Must Needed Camera And Accessories For Wedding Photography And Videography

May 24, 2022



Wedding photography and videography’s trend though is prevailing from past few years now but these days its escalating and admired by people around ,and so is the demand of it and desire in people to opt it as a profession is also proliferating. So,  even if you are just a beginner with passion for photography then it is definitely your riding force which can help you achieve anything you desire to.


Experienced as well  as beginners, can definitely lay their trust on DSLR  that it will no matter what  help in their profession to satisfy cliental as well as make them feel contented about their work.

DSLR  offers  key ingredients like Manual control , excellent picture quality along with interchangeable lenses. The DSLR ( Digital SLR) are the top choice for anyone who has passion and is charmed by the profession of photography

Now , coming to the second type and the most opted option after DSLR are the Mirrorless cameras. The advantage of them over DSLR is that they are smaller, mechanically simpler and offers an option of interchangeable lenses. For instance Panasonic Lumix G9 , Sony  Alpha A7R , Fujifilm X-T20  and the latest launched model is that of canon named Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless camera are some them , sony has been leading in mirrorless cameras and has established a good brand mark

With mirrorless camera being bit expensive DSLR is the cheapest way to get camera with interchangeable lenses as most of the professionals  indulged in varied fields of sports, press and wildlife choose DSLR’s



Well cameras alone  can not be sufficient to get a perfect shot it needs to accompanied with the accessories. Investigating in the right direction can result in a lifetime of service. Well collecting accessories is all about doing homework , understanding your needs and investing money for the right solution The accessories used are as as follows:

Filters – As you move forward with your photography skills you would surely like to invest in some neutral density filters, specifically for shooting landscape or long exposure.

There are two types of filters namely The Screw  on type, the one that directly screws in front of lenses and next one involves using a holder into which the filter will slide though a bit expensive but there’s definitely an advantage to them is that same filters can be used with all lenses with the purchase of low cost ring


Lenses– The lens which are provided with kid are generic but still with the time one needs to start further collection. Preference of Prime lenses is zooming up as they provide fixed focal length means that it wont support zoom , but no one deny the fact that they are faster and picture quality is better .

Moreover no one lens can meet all requirements hence different types of lenses are essential like telephoto lens are used to shoot landscapes or interiors while to shoot small objects with a close up macro lens are needed and when we come to Portrait lens with wide aperture, it is used to limit depth of field and to blur backgrounds.


Spirit level – This accessory though is quite cheap but is super cool to help in line up taking good shots . This triple bubble helps in telling you when the camera is perfectly level both horizontally and vertically. The important feature of this is of great use for landscape photographers and one can leave it mounted at all times using a tripod


Camera Bag- For the small camera a bag dosen’t seem essential , but is a good way to protect them while travelling as it keeps rain and dust at distance. There are a number of options available to buy bag it varies from shoulder camera bag to a sling, while it depends on personal choice and preference


Tripod– It’s the most important part of camera as it gives a method of holding camera at exactly right angle while keeping it absolutely still. So the images obtained are pin sharp and detailed. Tripod should not be light weight rather be sturdy to keep camera safe.


Remote release – This equipment allows a photographer to trip the shutter without touching the camera , so useful for long exposure when the camera is on the tripod as it avoids introducing unwanted camera shake. Two types of release are available that connect of camera via a cable and next option is that of wireless, it has the advantage of working from longer range


Flash Diffuser– Number of diffusers are available in the market with models that are designed to push fit onto a flashgun, devices that pop up to create mini soft boxes . These are easy to use. This diffuser is just a humble piece of translucent plastic that makes the difference by softening the light and make it much more flattering


Flash Gun– This is an accessory that gives greater power to the camera and more powerful results. Flashgun can be mounted in camera’s hot shoe .It should be compatible with the camera’s metering system so exposure control is automatic

Gimbal– They are used to provide support to the tripod. This in  one of the most relevant accessory as it prevents camera from shaking , no one will prefer to watch a video which doesn’t has good clarity and shaky videography or photography. Well this issue is resolved by using a gimbal and it helps to keep camera steady and stable


Cleaners– Its better to spend in a sensor cleaning kit though DSLR and compact have in built cleaning mechanism as sticky pollen can find its way to a sensor.


Reflector – This instrument is used to brighten up the portraits and still life images to achieve a high end professional look . Reflector’s are of a significant importance as they are incredibly versatile, can be brought into use during both indoor and outdoor photography, and are used to bounce back the light onto the photographer’s subject to fill in unwanted shadows.

They are available with a choice of double sided or detachable covers so to get a choice of black, white, sliver and grey reflective surfaces allowing a photographer to get slightly different results and depending on him what is he looking to achieve.

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