How to plan a pre-wedding shoot at home?

May 15, 2023

Planning for your pre-wedding shoot can be challenging. From choosing the right location to choosing the best photographer, things might get a little hectic. And you can’t deny the fact that the whole process can be an expensive affair. But hey, you don’t need an exotic location to get some stunning shots. Some couples prefer to keep it simple and make their home a romantic backdrop for their pre-wedding shoot. With a dash of creativity, you can certainly plan a pre-wedding shoot at your own casa. So, for couples who want to save some time and money and keep it simple, this one is for you.

1. Go for a casual outfit

No one moves around in their homes in a tuxedo, right? So keep your clothing simple and comfortable. You can go with whites on denim, cute shorts, simple midi dresses, or perhaps matching PJs!

Video Tailor pre-wedding home casual outfits
Video Tailor pre-wedding home cute decor

2. Add some cute decor items

Props surely help in enhancing photographs. Fill in your frame with cute decor items like photo frames, cushions, soft toys, and placards. Don’t forget the beautiful fairy lights to add that magic to your photographs.

All couples share some inside jokes and comments. So if you want to go creative, make your own placards with those quirky comments written on them.

3. Make use of every room

To get a variety of shots, make use of every single room in your house. You can plan a different setup for every room, with different outfits complementing it. The kitchen is the most romantic spot of all, so make sure you keep that on your list.

Video Tailor pre-wedding home all rooms
Video Tailor pre-wedding home go candid

4. Go Candid

The best part about shooting at home is that you can literally do whatever you like. So go candid! Add some routine elements to your photographs, like reading a book together or having some chai. Dance like no one is watching. Do as much PDA as you want. Jump on your bed or even do a pillow fight. Keep it natural and see how beautiful the candid photographs come out.

5. Cute date theme

You can always add a theme to your pre-wedding shoot at home. If you are looking for something romantic and cozy, go for a date-themed photoshoot. Put up some fairy lights, perhaps a bonfire  with a cozy setup, and sit with your partner with some pizza and drinks. Too new school? Replace the drinks and pizzas with coffee cups!

Video Tailor pre-wedding home date theme
Video Tailor pre-wedding home shadow play

6. Shadow play

Are you a fan of alluring silhouette photographs? You can attain them at home too! All you have to do is pick a spot where you get the best golden hour moment during sunset, and you are good to go.


Having a pre-wedding shoot at home can be as fun as shooting outdoors. You get to spend some romantic time with your partner in your own house and get some cute and amazing photographs as well! All you need is a creative setup, and you are good to go. What more could one ask for?

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