Things you must know while planning a pre-wedding shoot

May 22, 2023

In between the wedding madness, couples take out time to get their pre-wedding shoot done. This is the craze of pre-wedding. While pre-wedding shoots can be a great time to have fun with your partner, planning for a pre-wedding shoot is not that easy. A lot of time and research is required to get the desired output. Just hiring a photographer will not suffice. Here is a checklist for you that you must follow while planning a pre-wedding shoot.

1. Decide your budget

The first thing that you must do while planning a pre-wedding shoot is to decide your budget. Finalizing the location, photographer, outfits, etc. depends on how much you are willing to spend on your pre-wedding shoot.

Videotailor prewedding budget

2. Location and theme

Once you have decided on your budget, you need to pick a theme and location. Some people prefer a destination shoot, while others plan their shoot at home. Choose a location that complements your theme. You can also discuss these with your photographer. Don’t forget to check the entry fee or photography fee of your shortlisted locations and whether the location permits photography/videography or not.

Videotailor prewedding location and theme

3. Hire a photographer

After shortlisting your themes and locations, you should look for a photographer. Photographers charge anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 1,00,000 per day. Always hire a photographer after analyzing his previous work and experience in the field.

Videotailor prewedding hire a photographer

4. Makeup and wardrobe

It is up to you whether you want to hire a makeup artist or not. If makeup is your forte, you won’t need a makeup artist for your pre-wedding shoot. Similarly, if you already have outfits that complement your chosen theme, you don’t need to buy or rent outfits for your pre-wedding shoot.

Videotailor prewedding makeup and wardrobe

5. Props

Get your props ready beforehand. Make a list of accessories that would complement the theme of your pre-wedding shoot. To avoid any issues on the day of the shoot, buy or rent these props a few days beforehand.

Videotailor prewedding props

6. Poses

Make a list of poses that you want. Plan and practice some cute poses before your pre-wedding shoot day. This will give you a headstart and you won’t feel awkward or camera shy.

Videotailor prewedding poses

7. Backup plan

Be prepared with a Plan B if Plan A fails. Due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, you might have to change the date of your shoot. So consider the worst-case scenarios and be ready.

Videotailor prewedding plan b

Things to carry on your shoot day

There are a few things that you must not forget to carry on the day of your shoot.

  • Wet Tissues

You will be shooting all day and are bound to sweat. And if you are planning your shoot for the summer, then you will be needing a lot of wet tissues to give you some relief from the unbearable heat.

  • Mini makeup kit

Constant sweating will wash away all your makeup. Therefore, carry a mini makeup kit with you for retouching purposes.

  • Safety pins and hairpins

Always carry extra safety pins and hairpins to avoid unplanned situations.

  • Snacks and beverages

Shooting all day is not an easy task. So, carry some snacks and beverages with you to keep you recharged throughout the shoot.

  • First Aid kit

You must be prepared for all scenarios while shooting your pre-wedding. Carry a first aid kit with all basic medications to avoid unfortunate events.

More items can be included on your checklist according to your pre-wedding shoot requirements. So, follow the checklist, never miss an item, and have fun at your pre-wedding shoot.


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