Factors Affecting TV Ads Cost in India

May 19, 2022

Television Advertisements

Advertisements play a very important role within the media and business. Consumption of tv has increased worldwide in recent years. The Firms and agencies use TV advertising which are seen on network and cable tv stations. TV advertisements square measure usually ten to sixty seconds long and broadcast in between regular programming on a neighborhood, regional, or national scale. There are lots of Factors Affecting TV Ads Cost. These include variety of things that confirm the price of advertising on TV, together with audience, seasonality, copy length, UTC and programming.


Tv ads square measure participating, with the good thing about audio and video to grab someone’s attention and obtain your message across in seconds. whereas advertising on tv are often pricey, it’s can bound be a much better cost-efficient media compared to varied alternative market mediums. We tend to analyze however advertising costs square measure full of factors like advertising minutes, audience size, specific characteristics of programming, and viewers’ characteristics. Here are some of the Factors Affecting Tv Ads Cost in India.


Factors Affecting TV Ads Cost In India

1. Timing of advertisement

The timing of advertisement matters a lot. People mostly prefer the timings when people are mostly available. If you would like to advertise between 7AM – 9AM, the price varies between INR 1,000 – INR 24,000 for thirty seconds of promotional material. English channels like HBO charge you regarding INR 1000 and News channel charge the best that is INR 24,000 because the viewership is most within the morning. The temporal arrangement of the industrial breaks may be a important think about determinative the amount of viewers facing a channel.

2. Geographic Region

Region or location is the other most important Factor that affects the TV ad Cost in India. The targeted audience for the publicizer could also be on a national or regional level. If the ad are going to be shown on a national level channel in India, then the cost accounting are going to be additional. Additional advertisers need to air their commercials in huge cities, that is why the price to advertise in NYC is such a lot over the price in a small town. For any small town, the prices are much more less as compared to large cities.

3. Weekends Vs Other Days

The cost of advertising throughout Weekends goes as high as 45% in comparison throughout a weekday. It is because people are more likely to watch TV and are available on weekends as compared to week days. The price also depends on the channel support. Astonishingly flick channels charge you lower on a Sunday. The price drops by virtually 45% throughout weekends. On normal days, price are much more less and on those days timings are given much more preference.


4. TV Ad network

If you’re shopping for combined package to a gaggle of TV channels. Taking an example, if you’re shopping for Zee Network channels, Star network channels, Sony network channels, then together your value for a thirty second TV ad for every channel are going to be less. That is called as Bulk shopping. TV networks that air common shows are going to be ready to charge additional for his or her advertising spots. The reason behind the price difference is the bulk shopping only. And mostly people prefer this as this increases the profit also.

5. Prime vs. Non-prime time

Every channel has few times, once the audience / viewership is predicted to be the best. Those times square measure known as prime times. The price to book best TV spots at clock time are going to be additional. Clock time ad spots square measure within the evening once the foremost common shows square measure airing and additional folks square measure observance TV. In the evening time, most of the people get time to watch TV, so it is known to be the best time to show the advertisement.

6. Live Viewership

Live viewership is again the most important factor for the price change of the advertisement. Advertisers square measure willing to pay additional for programming that’s watched live since additional and additional folks square measure recording shows and quick forwarding through the commercials. This is an enormous reason, why ads throughout necessary soccer games square measure therefore pricey. For an example, during the cricket match, more and more people watch the television, so showing the ads at that time is likely to be noticed, thus the cost increases.


So these were few Factors Affecting TV Ads Cost in India. The above points show, how the price increase and decrease because of some factors like timings, network, days etc.

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