What to Look for While Choosing a Wedding Videographer in Delhi?

May 25, 2022

‘If a picture is worth thousand words, then a video is worth a million’

Unlike photographs, videos are known to capture the full spirit and feel of an occasion. In earlier times people generally had a fixed mindset for photographers and videographers but today everyone wants to have the most amazing photography and videography for his or her big events like engagement and wedding. Hence it becomes important to choose the right wedding videographer and for this very reason, we sincerely present here the top tips which would help you while choosing the wedding videographer in Delhi NCR for your fantastic wedding ceremony.


Things you should keep in mind while selecting a wedding videographer are-


1- Style

First, know and understand what style you want for your dream wedding video, as there are different styles of videography and different videographers are specialized in different styles.

Take some time and read about different wedding videography styles and then choose the videographer accordingly. For your convenience, we have listed some major wedding videography styles– Artistic- Journalistic- Cinematic- Storytelling- Highlights videography- Traditional.


2- Cost

Undoubtedly the most important and tricky factor to consider while choosing a wedding videographer. Many questions like- Is the budget more than enough? is the videographer worth of it? How much should we spend? Etc, these type of questions are bound to come, so what should you do about it?

Well, cost majorly depends on whether if you are opting for only wedding day videography or full wedding videography. For single day wedding photoshoot, the cost generally starts from 25000 Rs and then proceed accordingly according to quality and services. Choose the videography style, shortlist the selected style videographers and then compare the prices. Try to understand the full package and try to take most from it.


3- Availability

Obviously, the wedding videographers are very busy in the marriage months, so it is advisable to select the videographers months before the wedding. Personally meet them if possible, otherwise, drop an email to them. Try to make your emails enthusiastic and interesting as the best wedding videographers only take limited projects in a month, so it would be better if your email also excites them. Discuss each and every single detail with them beforehand to avoid the last-minute hustle and finally book them in advance.


4- Personality

Certainly, the personality of your wedding videographer is important, as he will be the one responsible for shooting some of the most fabulous moments of your life. The videography clearly depicts the personality of the videographer. The videographer should be able to get along with people as he will be working both with guests and professionals, hence proper behavior is important in order to run the wedding day smoothly and for the best quality of the video. Hence don’t forget considering the personality of the videographer.


5- Work Experience

Although people generally choose videographers having high work experience, however, there is no harm in giving your wedding project to a new photographer who has considerable experience. If new videographers have the right equipment and have fully understood your style then it’s only a matter of finding the right videographer. New artists generally cost less, have an out of the box and fresh thinking and they always try to be more creative. So don’t just discount new videographers at once, look at their profiles, their short films and their past work, you can find some amazing work there too. However, you can always go for high experienced videographers if you aren’t comfortable with new videographers.


6- Post Production

Post-production means the tasks that would be carried out after shooting of the video. It includes editing of the raw footage, cutting of irrelevant scenes, inserting graphics, special effects, sound and music, colour correction, titles, captions etc. Good post-production takes weeks to finalize, but you know what, It worth it. So do discuss details with your shortlisted videographers. Closely analyse some of their raw and final videos, to understand their talent and creativity. Remember Post production has the magic to turn a simple video into a magnificent video, So choose that videographer only who have that potential.


7- Compare Portfolios

Videographer portfolio is an edited collection of some of their best work showcasing his style and method of work. Through it you can understand the creativity and talent they possess, Ask yourself can u imagine your wedding videography in the samples, will it look magnificent or is it the kind of videography you dream of? Shortlist the videographers on their style and then compare their portfolios, and finally choose the videographer whose work you love.


8- Consistency (only if you are opting for full wedding Videography)

Yes Consistency!, Ask yourself do you want only your wedding day videography to be wonderful or do you want the videos of each and every event of your whole wedding to be spectacular? Obviously you want the later one, the consistency of the wedding videographer tends to get overlooked in most of the cases, It’s your wedding and only you can make it perfect, so while analyzing the work of different wedding videographers, must look their videography of other wedding events, see if they are consistent with other events just like the main wedding day or not? Only then your investment will be truly fruitful.


9- Solo or team?

The wedding videographers generally come solo or with his assistant, but nowadays many videographers come with their full army hence it will be best if you discuss this with the videographer beforehand to avoid any last minute surprises. Also research about different video cameras and techniques videographers use so that you can fully and clearly understand the talks you would have with different videographers.


10- Reviews and Recommendations

Research on the reviews, ratings and recommendations of the wedding videographer you are selecting, As you will get the better understanding of the work style, personality and problems that may arise. If possible ask about the videographer from his previous clients just to make sure that the videography would be fine and the day will run smoothly. Reviews and recommendations surely play a great role whether you are buying a product from Amazon or selecting a videographer for your big day.


Zoom on to the best trending wedding videography styles, choose the one which you relates to the most and after confirming all the above details, choose the right videographer and have the most amazing wedding ceremony video for a lifetime. If you find this article beneficial and helpful in any manner then do like and share and feel free to share any of your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. Thank you

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