Pre-wedding photography: Tips and tricks for photographers in 2023

May 22, 2023
Videotailor prewedding photographer research trending poses

Pre-wedding photography is a business that has been growing consistently. Almost every couple is looking for photographers and videographers to get their pre-wedding shoot done. Because of its high demand, it has a lot of potential for making a good profit and building a strong portfolio. However, pre-wedding photography is not as easy as it may look. Having a camera and clicking photos won’t suffice. Your work as a photographer starts before the shoot begins and ends once the client has received their photos and is satisfied with your effort. Here are some tips and tricks for photographers on how to take pre-wedding photo shoots that result in the greatest photographs and satisfied clients.

Pre-Wedding Shoot with Effective Communication and Planning

To understand what your client exactly wants, you must talk to them before the pre-wedding shoots. Different couples have different ideas. While some come prepared with their research, others show up clueless and ask for your advice. In any case, it is important that you and your client are on the same page. Discuss the themes they want to go with and the locations that will accompany the chosen theme, and ask if they are camera shy or if there are any poses that they want to recreate. This will help break the ice and make the couple more comfortable with you for the shoot.

Videotailor prewedding photographer client

Location recce

The next step is to go for a location scout. Every photographer must be aware of the location they are going to shoot. Always do a recce of the location once you have fixed it with the couple. You will be aware of the spots that you would want to use as the backdrop. This will help you be prepared on the day of the shoot. Don’t forget to check whether the chosen location has an entry or photography fee or not. Inform your client in full about the permissions and additional costs that will be incurred in addition to your fees.

Videotailor prewedding photographer location recce 1
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Research trending Pre-wedding poses for Memorable Shoot

Research the new and trending couple poses before the day of the shoot. Ask your client if they already have some poses in mind. Know the angles and shots that will work best for the couple so that less time is wasted on experimenting during the shoot.

Videotailor prewedding photographer research trending poses

Check the weather

The weather is unpredictable. Don’t take any chances, and check the weather before you finalize a date. Keep a backup date in case anything goes wrong.

Videotailor prewedding photographer check weather

Have a backup plan/team

You never know what could go wrong on the day of the shoot. It could be the weather, the location, or even your health. Always keep a backup plan ready if Plan A fails. Also, keep a backup team ready in case you cannot show up on the shoot day.

Videotailor prewedding photographer backup plan

Shoot in burst mode

Shooting in burst mode helps capture candid moments between the couple that a single shot might miss. If taken at the right moment, these unexpected shots can give you some stunning photographs that look simple and organic.

Videotailor prewedding photographer burst mode shoot

Guiding the client with poses

Not all couples are comfortable posing in front of the camera. While some people know what kind of pictures they want, others often ask the photographer to guide them with the poses. It is your job to make the couple comfortable in front of the camera. Start with some simple poses for them to get the hang of it. Give them clear directions. Ethically, a photographer must not touch their model while giving them posing directions. So keep this in mind while guiding your client.

Videotailor prewedding photographer guide with poses

Balance posed and candid shots

Both posed and candid photographs are equally necessary. Delivering a variety of photographs to your client should be your priority. Get some candid shots of the couple when they are not aware of the camera. This will help keep a balance between posed and candid photos.

Videotailor prewedding photographer balanced shots
Videotailor prewedding photographer balanced shots 1

Tell their story through your photos

Every couple is unique and has their own story to tell. You can tell their stories through your photographs. You can create a photo story depicting their journey or recreate special moments that would help the couple connect with the photographs.

Videotailor prewedding photographer tell their story

A couple puts so much faith in a photographer to get the kind of pre-wedding shoot they wish for. Follow these tips and tricks and deliver some magical photos to your client.



How do you make pre-wedding photography?

Pre-wedding photography captures romantic and candid moments between the engaged couple before their wedding day. It typically includes location scouting, posing guidance, and creating a comfortable atmosphere for the couple to express their love. Professional photographers often use creative lighting techniques and composition to enhance the visual impact of the images.

Which lens is used in pre-wedding photography?

The lens choice depends on the desired effect and the photographer’s style. Generally, prime lenses with wider apertures (e.g., 35mm, 50mm, or 85mm) are popular for capturing portraits and creating a shallow depth of field. Zoom lenses like 24-70mm or 70-200mm can provide flexibility for capturing various compositions and distances.

How to do a first look as a photographer?

As a photographer, when capturing a first-look moment, it’s essential to communicate with the couple beforehand and plan the logistics. Find an ideal location with good lighting, ensure privacy, and give clear instructions to the couple. Prepare to capture their genuine reactions while remaining unobtrusive and respecting their emotions during this special moment.

How do I make my wedding pictures look professional?

To make your wedding pictures look professional, pay attention to composition, lighting, and storytelling. Use different perspectives, angles, and creative techniques. Optimize exposure and white balance during shooting and consider post-processing techniques to enhance the images further. Professional editing software can help adjust colors, contrast, and other elements to achieve a polished and consistent look.

How do I get sharp wedding photos?

To capture sharp wedding photos, ensure proper focus and use an appropriate shutter speed to avoid motion blur. Use a stable camera support system, such as a tripod or monopod, when necessary. Select the appropriate aperture for desired depth of field, and consider using image stabilization techniques if available. Additionally, proper lens calibration and regular equipment maintenance are crucial.

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