How do Facebook Pages Earn Money?

May 21, 2022

How to Earn Money Through Facebook Pages?

‘ How Do Facebook Pages Earn Money ‘ is a much discussed topic in today’s era. Due to the evolution of today’s modern technology, social media has emerged to become a major avenue for the common man to earn a living. Facebook is a social- networking site which is used by billions of people worldwide and it would not be a surprise if a certain amount of the population of the planet is able to make money via this modern platform which allows an individual to showcase his/her talent, advertise a product etc. Facebook fan pages are a medium which are considered to be easy and viable as a source of income.


Create a Fan Page :  Creating a fan page is a free and simple technique. You can create a fan page on almost any subject, be it photography, travel, music, artwork, or just to advertise your product. Fan pages have garnered admiration as they are easily accessible and and follow a pattern which presents the matter in an organised manner. Creating a Facebook page is in vogue  ever since it has established itself in 2004.


Join affiliate programs :

Joining affiliate programs opens the door to major prospects. Through these programs your Facebook page would be monetized, and you might as well earn commissions and get paid. Given that you have earned a decent fan base , you can apply to these affiliate programs to earn money.


Affiliate programs are free of cost and you can become affiliated to as many sites you want.  Some of these affiliate providers are clickbank, cj, shareasale, amazon, Hostgator, iforex, Bigrock, GoDaddy, Makemytrip, Flipkart etc. For example, you have created a Facebook page on dogs, then you can register to a dog clothing company and post affiliate ads on your page by promoting their products and earn money out of it.


Facebook Sponsored Posts :

If you have successfully built a strong and engaging fan base and have garnered more than 10,000 likes on your Facebook page, you might as well consider this option to earn money. This means that you have to write something on your page or post images/videos that a company wants you to post on your page in order to advertise themselves and get more business.


You will be required to set a price for your post, considering the fact that you might not be approached if the price is set too high. Certain website like helps you in such kind of ventures.


Get paid to Share links :

This is a very advantageous method of earning money which is not too mainstream. The process goes somewhat like this- for instance, you have provided your website link that you have posted on your Facebook page, when a person would click on that link, an ad would appear first, which would subsequently follow to your website.


There are numerous sites which shorten your links, such as LinkShrink,,, LinkBucks, By shortening the links and by letting ads go between the URL and your website, you will get paid. These ads are quick and would lead to the website after being viewed.


Sell Fiverr Gigs :

Fiverr is a great platform where you can sell your service, from blogging to programming, whatever it may be. By getting on a site like Fiverr, you won’t even need to make your own website. On Fiverr, there is qualified traffic which is looking for your service. You can actually sell these gigs by creating a link, and you don’t even have to worry about certain aspects such as the way of collecting payments etc.


People can even review your work, which might as well grow your business. Coming down to your Facebook page, you could have a tab on the left side of your page, or share content on your Facebook posts, or even on your cover photo for that matter, to promote your Fiverr gigs. In this way, you can earn money by doing simple freelance services.


Apps and free reward program referrals :

You can promote free apps and reward programs. You could either have a video promoting the app and talking about the advantages of it or use free referral codes or referral links. It is a simple procedure, where you can earn money by making people download the free apps. These app companies pay you, and people are more interested in downloading and trying free apps rather than paid ones.


Add Adsense

Google AdSense is a very popular and reliable method to earn money. This program allows you to earn money without actually selling. All you have to do is to feature ads on your page. Now Google AdSense has to be separately added on your Facebook, which follows a different procedure, unlike other websites which follows a comparatively simpler procedure.


Joining pay per view programs is a noted platform to earn money. These programs pay you if you provide them with traffic, this is a considerably effortless manner to earn money. Having ads on your page as a pop-up, allows you to make money without selling. They follow the CPM and CPC formula. CPM stands for  “cost per 1000 impressions” while CPC stands for  “cost per click.” As a publisher, you’ll earn revenue each time CPM/CPC is served to your page. They also pay you on your YouTube. Other platforms apart from Google AdSense are Revenue hits, Pop Cash, Info links, Propeller Ads Media, etc.


Sell on your Facebook page and Earn :

Selling via Facebook is a common practice which you must have witnessed across the website. Since Facebook is used by billions of users, it is comparatively easier to acquire customers. You can sell a number of things and create a ‘Shop Now’ button. These items can variate from handcrafted art items to trending fashion. You can sell almost anything on your Facebook page and earn money out of it.


Certain Tips :

+ Focus on the Quality of the Content :-   Whatever your subject matter may be, it should have the caliber to captivate the interest of the viewers. Facebook users would be attracted to your page only if it contains an oomph factor and along with this your material should be proficient and competent. Your page should be maintained with class to enthrall viewers of all spheres. Starting a blog of your own is a plus point to garner traffic.


+ Increase your Fan base :-  Increasing your fan base is an important factor that contributes to the upliftment of your page. The more number of followers, the better the prospects. Since Facebook is a social media platform, it contains billions of users, this factor strengthens the potential for your page to be viewed, given that it is promoted in the right manner and contains quality content. Sharing your posts on various platforms at the right time i.e. when your users are online is a plus point. If you have got nothing new to share, re-post it after a few days at a different time.

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