3 Core Reasons why divorce photoshoot needs acceptance.

May 15, 2023

Divorce is sensed to be a painful step taken to bring an end to the sacred matrimonial bond which was started by two people, vowing to stay together no matter what the consequences are. Where it was presumed to be a taboo during early orthodox social establishments, the concept still doesn’t seem to leave people gasping just by just mentioning the term. 


A recent controversy let the netizens split into two sides, Where a Tamilian actress went on to publish a Divorse photoshoot celebrating the end of her toxic matrimonial relationship where a part of self-proclaimed people interest representatives slammed her for taking such a step. Where photography is not just meant to remind you of your most celebrated events but also an encouragement to yourself about what you have persevered. There are some positive sides to this snapshot that may impact the greater good.


Relationships may seem to be blissful between husband and wife but there are a lot of hushed conversations behind closed doors. The cases of mental harassment, domestic violence against spouse, and unacceptable habits of partner to name a few situations which rather makes a problem of the surroundings we are living in. Not just women, but men are also a victim. Maybe her divorce photoshoot could encourage them to take a step towards themself before decaying their mental health in a stagnant relationship.


Ending a relationship is very hard and if you are a woman, it’s significantly a tougher battle to lead on to. There are two families and most importantly more than two lives that are dependent on that relationship. The step taken to end the marriage is not just taken abruptly but has a long battle leading to a lot of pressure and of course those side eyes from people who adjourn the situation before the court jury does. So it is more than just an attention-seeking photoshoot, it’s seeking peace within oneself. 


Social media is indeed a weapon if not used with diligence. Hence it is necessary to your words and actions with great caution. While people may glamorize this as a trend, it is not. Divorce may seem to be all modern and fancy but it is not a piece of cake. There are dreams woven which are broken with a snap. It’s not encouraging people to end their marriage to look “COOL” but building courage in the people who could not raise their voice just for themselves. 

what to Conclude from the pictures? 

Some things require more than just a lens to look towards a photograph, it requires perspective. The nature of art is such that there is more than just creativity, it has tones of emotions communicated.  The divorce snaps may seem like odd and insane steps to get photographed for some frivolous events happening in your life, but when viewed with positivity, it may encourage a lot of people to take charge of their life and value themselves before investing their life in a relationship whose foundation is just strong to show the world.


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