How to make sure all your family members get clicked by your Photographer & Videographer

May 25, 2022

How Not To Miss Any Of Your Family Member’s Photo On Your D-Day

Swiping through the wedding album and didn’t find your family members picture in it or feeling sad because someone dear is not there in the wedding video


Here we will see how to make sure all your family members get clicked by your Photographer & Videographer.Family is one of the most important, if not the most important thing in our lives.


Wedding photography and video are a mesmerizing piece of art work which becomes a memory for a lifetime and what’s more heartbreaking than not seeing your important ones in the happy moments of a person which are captured by your photographer and videographer. Marriage is a fantasy for every individual which he or she wishes to cherish for a lifetime. In order to make it different from ordinary the couple’s family members along with the bride and groom find out more exotic ways to make it memorable. After making such huge and grand arrangements it would be of no use if we don’t capture those unique decorations and celebrations to be held along with the family members.


Choosing your photographer and videographer

Professionalism is the key to desired output, this phrase applies to all professions, especially in photography and any digital work. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you need a good photographer and videographer who can document it all and not miss the small details. A professional wedding photographer as well as videographer uses high-quality equipment, their experience and talent which help them to capture the special atmosphere of your big day.A professional photographer will know how to cover the whole event including the family members. Similarly, if the person who is not experienced might leave the important member of function and family members.


Giving proper instructions to the person handling your photo and video work

second factor to ensure every family member is covered in photo and video is to give proper instruction to the photographer and videographer, so that he doesn’t forget to take the members of the family to get included in the album. You also have to provide him the program so that he would know what parts of the wedding should not be missed in the video. If the videographer knows how things will proceed, then he can also think of the right framing and angling for every important moment like the groom and the bride.


To coordinate with the photographer /videographer at the beginning of the function

Having a consultation with your photographer is very important! Your wedding photographer will be part of some of your most intimate moments, from getting ready and prep time, to your first look with your groom, to interacting with your closest friends and family throughout portrait time.  We have to coordinate with the photographer /videographer to ensure the presence of family in the pictures and videos.


Family photos

Photo List: It’s also a great idea to have a list of family photos so that we know who we need and that no one is forgotten. You will lose time enjoying the day, and you will never have time to speak with those people. Hence, it will be beneficial to make a list in which people were listed which should not be left in photograph. Be selective about the photographs that you need


Ask family members to be a part of the photos and videos

Families are the most important part of wedding as it is the ceremony where two different families unite and become one, These are one of the most important memories of someone’s life and photographs as well as videos are the memory backup of that moment. After giving instructions to the photographer and videographer also tell the family members to get themselves clicked whenever they get a chance.

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The video itself is a piece of the professional photographer and videographer of video tailor knows the worth of that moment. in the video every family/important member is covered while they are celebrating the event with their loved ones, giving the desired output with full satisfaction so that they can cherish the moment for this particular video see how moments are captured, Parents kissing the bride and close friend crying for her best friend. wedding is all about emotions gathered together and without the special ones it becomes tasteless


Laughter is always the best medicine. You may be feeling relief that your wedding day has finally arrived after all the preparations, and there will be numerous opportunities for fun and laughs ahead of the celebrations. This video is a compilation of family greetings as well as the memorable moments of their life along with everyone’s blessings.This Video of Ashish and Shrinkhala is crafted by video tailor. Every aspect of the event is covered creatively whether it is cute moments of couple or family member sayings.we have taken seperate clips of family member giving blessings to the couple and wishing them luck for their new life.


The Quote “ The family is the significant cell of human society and emotions”  Is true.


Your wedding day is a special event you’ll never want to forget. From saying your vows to watching those closest with your partner to you share touching remarks, there are so many memories in the making. Whether you’re the bride or groom looking for a heartfelt quote, or the maid of honor hoping to encourage some laughs,. IN the above blog we have covered the points on How to make sure all your family members get clicked by your Photographer & Videographer. We at video tailor ensures the perfection in the work and remember the point ourselves also so that none of your family member is left from your life long memories captured as photographs and videos.

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