generally revolve around the concept of victory, rules to success, how to overcome failure, being yourself etc. This channel perfectly represents that talking is not enough but making a move to reach a goal is the first step to reach your dreams, which in turn gives you the courage to succeed little by little. Because, by not putting in any effort at all, you’re only cheating on yourself.

Number of Views :  24,801,685

Number of Subscribers :  331,771


CJ Chan

CJ Chan is a YouTube channel based in Belgium and has been gladdening it’s viewers since 2012. The purpose of their videos is to inculcate a vision of who you want to become and follow that image, to do things with passion and not just for the sake of it, to go into action by remembering your dream and delivering the best result you can because that is what achievers do. It makes us realize that life is not lived to be  defined by the opinions of others but lived to step into the moment and make our dreams our priorities.

Number of Views :  20,544,790

Number of Subscribers :  84,467


Video Advice

This channel quotes itself on ‘improving people’s life trough motivation, inspiration and education, from the high achievers of the world’. It’s videos are quintessential and invigorate us to take massive action to get momentum, to stop crying and keep hustling, and execute our dreams. It makes us contemplate and do something to stand out from the crowd when there are a thousand other people out there who want what you want and be remembered for good.


Number of Views :  15,743,178

Number of Subscribers :  194,534


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