What To Capture On Your Wedding Day: The D-DAY

May 17, 2022

Best Moments to be Clicked for D-Day: The Wedding Day


D-Day! Thinking what’s this……….all about your wedding day. The special moments.


Your wedding day, the most special of all the days in your life, so it is obvious to capture and history the moments for the future time to smile back and cherish them. Every moment of that day is like the golden moment which won’t come back and has to be enjoyed thoroughly.  This is the special day that needs to be captured in a fluorescent way.  This is the one-time captured memory for lifelong, so it’s of extreme importance to watch out every scene and capture D-Day moments all of it in the best way.


The day is not only a mark for the bride and groom but it’s important for their parents too, who will be doing away with their responsibilities and will be seeing their ward in a happily living knot. All the way from getting ready for the day to the first look to each other and ending with the emotional bidai, every moment is of immense significance. These moments are to albumed in order to get nostalgic, remembering your golden days.


Well, there are moments like getting ready for the day, the first look to each other, mother’s blessing, fathers emotional hug, sister’s teasing, brother’s planning, friends teaching and many more.  That all has to be clicked and saved for the rest of your life just to shower light somewhere in the future, on the beautiful start of your journey.


Let’s get known to all those precious clicks that need to be albumed to feel mesmerizing and nostalgic years later.

Have a look to the 20 most beautiful moment to be captured on your D-Day:


The most important of all the people in the wedding is the bride and the groom, so what they are going to have as an outfit for the day also matters at the same level.


A photoshoot to all those accessories and the outfit should be taken in order to praise the beauty of the dress along with the beauty and charm of the bride & the groom.


Besides the beauty and charm of the bride and groom itself, what makes them look amazingly fabulous for the day is their outfit so it needs to be captured for sure.

So, the first capture should be of the bride & groom dress for the day.


What could be the next eye-catching moment? the beauty of the day getting ready! You could capture her wearing her earrings, like some candid click moment.

In fact making of her hairstyle could also be noted as candid one, because all this capturing look wise and pretty praising when it’s all just like the best shot while bride getting ready.


Along with gorgeous girl for the day, the handsome hunk for the wedding day should also be captured while getting ready for his special day to welcome somebody so special to his life.

His candid could be the firing one while he puts on all his favorite perfume or deo, and while he styles his hair.  So, along with the bride, also capture while groom getting ready.


The moment is damn special when your girls are helping you out to get ready and taking care of every simple thing as a big clue of beauty.


It even adds to the moment with golden charm when the bride’s mother comes up to help her getting fully ready for the new start that she is going to have in few moments, that the love and blessing she showers on her.


This moment is emotional and of immense pleasure to give a throwback after some time.  The moment of the bride with bridesmaids and mother could be framed to put up on the room wall.


Just like the bride, the groom also has his bachelorette time for just some hours before he’s gonna tie up his knot with his bride for the entire life.

All the way from putting on his sherwani by friends to…….father, helping him wear his sehra and making him realize his new responsibilities and balance of life are moments that need to be framed in the album.

Groom with his men while getting ready on the wedding day has an awesome chilling time that could be clicked in an amazingly candid manner.


When the bride is all set for her special day and to enter in her new life along with her beautiful and gorgeous attire for the day she needs to have some click all for the sake to look back to her immense pleasuring beauty and the mehendi of her is of must to be captured to get nostalgic seeing the love that the groom showers to her, as said in sayings.


Bride photoshoot in her outfit along with the displaying her mehndi that shows the groom’s love could be a great snap to the wedding day moment.


The Baarat is the second main frame after the groom & the bride. Don’t forget to capture the fun and masti of the baraati’s that they have on the beats of dhol.

In fact, the special thing about the baarat turns when the Groom participates to dance on the dhol beats.

There could be the perfect shoot of the groom at the baarat time to capture the happiness of the groom.


The wedding banquet should be captured with minute decorative details. The wedding banquet adds the colorful light and charm to the ceremony and also to the bride and the groom.


The next what comes up in the list of best moments to be captured on the D-Day capturing list is the welcoming of the groom. His grand and respectful welcome is in the must list, to be captured. It’s even a fun time when the mother-in-law welcomes him with all her happiness and the teasing by the groups.


After the welcoming of the groom, the next one in the list is the groom way to the stage all the way through aisle.  Like the bride is the Queen, the groom is of course the King, hence his entry should be captured in a grand manner.


The groom is the king, all for his bride and just like the bride is set in beauty for him, he sets himself in a dashing look for his bride. Some portraits are the required part on the wedding day.


The bride gets ready for his groom, and that has to have some click all for the cause of the bride and groom to speak some words of praising and loving talks.


Well, in the mainframe who stands are the newly couple, that is the bride and the groom…after all they are the ones for whom the ceremony is held, so they need to be captured together. The couple shoot is of must as like the ceremony.


As like the groom has to be captured while his way to the stage, the bride is also in the list to be clicked all the while walking down through the aisle.


While the bride walks way down the aisle, the moment is very unique and special for both, the bride as well as the groom. Here the first look at each other could be captured. Your Wedding Day Capture needs to have some romantic and love showering clicks too. so, do go for this shot.


Some frames with the parents are also to be captured. Showing their blessing and love has to be clicked and noted as the memory for the day.

The mother and the father are the ones who stand as the most important and supporting people for you among all. With them, you absolutely need a click and also in best of poses.


Well, the family members are there to be with you in your happy moment, so to capture some frames with them is also a part of requirement and one among the best moments.

They are the people with whom you have shared your days and added special and nostalgic moments for future happiness and smile’ so, do capture amazing and unique pose to paste some cute and fun-filled happy smiles in your wedding day album.


The next is the posing with friends. The fun and true bond masti should be capture all before getting into the new life and new phase.


The D-Day of yours will turn all those special moments of friendship into some nostalgic memories. So, a picture perfect click is indeed important to be captured.


The close ones could be your grandparents, your pets, some of your heart touching toys or anything else.


The click with all those close stuff and people is one among the best moment to be captured, on your D-Day. You keep all these captured memories on your wedding day album to feel blessed and thankful for everything they did as all these people and stuff turns more valuable.


There are different rituals and different tradition of wedding every other religion, so the wedding tradition of every wedding must be captured as it is of great significance and this is what all about the promises and deals that the couple do with each other, which should be noted and should be a must to be taken as a memory frame.



The last in the list is the emotional vidai scene that is all about the bride leaving her house and family, parents and close ones and starting of her new life with new parents and family in a totally new frame of life, from the D-Day.


This is a very emotional and heart touching moment that has to be clicked and added to the album for keeping that as memories and nostalgic times of wedding day.


This was all about the best moments of your D-Day, that needs the best frame with best wedding photographers in Delhi. So, if you stand next in the list to shoot for your wedding album making memories …follow the suggestions lined  above.

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