Quirky colors and innovative ideas for your 2021 intimate yet cool wedding save the dates videos

May 27, 2022

Quirky Colors And Innovative Ideas For Your 2021 Intimate Yet Cool Wedding Save The Dates Videos

Traditional wedding invitations are lovely, but a trendsetting, personalized invitation is much better. We realize that when it comes to invitations, you want yours to shine out in a crowded fridge full of many other save-the-dates and invitations. Custom artwork, unique color palettes, alternate paper options, and even humorous phrasing can all let visitors anticipate how so much fun they’ll have at your one-of-a-kind event. You’ve arrived at the perfect location. We, at Video Tailor, have compiled some fantastic examples of innovative wedding invitation wording to help you come up with your own.


Some of our best Wedding invitation Ideas are

The Story of our Life Video

What’s great about video is that there’s no boundary to what you’re doing with it. So, go ahead and tell your entire love tale! Show pictures of the two of you as kids growing up and fell madly in love. You might see one of our videos, which may also be used as a wedding invitation for Save-The-Date.


Save-The-Date Video

Still undecided about a no-paper invite? Split the difference and look at some of the Save the Date style videos we Video Tailor have for you to have the best save the date video. You can still include images and elements from your wedding which are special to you. Simply include a handful of your best engagement images and messages informing them of your wedding date.


Change in Date Videos

If your invitations were being sent out, but you need to make a change in dates. It can be because COVID-19 has prompted you to reschedule your in-person wedding video can quickly communicate your message. Start with our Change The date template and we can make a customized Video for you. Then email your video to friends and family, Whatsapp them, and post it to your social media sites to let them know you’ll be going to celebrate the coronavirus has passed.


Cultural Wedding Invitation

You might include specific wedding traditions in your invitation if your family has them. Before an Indian wedding, highlight your Haldi or the mehndi ceremony. Even though there are multiple important events taking place throughout your wedding, try to keep it simple. This is to work out what’s going on and how everything is. Take a glance at the Indian wedding invitation below, which describes the bride and groom’s parents and covers three days of wedding celebrations.


Video Focusing on Your Hobbies

Bring up a hobby that both you and your soon-to-be spouse enjoy in your invitation. Work for your favorite sports team, a movie you both like, or a shared activity. Keep as simple as a shared love of morning cereal or a favorite video game—anything that will make your attendees exclaim, “This invitation is so you.”


Monochromatic Wedding Save the Dates

A video invitation can be made to stand out by focusing on just one color. Pick one wedding color and utilize it to make a modern, eye-catching wedding invitation. Check out the video below if you’re still not sure what a monochromatic video looks like:


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