Best films about wedding to watch to prepare yourself for your wedding

May 24, 2022

Best Films you need to watch to prepare yourself for your wedding

As the wedding day draws near, every bride starts feeling the wedding willies and mixed feelings above all the excitement she has for the day And it’s totally fine to be nervous, after all, a wedding day is the most focal day for any bride and she wants nothing less than making her wedding day go like exactly what she’s been dreaming ever since she was a kid. What’s better than watching the best films about a wedding to watch and prepare yourself for your wedding.


Bollywood has given us all sort of movies, you speak about one real life situation and there is no chance that Bollywood has failed to make a movie which revolves around it. While some movies make us cry, some inspire us and some set pure wedding goals for the viewers.




The young love developed during a trip to hill station and the long gap between them for the sake of their careers. Watch this movie with your gang to get relief of the wedding preparation stress and relive the moments with your school/college friends so that you do not get to enter into the new phase of your life with forgotten memories. Keep your friends close and the fun with them even more closer.


This is perfect for all the BUNNY & NAINA of their groups.



No list related to wedding preparations is complete without the mention of this iconic love story. This movie is still the favorite of all the singles and couples as it projected the saying ‘if your love is true, it will defy all the odds and meet its true fate.’

The outfits that Kajol wore for the different rituals in the movie is one of the unbeatable ones till now. The brides can take notes on the outfits and Jewellery she wore in the movie and can recreate the outfits with modern touches to it.



This movie is a complete package of how things revolve in a joint family and what fun is it to have a big family. This movie is perfect to give you a sense of joint family relations as the movie is based on the theme of celebrating the Indian wedding traditions and the relationship between the two families.

Also this movie has given songs for all the Rasams of an Indian wedding.


The outfits worn by Madhuri Dixit are crazy specially the green and white Colour Lehenga that blew away million of hearts.



This movie gave the mehendi ceremony -favourite song ever “mere haathon mein naun naun chudiyaan hain”

This film just didn’t give the best mehendi songs and real life wedding situations but it drove the hopes of the brides really to next level also gave the grooms the ideas on how to steal away her heart. All thanks to Rishi Kapoor and Shree Devi.


Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

This movie is completely based on Gujrati traditions and rituals performed in a Gujrati wedding. Also the heavy Jewellery and outfits are beyond imagination, perfect for traditional and heritage based wedding themes.


Humpty sharma ki dulhania

Another love hit but with all the modern touches, let it be the story line, the difficulties he face or the accessories & outfits this movie sets goals for all. “Shaadi karungi toh kareena wala designer lehenga pehen kar” is a dream for all the bride-to -be’s. love story where love happens just before the wedding and the hero has to convince the girl’s family to let them be together.

Varun and Alia has given a lot many Lovey-Dovey poses you could take ideas from for your wedding as well as Pre-wedding shoot.



A movie which proved that it’s not difficult to find love in arranged marriages.

The movie revolves around the idea of a boy falling in love with the girl his parents selected for him, slowly and then all at once.


2 States

“The night is darkest before the dawn.”


This movie is for all those brides whose love has gone through many ups and downs and now they are finally getting tied into the knot for a lifetime.

The movie is a complete package of mixed feelings, love, anger, long waits and also ends with a happy ending.

These are some of the movies we would suggest you to watch before your wedding.


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