How to Find the Right Makeup Artist for Wedding?

May 22, 2022


The Wedding is a very special day for the both Bride and Groom. While booking for a “Ghodi” or Chariot is one of the main things to be done by the Groom, the Bride has to focus upon hiring a great Makeup Artist (MUA).


To find a good makeup artist is difficult for your wedding and finding the best is nearly impossible. One has to keep in mind a lot of things that can affect the wedding. No matter how good the photographer is and how his filtering and effects can make you look the Best Bride in the Wedding Shoot but you should also look up for a Makeup Artist  that will make you look the Best Bride in REAL too.

To help you sort this problem, we have brought you some tips and suggestions that will help you finding and hiring the desired makeup artist and to make your wedding day not only memorable for others too and not just for you.




If you think that you will go out looking for a Makeup artist that will give wings to your dreams a month prior than you are moving in a wrong direction. I have seen many brides who took 3 months and more to find the right makeup artists and therefore would like to suggest you to start looking for an MUA at least 6 months ago. This will help you to stay a step ahead always and to get the best.



Long Live Google: Google  might not be able to find your lost “Chappals” from the gate of the Temples but it surely helps you to find the Makeup Artists with the ratings and valuable feedbacks by the clients. You will definitely don’t want to miss this wide platform.

Go to your Trusted Brides: If you are the one who do not easily believe on the online portals and don’t want to go for an unknown source then go to the your friends or family friends who had been Bride once and ask them about their Makeup Artists. Come on now, don’t feel shy. It’s for your special day after all.


If you are going to choose an MUA who was hired by the “Brides Once” in your family or friend circle then you should skip this part but if not then this suggestion can save you from a big trouble.


There are two main categories of trial:



The paid category includes adjustable and non adjustable costing. The adjustable type is if you hire the MUA the cost of the trial will be added in your wedding makeup and the un adjustable refers to paying the cost of the trial even if you are not hiring the makeup artist.


Click your pictures (Yes! Selfie) in the daylight, in the artificial lights and at the night time to see how the makeup looks on you. Whether it is subtle or loud? Whether it is according to your skin tone or not? Did the MUA manage to hide the acne and blemishes or not?


Take the decision of hiring the MUA , after a proper satisfaction by the makeup done by the her or him. Do not rush things, see how long does the makeup stays put.



A salon has comparatively more Makeup Artists including the Head, the assistant and the junior assistant. The costing depends upon the artist doing your makeup. Also, they get the makeup lights in the salon already and all the required things are in bulk as well.


But if you choose a freelancer then you might get a team of Artists that keep changing their team mates and they have comparatively less experience of working together than the salon MUAs. They have to carry the makeup lights and all the other necessary products necessary for the makeup. The charges of the freelancers may get doubled even if they have lesser experience.


Wedding Photoshoot Ideas


You should stay clear of the price of the different packages provided by the MUA and what do those packages include. Don’t leave the space for the misunderstandings.

Also talk about how do they break their costings for different events related to the marriage, like family gatherings, small roka function, mehendi night, marriage and reception because the pricings may vary a lot. Be sure you are charged according to the services.

Whether the MUA is available on the date and the time of your wedding day and for other days requirements.

You should know the head makeup artist is bringing how many assistants.

If you are having a destination wedding then clarify the comfort of the MUA and the who is going to pay for their traveling and accommodation charges. Generally, these are paid by the Bride.

Ask the MUA whether they can bring the makeup lights or not. If yes, great but if not then find a supplier of the lights on your own. The lights are necessary so that you will get to know how your wedding photographs will look like clicked in the bright camera lights.

Get a written contract instead of finalising the terms verbally to avoid any last minute surprises.

Clear the booking details with your Makeup Artist, if your MUA is having other bookings on the same day, be sure that you will be comfortable with the divided attention.

Do not take the chance of choosing a Makeup Artist having a distant located salon from the location of your wedding. The location of your house, the salon of the Makeup Artist and the wedding location should be considered before hiring the MUA. This is important as it may be a day of lot of weddings and you surely do not want to get stuck in the heavy traffic jam on such a important day of your life.

Now you are ready to hire an artist that can make you look good in the REAL but you will also need an artist who will make you look good in the REEL. For that you should know how to find the best photographer for your wedding. We hope that this has lightened your burden.

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