Best Hindi songs for pre-wedding shoot

May 15, 2023

Every couple wants their pre-wedding shoot video to look like a romantic song straight out of a movie. Yes, shooting a good video is imperative, but it is the song that adds emotion to your video. Songs play a very important role as they accompany your pre-wedding shoot theme. Do you want a romantic video, a sensual video, or perhaps a cheerful one? The emotion of your video can be determined by the song you select for your shoot. That’s the power of music. Here are the 10 best Hindi songs for pre-wedding shoot videos for every couple.

1. Ranjha (Sid x Kiara Version)

This has to be the first song on the list. This song is an extended version of the song “Ranjha” from Shershah, specially made for the lead couple’s wedding. What better romantic song could you ask for when the lyrics go –

‘Mangeya tere ton, rabba

Rabba, mainu tu mileya

Jag lagda mehka-mehka

Mehka gulshan haan khileya’

2. Kesariya 

Another trending song, Kesariya from Brahmaastra has been on top of the charts for a very long time and is a perfect pick for your romantic pre-wedding shoot.

‘Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai Piya

Rang Jaaun Jo Main Hath Lagaun

Din Beete Saara Teri Fikr Mein

Rain Saari Teri Khair Manaun’

3. Maan Meri Jaan

Maan meri jaan is a romantic song sung by King from the album Champagne Talk. If you don’t want to go with slow, romantic songs, then this should be your pick.

‘Tu Maan Meri Jaan

Main Tujhe Jaane Na Doonga

Main Tujhko Apni Aankhon Mein

Basa Ke Rakhunga’

4. Pehli Baar

If you want to go candid and dance like no one’s watching, Pehli Baar from Dil Dhadakne Do is the song for you. This quirky, fun, upbeat song is for couples carefree in love as the lyrics go –

‘Dil mera bol utha..

Hone do ab jo bhi ho, 

darna kya, bhala bura 

hone do ab joh bhi ho’

5. Fitoor

If you want to go a bit on the sensual side, then this song is for you. Fitoor from Shamshera is the perfect choice to add magic to your pre-wedding video.

‘Tera Yeh Ishq Mera Fitoor

Tu Jo Bhi Kahe Bann Jaaun Main

Chhaya Hai Yoon Tera Suroor

Jis Rang Kahe Rang Jaaun Main’

6. Sanson ki mala – Farasat Anees | Lo-fi 

If you want to add a slow, reverbed vibe to your pre-wedding video, go for this recreation of the song Sanson ki Mala by Farasat Anees, originally sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This song has also been trending a lot on Instagram reels.

‘Sanson ki mala pe 

Simroon mai

Pee ka naam’

7. Ek Dil Ek Jaan

Ek Dil Ek Jaan from the movie Padmavat is the right choice for you if you want to add a royal touch to your romantic pre-wedding video.

‘Ek dil hai

Ek jaan hai

Dono tujhpe

Qurbaan hai’

8. Kho gaye hum kahan 

This song from the movie Baar Baar Dekho never gets old. Go for this song for a cute, romantic pre-wedding video theme.

‘Tedhe-medhe raaste hai, jaadui imaaratein hai

Main bhi hoon, tu bhi hai yahan

Khoyi soyi sadko pe, sitaron ke kandhon pe

Hum nachte udte hai yahan’

9. Apna Bana Le

Apna Bana Le from the movie Bhediya has been at the top of the charts currently. Another melodious romantic track in the voice of Arijit Singh for your pre-wedding video.

‘Saweron Ka Mere

Tu Sooraj Laage

Tu Mera Koyi Na

Hoke Bhi Kuchh Laage’

10. Raataan Lambiyan 

One of the most beautiful songs from the movie Shershah, Raantaan Lambiyan, is a melodious romantic song that perfectly defines love.

‘Ke Raataan Lambiyan Lambiyan Re

Kate Tere Sangeyan Sangeyan Re’


Your entire pre-wedding video need not be backed up by one single song. You can always go for mashups of different songs that you like or even unplugged versions of the above-mentioned songs for that slow, romantic vibe.

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