Pre-Wedding Shoot In Andaman-Nicobar: The Exotic Islands

May 17, 2022

“Blue seas, virgin islands and colonial past: Pre-Wedding Shoot In Andaman-Nicobar”

You start to capture memories when you start a proper journey with your soulmate, but you can make it different and incredible with a Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar. What else could be a better option than the white land and blue water backdrop! So, if you are planning for a fabulous pre-wedding shoot, plan it in the exotic islands of ANDAMAN-NICOBAR.


The ANDAMAN-NICOBAR Islands are an absolute packet of crystal clear water, the scenic beach beauty, and the awesome breathtaking views, that fits for a perfect location for an amazing photoshoot. The beauty of sand, water, and the view together sets out a dream like backdrop, which nobody can resist. This unique island is one of the seven union territories of India, that is a group of islands which is at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. This place is a couple-friendly and honeymoon site, many of the newly wedded and various couples visit before and after getting married for making memories and sharing the love to create a strong bond.


The Andaman-Nicobar island is basically an archipelago. That is, it has various small islands that together form a cluster or a chain. The capital of Andaman-Nicobar island is PORT BLAIR, that enlists a number of fabulous sightseeing islands and it’s even the main entry point to Andaman-Nicobar islands. Andaman-Nicobar can also be referred to as the Daddy Island as it lists out the various islands that are located out there. To reach this amazing part of India and feel the wonder there, the easiest available travel option is either by air (Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, and Visakhapatnam) or sea (all the way from Chennai, Kolkata or Vishakhapatnam). It takes 2-3 hours by air and 3-4 days by the sea.



Wandoor Beach, Port Blair

The Wandoor Beach is located around 25-30 km away from Port Blair. It serves as the best place for seeing sunrise and sunset. It is one of the famous beaches at Andaman-Nicobar that’s even ideal for swimming and coral sightings. You can watch out for the different corals out there in different shades. You can capture your best pose out there in the scenic beauty of sunrise and sunset and can even enjoy the romantic blanket of the weather over there.

Moreover, close to the beach is the Mahatma Gandhi National Park where one could take the privilege to go scuba-diving and snorkeling. If you plan for Andaman don’t forget to add The Wandoor Beach to your list for enjoying the scenic sunset beauty.

Timing– 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Monday Closed

Entry Fees-

50-per person Adults

25- per person Children

500-per person Foreigners



Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Radhanagar Beach is Asia’s best beach according to TIME Magazine. It’s far from the rush, wherein you find the clean, composed blue sea water and the tall green shady trees along the beach. It’s the best beach to spend time with your significant other posing amazingly in the lap of  natural beauty surrounded by blue variations of the sea and white sand. Don’t miss out on this.

Visiting Time: Radhanagar beach visiting time is preferred as for the daytime.


Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island

Laxmanpur Beach stretches across a long area of Laxmanpur Village of Neil Island which sets out the perfect snapshot location for clicking numerous photos, including the evergreen beauty, white sandy walkway and the blue ocean with the beautiful cluster created across the ocean by the sunrise and sunset. Here, the corals and sea shells are found in abundance which visitors collect as a souvenirs. This place will give you immense pleasure and will relax you with its soothing view of the white sand in contrast to the blue sea along with the calmness and peace all around

Visiting Team: 7 am- 7 pm


Limestone Cave, Baratang Island

This exotic and daddy island is just not listed up with various islands and beaches. Rather, you can spot out one such different location from all those beaches, which is the natural Limestone cave. More than the trip inside the cave, the route to till the cave is more interesting and enjoyable which leads you through dense forest and some zig-zag ways.

You can even take the pleasure of sunbathing sea crocodile with its jaw open and be sitting still like statues at one end. Here, you can get some standard pictures with some deliberate looks and poses. And you can have the best pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar.

The Baratang island is one that is defined for timing, that is to have around for 2-3 hours and return by 6 pm as its forest filled area, being safety issue


Chidiya Tapu, Sunset Point

Chidiya Tapu is 30 km away from the main city-Port Blair, and it’s an absolute paradise for the nature lover wherein you can wide the perfect frame for varieties of birds. You can grab the best frame for the shoot up with the birds and the amazing & mesmerizing sunset view. Traveling to Chidiya Tapu you can witness the Kalapathar beach wherein you can explore the silvery sand all over the turquoise water making it an exquisite and idealistic location for beach lovers, and to have the best pre-wedding photoshoot.

Timing– No specific timing

Entry fees– Not charged


Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair

The Corbyn’s Cove Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the Andaman, decorated with the long Palm trees giving its shade. This beach is the closest of all the beaches in Andaman and here you can easily avail the restaurant and bar facility that is arrayed with the Palm Grove trees.

The Palm Grove trees add up some exotic sense and look to your shoot pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar and you can even enjoy the water activities here like scuba diving, swimming, and skiing.

Timing– No specific time set

Entry Fees- Not Charged



If you are planning for the Diglipur island, then you have made the right choice. The Diglipur location is less visited by people, the Ross & Smith island will surely give you a better experience than all the beaches mentioned above.

you will surely explore yourself in the vibes of beauty and your Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar will be the best time for you as a couple.


Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is the second most visited beach in Havelock, Andaman. The beach is lighted up with mangrove creeks, fallen tree trunks, and the clear blue sea water. A picturesque view of the open sea with few island hills in the backdrop is an exotic view one must experience.

Visiting Time– Day time is favorable.


Little Andaman

The Little Andaman is one of the best options for surfing in India. The Little Andaman beckons those who want to escape the busy and the rush full life of the urban area and take some time to relax enjoying the greenery of nature and the beauty of the sea along the sandy shore.

the little Andaman is one among the fab place to have the best pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar.


Howrah Bridge, Neil Island

The Howrah Bridge is basically the natural rock creation, the trees at the side and the sea-green water add to its beauty. It’s perfect for the nature lovers. The couple here could spend some lonely time away from the rush from that of other spots at Andaman-Nicobar. Couples can’t find such a peaceful pre-wedding shoot location


  • Well none of the above-listed beaches require entry fees
  • Do keep binoculars to enjoy the tiny beauty of the island.
  • Keep all sorts of medicines.
  • Keep your clothes according to the weather out there, get the correct information before going.
  • Keep a first-aid box with you.

Best time to visit Andaman-Nicobar: Well, the best time to visit these exotic islands is from November to Mid-May. However, the monsoon season is to be avoided due to tidal waves disturbance and the tsunami effects, moreover to make your pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar a safe one too.


So, now it’s your turn to frame your pre-wedding shoot at the dreaming land all in the glimpse of the white sand, the greenery of mangrove and palm trees along the clear, clean, and blue crystal sea water. Make your memories the best! have the best Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman-Nicobar with our best pre-wedding photography services.

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