Confiscate the Journey of your Love in your Pre-Wedding Video

May 17, 2022

Make Your Pre-Wedding Video an Unforgettable Memory

A wedding, not just an occasion to bring two families together, but two hearts as it unites two individuals in the relation of holy matrimony and makes them one. It is the reason of brightest rapture. We understand the love and the care that is needed in every step of the way, and that is why we present a wide variety of options from which to pick for your Pre-Wedding Video.


Pre-Wedding video is the exotic feature documenting the candid chemistry between the couple. We include the enthrallment and the love between the couple in a casual and romantic setting without any restraints. Abundance of commotion and rituals going on during the wedding makes me hard for the couple to truly express their love and feelings, and makes the day dedicated to formal rituals.


Thus, Pre-wedding photography and videography gives them a chance to fill the void. Give your guests a glimpse of your wedding as well. Excite them with alluring themes and location scenes. Show your chemistry in just a shot. The photographs and the videos can be treasured for the years to come and show your endearing tale to everyone in the present and the future.


We, at The Video Tailor, have contemplated the importance of a pre wedding shoot and have extended our services to knit a wonderful memoir for the darling couple. These pre-wedding videos can be preserved and watched even after many years of marriage. We create it in a way so that you can always treasure it, keeping it close to your heart. We try to understand the chemistry between the couple and position the spotlight upon the love.



We aim to gain acquaintanceship with your demands to execute all the pre-decided elements in right way. If we’ll not be oriented with the couple’s emotions, then our video will emerge out to be incomplete. Knowing and working as per the settlement of the couple will add magic to the Pre-Wedding video.



Be it an ethnic shoot with a traditional set up and attires or western classic shoot, we are experts in all. We also have a set hand in executing Indo-Western culture. We brain-storm along with you and make sure that we zero upon the best idea to make your pre-wedding video look extremely gorgeous. From right equipment’s to props to location till editing, you’ll be benefited at all stages.


Our video editing is quite skilled. Starting from crafted animations, timeline of your love story or funny videos is used to describe your story of fidelity.

We use visual effects, correct the color and set the sequence of the video as per the concept weaved at prior stages. All these editing tricks and techniques to turn your video into fascinating memory are on the finger-tips of our video editors. Your video will emerge out to be just perfect.


Not just this, we have a highly skilled team hailing from FTII, one of the best film schools of India. The directors of the videos are generally FTII graduates only. They are skilled and will give your video the attention it demands. And, the person who handles our Helicam is an US qualified Pilot. Our cinematographers are highly skilled and are well oriented with the norms of all standard, posy and candid shoots. Our script writers know where to put the tinge of magic and shimmer in the script. They explain each and everything in detail to ensure that no detail is missed during the shoot.


We have a good collection of designer props suiting the arrangement of the video like funky glasses, beautiful accessories, design cards, props to add bubble effect in the backdrop, hanging pictures & glamorous frames and many other props. Location development is another task we’re good at handling. We decorate and set-up the location as per the pre-requisites given by you. Theme is a major factor affecting the location and we keep that in mind. Our prospective locations include many types of five star hotels and best farm-houses like Taj Hotel, Fairmont and so on.

We believe in highlighting the magnificence of your love. This is indeed our uttermost objective. We treat your video as ours and that’s what makes us unique. We embrace your love story, nourish it and guarantee that you get the best and the most cherish-able results at any price.

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