Top 5 Animated Save the Date Videos of the Year

May 13, 2022

Save the Date?

With concept behind the line itself ‘Save the Date’ templates and videos are in great demand in today’s era. Due to the evolution in modern technology, animation videos are in call as they add humor as well as substance along with it’s quality of retaining the simplicity factor. Animated videos have come into fashion due to it’s character of being cheap and less time-consuming. It also has a wider reach along with it’s creativity element. Here is a list of the best animated save the date videos .


1. Indian Animated Wedding Invite Video without Pictures


Oomph Factor : This animated video does not contain any pictures of the bride and bridegroom. It showcases a Rajasthani themed wedding and carries a heart-warming musical theme, going with the video hand in hand.It showcases all the Rajasthani themed wedding prop supports and characters. It has a unique edge to it, that will surely leave an impact on your guests.

Theme : Rajasthani Indian Wedding

Price : INR 8,000 + taxes

Duration : 1:01


2. Animated Wedding Invitation Save the Date Video


Oomph Factor : This is the perfect video for you, given that you are fond of a light-hearted pleasurable  wedding invitation video for your guests. It represents the tale of your marriage, showcasing it in the most affectionate way possible,  perfectly collaborated with a perky theme song. Along with depicting your tale of love, the video holds a romantic appeal to it, giving your wedding a complete picture.

Theme : Can be used globally for any wedding irrespective of the theme

Price : INR 5,000 + taxes

Duration : 1:21


3. Ultra HD Premium Royal 3D Book Wedding Invitation Video


Oomph Factor : This royal themed based wedding possesses the effectiveness to leave your guests in awe. Depicting the timeless beauty of the ideal wedding of  the nation aka  ‘Great Indian Wedding’.  It is the combination of a number of elements constituting the video as a whole, perfectly giving the picture of the greatest day of your life.

Theme :  Royal Indian Wedding

Price : INR 12,000 +taxes

Duration : 0:57


4. Stop motion save the date animated video


Oomph Factor : This video gives an enthusiastic vibe, showcasing a simple love story with a song perfectly complementing the video itself. Corresponding to an independent theme, it features colorful characters with an appealing musicality. What makes this video constructive is it’s avidity, warmth and vehemence.

Theme : This video can be used for any theme based wedding.

Price : INR 4,000 + taxes

Duration : 1:10


5. Animated save the date invitation video


Oomph Factor : This uncomplicated, effortless and straightforward  video is a package just in 40 seconds. The musicality of the video can be customized according to your request, a unique blend of lucidity along with it’s distinct character, can be used for any occasion held in your wedding. It possesses a modern day attractiveness rather than a conventional Indian set-up.

Theme : Can be used for any theme based wedding.

Price : INR 6,000 + taxes

Duration : 0:40

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