Tips For The Best Engagement Photography

May 13, 2022

Best Engagement Photography and Videography

Engagement is a major part of a couple’s life. It is the stage of their life where they are in a midst of planning and wedding. A wedding photographer who is in the field of engagement photography will get to face different types of couples i.e., some couples will be nervous, some will be confident, some couples don’t hesitate for intimate poses. So here are few tips for a photographer for the best engagement photography note.


10 Tips For Best Engagement Photography

1.)The Clients should be comfortable

The most important aspect of any engagement photography  session is whether the clients are comfortable with the poses and instructions. A photographer should have a presence of mind to understand whether the couples are agreeable or happy with the poses or instructions that you are advising them or not. If not then he/she should try to instruct them with the poses with which they are comfortable.


For example, some couples feel the bond while being close comfortably in order to knit the strong bond before the permanent approval, meanwhile there are some who like to maintain some space before getting into the relation for lifelong.


So, according to the mind-set of the couple, a photo session should be held for a confident photoshoot. This matter adds a lot to this type of field.


2.) Chemistry between couples

It’s necessary for a couple that they should have a romantic and astonishing chemistry among themselves so that the photo session could be more intimate and attractable. The photo would look different and unique according to the bond between the couples.


Mostly the couples are seemed to be nervous because they are in a midst of planning and wedding. If the chemistry is missing then, the engagement photographer should try to make a romantic mood between them by talking to the couple and making them talk to each other.


This will help to loosen the minds of the clients and will make a change in their feeling, meanwhile the photographer can also try to get some candid shots while they are walking and talking.


3.) Use Basic Poses

The lensman should be extremely aware of the fact that not everyone is doing modeling and all so, he/she should try to make the best engagement photography spell as much as simple and good according to the couples.


It should be very much simple so that the couples could enjoy the session and overcome their nervousness. The photographer should not be like having a forcing attitude he should be a considerable person about the client so that the photos would look like natural & realistic and also the clients would consider him/her for their further photo sessions in the future.


4.) Variation In Venues

The photographer should try to change the locations in which the session is filmed/captured. This should be done because the couples get turned off while posing in the same location and that’s why they will not be able to give their best in the photo session.


For turning their mood on, the lens man should change the locations after capturing some good photos (maybe around 10-15 pictures) in one place.   This will also act as an advantage for the cameraman itself, he will be able to get some new creative ideas and poses from the new location and its background which they will be visiting.


With the variation in venues try to capture the photos from different and wide angles which will also make a difference in the photos. More the variety you think, more the clients will feel better.


5.) Ask About Their Preference

Another focal point that a cameraman should be aware of, is to ask for the preferences of the couples for some poses and locations etc.


Sometimes the couples may have their respective choices for certain poses. So, the photographer should try to consider them and try to capture them. Some of the couples may have some preferences for a bit location which they like to make their best engagement photography session memorable.


So, the lensman should try to ask for the couple’s choice also so that they get more comfortable in that place and can give their best.


6.) Don’t Forget To Involve Your Experience

This fact suggests that it’s all about your experience. In the whole session don’t forget to apply or involve your photoshoot experience.


This experience helps you to take some good photos of you. Don’t hesitate to apply some of your own ideas and poses in the whole session. You have to involve all your previous experiences in the present session to make it more unique and different.


Involve the couple‘s ideas too, but add some more to it so that the photos look even better.


7.) Requirement Of Apparel

Another main aspect of the best engagement photography part is the clothing. For a better photography, a cameraman should ask the couple to bring more clothes with them to the location.


Variation in clothing will add a lot more to the session, the photos will look variant and unique. The photographer should suggest the couples to bring the apparels in which they will be most comfortable and convenient.


This would help the clients to bring in self-confidence within them to pose for an amazing session.


8.) Perfect Moment For The Shoot

The photographer should be extremely aware and intelligible about the perfect timing and lighting for the best photoshoot session. The best timing or the perfect moment for an engagement photo session is preferred to be in the sunset and sunrise.


In a photo, session lighting creates a major impact so the cameraman should try to schedule the session in the golden hour i.e. one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.


9.) Include Their Closed Ones

One more factor that a photographer may apply to loosen the minds of the couple or to just make them confident is by including their other most closed ones.


The photographer may encounter many types of couples in his/her whole journey. Like some couples may be very much fond of their pets, children etc. So, the photographer must try to take a photo shoot of the couples with their closed ones, this would make them more relaxed and confident.


After that jam session, the photo session of the couple should be captured and this time the picture will look even more romantic and natural.


10.) Enjoy And Have Fun With The Clients

The photographer should try to enjoy, communicate and have fun with the couples throughout the session so that the couples may be very friendly to you and they will be comfortable towards your nature.


This will help a lot in making a  best engagement photography and they will be very confident towards the camera. Another advantage is that the couples will be so pleased with you that they will consider you and your company for their further future photo sessions.

What colors look best in engagement photos?

When choosing colors for your engagement photos, opt for complementary tones that suit your skin tones and the overall mood you want to convey. Soft pastels, neutral earth tones, or even vibrant jewel tones can all work beautifully. Ultimately, choose colors that make you feel confident and reflect your personality as a couple.

How do you take good engagement pictures?

To take great engagement pictures, follow these tips:
1. Find a location that holds meaning or represents your story as a couple.
2. Natural lighting is key, so schedule your session during the golden hour (before sunset or after sunrise) for soft, flattering light.
3. Relax and be yourselves! Genuine emotions and interactions will shine through in your photos.
4. Work with a skilled photographer who can capture your unique connection and bring out the best in both of you.

What time is best for engagement photos?

The golden hour, which occurs around sunrise or sunset, is generally the best time for engagement photos. During these times, the soft, warm light adds a beautiful glow to your pictures. Avoid midday when the sun is high and casts harsh shadows.

What should I avoid in engagement photos?

To ensure stunning engagement photos, avoid the following:
1. Wear clothes with large logos or distracting patterns that draw attention away from you as a couple.
2. Over-accessorizing, as it can overwhelm the image and detract from your natural beauty.
3. Stiff or forced poses—embrace natural movements and interactions.
4. Ignoring your surroundings. Use the location creatively and incorporate elements that enhance the overall composition.

How do you kiss for engagement pictures?

When it comes to capturing a romantic kiss for your engagement photos:
1. Relax and be in the moment with your partner.
2. Tilt your heads slightly to avoid awkward nose collisions.
3. Close your eyes for a more intimate feel.
4. Communicate with your photographer to ensure they capture the perfect angle and timing.

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