Things to Know before Starting a YouTube channel

May 22, 2022

Tips you should know before starting a YouTube Channel

It seems very easy to start a new YouTube channel but there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind before starting a new YouTube channel. Making your YouTube channel successful will require a lot of efforts and commitment towards your content.


The Copyright Issue

When a person creates an original work that is fixed in a physical medium, he or she generally automatically owns copyright to the work. The owner has the exclusive right to use the work. YouTube Content ID was developed to help content owners (composers and others, publishers in our case) and their distributors to identify, monitor, and monetize use of their music on YouTube. Which means that if you upload a certain video with a song which is not originally yours and has a copyright with someone else’s work then you won’t get the copyright of that work. Same happened with BB ki Vines’s first video, after it went viral, one Pakistani singer claimed that Bhuvan Bhum used his song in his video.


Procedure to Earn Money

It may seem quite easy to earn money from youTube but its not. If you have 1000 views to earn $5-8 on a video monetized by rollout ads  and can earn $.80 per 1,000 views monetized by banner ads, we don’t even get 100% of the money, we get 60% of the amount in India. A person should be patient in order to earn money, and a person should also be hardworking.



Keep regular and consistent content

The YouTube algorithm really loves creators who publish often and who have a set schedule. Pick a publishing day you’re comfortable with and stick to the plan religiously. Be active on your account, at least post one video per week. Keep your content good and original.


Keep Your Channel Active

You may face some problems while making your youTube channel successful. The main problem people usually face is, they lack content after some time or usually people are so eager to earn money they spoil there content in order to earn money. A person always should maintain the quality of the content and should have ideas for the content.


You need to be patient and hardworking in order to make your channel successful.


A Good Thumbnail

A ‘thumbnail’ is the picture you see on a video before you click on it. Your thumbnail is like a book cover is for a book, though we say never judge a book by its cover but we do judge a book by it’s cover, so always keep your thumbnail attractive and according to the audience you want to attract.


Encourage Feedback

You should always engage with your audience, ask them questions, ask their suggestions , know your audience, all of this really important to make your YouTube Channel successful. Encourage your audience to take part in discussions in comments and reply to their comments.

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