Best Surprise Video Gift for Him/Her

May 25, 2022


Expressing your love and care to your loved ones is the most important thing in a relationship. Even the little things that you do in your everyday life can mean so much to your better half or friends. Life can be so boring without some good friends and so empty without a lover, so let them know how much you care about them and how much you appreciate them being in your life.


What can be better than a gift video for them? Tell them you don’t want loose them and they play a very crucial role in life. Tell them they are the reason for your happiness. Here are some Gift Video for him/her.


Video with Pictures


Pictures bring life to our old memories and give life to new moments.  Go back to your childhood or the day you first met the love of your life, the first date, the first dance with your lover, remembering all the best memories. You can even add videos from your friends and family in which you can tell your special one their importance in everyone’s life. Love is a feeling express it. and make gift video for them.

Truly said- Photographs opens doors to the past and allow a look into the future.


Making of this gift video will require a lot of time and efforts, but you can simply opt services from company like Video Tailor who are specialized in making gift  video


– Gift video


Surprise your partner or friends on their birthdays by making video gifts.


Show your partner or friends how much they mean to you and how important they are to you. Birthdays are perfect occasions to express your feelings and make your partner happy.  You can simply make a video with your best wishes in it.

Making of this  video will require a lot of time and efforts, but you can simply opt services from company like Video Tailor who are specialized in making gift videos  Gift video


Express your love to your crush by making a cute video for them.

Telling your crush face to face about your feelings for them can sometimes be a little problematic especially for shy people.  But we can portray all our thoughts in a single video and express our feelings. Express your appreciation for having them in your life. Always tell your loved ones how much they matter to you because opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye.

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Propose your love.

Way of proposing your partner should always be impressive. we all know the Jannat movie way of proposing a girl. But these scenes are only possible in movies. But that doesn’t mean we can not make our loved ones feel special.

Its the best moment of your life making it memorable is very important.  We can also propose by making a video confessing our love for them or making a riddle video.


Apologize to your loved one.


Is your partner mad at you and you want to fix your mistake? Just make your loved one happy by making a video which expresses how sorry you are for your mistake. show them how you value your relationship with them and how much importance they hold in your life.


This of course would require a lot of editing efforts, hence you can also opt services from company like Video Tailor, who will add life to your pictures and videos by arranging them in the most beautiful way possible. Gift Video

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