Best Wedding Photography Tips

It is obvious that a wedding day is an important day for a bride . It’s a really special day for them . So on that special day , she should feel like she is the only queen on the earth . What i mean to say is that she should look most beautiful on the special day. And she will look beautiful when she will feel beautiful . So here are some Best Tips To Look Photogenic for the bride.

Top 10 Best Tips To Look Photogenic

1. Wear a real smile

If you want to look beautiful, just smile with the heart. It is one of the Best Tips To Look Photogenic. You must be thinking that it’s rubbish, but its true. If you have done full makeup and well dressed but you are not smiling,  Nothing can make you look photogenic. But if you smile from the heart, You will definitely look damn beautiful . Because your smile is the most important element of all the tips .

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

2. Follow a Healthy Diet For a Month Before Wedding

Secondly, If you want a natural glow on your face, start following a healthy diet. Following a healthy diet will make you look naturally photogenic. It will help your skin to glow naturally. Also , it will help to avoid pimples coming on the face. Your healthy diet should contain more of organic food and less of oily and fast food. Additionally, you should drink plenty of water and do exercise regularly. You will definitely feel like you are calm and beautiful from inside .

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

3. Practice for better Gestures and Postures

Coming to the next of Best Tips To Look Photogenic, you should practice for the better gestures and postures . Practicing in front of mirror for the gestures will make you give poses photogenic. It is  necessary to practice the gestures and poses at home. So you can get clicked confidently on your wedding day.

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

4. Try Different Hairstyles

You should try different bridal hairstyles some days before the wedding day. You shouldn’t take it lightly. Just go through different hairstyles and try them on you. Try them until you find the one hairstyle which suits  you the most. Mostly brides take it lightly which is wrong. You should pay attention to every little thing if you want to look photogenic on your wedding day .

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

5. Choose Suitable Makeup According To Your Skin

Choosing the suitable makeup is also one of the Best Tips To Look Photogenic. You should choose it wisely. If you won’t choose it wisely, it may affect your photos. If your skin is light makeup friendly, then go for light makeup. And if dark makeup suits you , then go for dark makeup. Also, don’t use cheap makeup. It will not look good in the pictures. Choose a good quality makeup so that it doesn’t highlight in pics. Check out this blog explaining about the makeup mistakes you should avoid on your Wedding Day: Bridal Makeup Mistakes

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

6. Go For a Perfect Makeup Trial

After choosing right makeup, go for its trial. So you can be sure about it for the wedding day. Trial will help you in making final decision. It might also happen that whatever makeup you have chosen for the wedding, after trial , it might not look good. So you can change your mind for the makeup .

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

7. Choose a Friendly And Experienced Photographer

Most importantly, you should choose a photographer who doesn’t get irritated at the times. You should choose a photographer who is expert in his work and friendly as well. If he would be friendly with you, it will help you in giving poses which will look photogenic. You will be able to pose comfortably in front him. If our photographer will not be friendly with you, your pictures will not be photogenic.

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

8. Plan a Pre Wedding Shoot

If you want a perfect photogenic look for you , then go for pre wedding shoot . It will help you  a lot  in practicing for poses and gaining confidence . Pre wedding shoot is one of the Best Tips To Look Photogenic . By doing a pre wedding shoot will make you know your flaws . So you will be able to correct them for the wedding day . And then you will look perfectly photogenic .

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

9. Positive Vibes Please

Surround yourself with positive vibes on the wedding shoot., if you want to look photogenic . Keeping yourself surrounded with people who give you positive vibes will make you happy . And you will definitely look photogenic . People like your best friends , siblings will definitely make you feel good .

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

10. Be Confident

Most important of all Best Tips To Look Photogenic is that you should be confident about your physical appearance . Don’t doubt yourself at all . Just be confident what you are . Being confident will make you pretty from inside  out. A confident expression will make your pictures photogenic for sure .

Best Tips To Look Photogenic

So these were some Best Tips To Look Photogenic which should be followed by the person who is going to married 😛 . Following these tips will definitely make your wedding photographs photogenic .  


Inderjeet Kaur is currently working as a blogger in Video Tailor . She has been in writing for three years. Although she is from technical stream, yet she loves to write about anything .


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